Spring / Summer 2010 — Instrumental

Contest period: September 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010.

Judge: Darko Saric.




Kushan   Reentko Dirks
Diaphanous Breeze   Lisa Downing
Seriously   Rick Corrigan
Bird in a Web   Rick Corrigan
Demian   Reentko Dirks
Mission Critical   David Penn
El Molino (The Windmill)   Ivan Najera
Crown Him with Many Crowns   Todd Beaney
Farewell   Reentko Dirks
The Way It Was   Bill Wren
End Credits   Miika Warsell
Star Dust   Jean Paul Zoghbi
Watching Rain   Cindy Blevins
Red Dragon Dancing   Coll Andrews
Nino and Me   Gunnar Madsen
Improvisacion sobre un Vals / Waltz Improvisation   Rafael Aparicio
Pastoral   Efrain Garcia
Tres Plus One Salsa   Rafael Aparicio
Megangrüven   Steve Freeman
For Those Who’ve Left   Rick Corrigan
From the Depth (Aus der Tiefe)   Franziska Langendoerfer
Vapour Trail   Michael Gilroy
Out Of Time   Ben Rusch
Puzzle Pieces   kenyon kowal
Endless Games   David Penn
Wheels of Emotion   Coll Andrews
Celtic Stomp   Coll Andrews
Journey to the Black Madonna   Tom Palminteri
Thank You Singapore   Hansen Chew Chai Min
Tell Me   David Penn
Sunset On A Dover Pond   Seth Ginsburg
Allegretto Pop   Uli Pohlmann
Nibit   Steven Daniels
memory’s fade   sean maher
Love   Hansen Chew Chai Min
Italian Movie   Michael Sudak
Cocoon   Dan Racer
Fantasie in F# Major   Mark Andersen
Riverboat   Andrew Robert Walker
I am back from Jerusalem   Micael Castor
New Morning   Michael Mills
Forest Walk I   David Paul
We Fly   Russell Columbia
Kerenyi   Gunnar Madsen
STEPS OF FIRE   Andre Kerek
Gliding Along Lightly   Susan Savia
Adventure Continued   douglas alan
Heaven and Earth   K.T. Fung
Varentel   Matthew Christiansen

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention