Song Name: Back In Your Arms Again

Songwriter: Travis Wayne Conley

Copyright: 2009-07-21

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Walking through a foreign street
With a rifle in my hand

Fighting for liberty Is taking longer than I planned
The chamber of my M-16

Is as empty as my heart like what's left in front of me
My world is torn apart Chorus I miss you baby,
You're my lover, my best friend
I wish you could pray me

Back in your arms again Back in your arms again
Verse 2
In a tent full of emptiness With lonely by my side My trembling hands hold onto words
I've read a thousand times
For a moment, I'm taken To a place of love and peace
Then suddenly I'm waken For a tour of misery Chorus Bridge

15 months have come and gone

Now I'm down to counting days

So I'll just keep hanging on

Til I feel your warm embrace
Chorus #2

Cause I cherish you baby

You're the angel in the hell I'm in

And I'll thank the Lord daily

When I'm back in your arms again

Chorus #1