Song Name: Let the souls move on

Songwriter: Christine Mag.Strasser

Copyright: 2011

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Let the souls move on (For Chrisi und Moni)

Let the souls move on…
Let the souls move on…
We never know when it’s time to go
We’re not aware when we have to leave
We don’t know when we have to move on
But there’s no reason to grieve oh no no

It’s just a step, a change in planes, a journey of a different kind
A body once received is now left behind
‘Cause where the soul goes there’s no need for something to hang on to
It’s in a state of peace and freedom aware of everything

So let the souls move on…
Let the souls move on…
We’re on the same journey so please don’t mourn
We have to die just like we were born
But our true self is moving on
Don’t worry nobody is forever gone

We stay connected to each soul that touched our heart
There’s no way we’ll ever be apart
And no matter how dark the night
We all meet again in the light

‘Cause that is where we all belong
And that is where we all came from
The love of God, his light and freedom, our true home
So bear up and be assured that this is just a part of life
Like every birth and every breath we take until we arrive….