Song Name: Don't Let It Pass By

Songwriter: Peter Scales

Copyright: 1980

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Are you kidding yourself? Whoa whoa whoa.
Am I foolin' myself? Whoa whoa whoa.
That everything's got to work out in the end,
we were only the briefest of friends.
So foolish I know to think everything's
gonna be fine-
Don't let it pass by.

I hope you want my love, whoa.
'Cause everytime I get close to you,
I just want yours.
But everything's gotta be straight from the start,
I'm as scared as a kid in the dark.
So blow out the lights & then sing me a song,
Rock me away in your arms, I'm in heaven.
Whoa whoa whoa.

We'll grab a deck of cards and role the dice,
You'll treat me rough & I'll treat you nice,
Sometimes a papa and sometimes a devil with you.
But sooner or later we'll have to decide,
If we want to stay here or let it pass by--
Don't let it pass by,
Don't let it pass by,
Don't let it...

Repeat verse 2
Repeat chorus with tag:
Don't let it pass by.