Song Name: Can't Put You Down

Songwriter: Michael "Max" McGee, Scott Miller, Lee Johnson

Copyright: 2013

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I Can't Put You Down
Michael "Max" McGee/Lee Johnson/Scott Miller 2013

Just like whiskey, whenever you kiss me
There's a tingle on my breath
And just like vintage wine, you get better with time
As you swirl around in my chest
I want to finish what's left

Once I pick you up
I Can't Put You down
Your love's like a bottle
Pouring round after round
the more of you I drink, the more I think
I won't stop til I drown
Cause once I pick you up
I Can't Put You Down

I'm in trouble, cause I'm seeing double
I'm thirstin' for your Champagne
You keep filling my glass, and I drink it too fast
Those bubbles go straight to my brain
I want some more of the same

Chorus then Bridge:

I'm getting drunk on your love,
and I can't get enough