Song Name: It's His Love

Songwriter: Hansen Chew Chai Min

Copyright: 2013

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I heard a cry of a little child.
A beautiful child so gentle and mild.
Broken inside, by the sins of man.
The Son of God is here to understand.
It's His Love that can soothe the child.
It's His Love that can make us smile.
The Son of God, born to die.
It's His Love, crucified.


The greatest Gift of all
Is Jesus alive in me.
He died for you.
He died for me.
It's His Love that He came to share. It's His Love that He came to share. (repeat this line only for the last Chorus of the song)

I heard His cries from a wooden cross
The sound of Love echoes from the lost.
The agonies no one understands,
Calling us again and again.
I believe He's the Lamb of God.
I believe He's my Saviour and Lord.
The Lamb of God, crucified.
It's His Love, still alive.

Repeat Chorus


He died that I might live.
He rose and I believed.
He's my strength, my hope, my life.
He's everything to me.

Repeat Chorus