Song Name: Downstream

Songwriter: Constant van Graan

Copyright: 2014

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Rowing down the river
to a better land
of milk and honey.
Passing all the places
I detest to reach Utopia.

I heard the grass
is nearly neon green.
I've been told there are cities
where the streets are paved with gold.

Waiting for tomorrow
I dream of God and mercy.
Waiting for tomorrow
I believe it's downstream.

Waterfalls and rapids
make me want to change my mind,
but they never come.
Hearing all those voices
that deceive
in thinking this is wrong.

Reminisce the bliss
of times that are still to come.
Glowing stars at night
confirm a great life's on the way.


I am better off on my own
Away from those who own me
I am happier I swear
Than here.