Song Name: Kitchen Conversations

Songwriter: Erin Branzell

Copyright: 2014

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She said I never go to bed happy
But I never go to bed sad
I guess that's all I can hope for
With this sorry life I have

You see this is what I do all day
Nickelodeon and string cheese
Changing diapers, wiping counters
Teaching them "thank you" and "please"

But I love
I love, I love, I love
Even when it's tough
I love
I love, I love, I love
But what if that's not enough?

We are sitting at the kitchen table
Just staring at our phones
When she asks, do you ever wake in the night
and feel completely alone?

I've got one child sleeping on the left of me
Another on my right
But there are some thoughts I have at 3 a.m.
That I never have in the light


I used to get off work
And go driving around in my car
They told me this world is gonna change you
I didn't know it'd take me this far


(repeat first verse)