Song Name: Another Broken Heart Inside

Songwriter: Phil Maybury

Copyright: 2014

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Another broken heart inside
by Phil Maybury

Well I didn't mean to make you cry
When I closed the door and said goodbye
And what I did I can't deny
Was madness
I know I turned the other way
When I saw you only yesterday
But it hurt too much / to give away
My sadness
When I saw your letter by the door
I left it lying on the floor
I knew no words could ever cure
Your pain
I was sure your love was more than mine,
- And if I read between the lines, I
Would find another broken heart inside
Love is surrounded by pain
Hearts break again and again
Broken ones try to find hope once more, but
Leave feeling empty again
Well I saw you there by the motorway
When the air was cold and the skies were grey
And your car had rolled away
Onto its side
And through the smoke I could see your face
And I knew you'd gone to another place
And the doctors said - they could find no trace
Of life
When the firecrew cut away the door
They pulled your body to the floor
I knew I'd never
See you again
They tried to say it was suicide
But I knew these things would come to light -
- They would find another broken heart inside.
- They would find another broken heart inside.