Song Name: Goodbye and Good Luck

Songwriter: Michael Stovall

Copyright: 2015

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You never caused me no trouble
you never caused me no pain
I always figured that i'd see you again
and the car still smells from where you spilled the gasoline

the way that we laughed was something strong and sweet
like the times that you knocked me off my feet
the bed is covered with your books and your magazines

Goodbye Caroline
Goodbye wherever you are
Goodbye and good luck

you never caused me no trouble
never caused me no pain
you were always burning like a midnight flame
I hope you don't ever burn out too soon

the way you always called me by my middle name
makes me feel a little somber
because we have changed
but i'm still sending my love to you


and I can still see you with your hair in your face
and I can still feel you moving out of place
and I can still hear you saying that everything
everything is going to be ok