Song Name: The Way you Roll

Songwriter: Jonathan Ditto

Copyright: 2014

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"The Way you Roll"
By Jonathan Ditto
Copyright 2014

Some people tell me
They see me out on the dance floor
Tearing up the scene ,
Always looking for more
On the edge of obscene
blazing a trail
some have said before


Let me tell yousomething
And I will only say it once
In this mantra or (saying )
my friend
(one that you can)
that you sure can trust

Its not the Way you Rock , Its the Way you Roll"

smile so big
it will never burn out
as the sun goes down
All my secrets come out
in my moves
I let it be known
its gonna be a good time
till we go home

"Its not the Way you Rock , Its the way you Roll"

Once when we were Lions
Fierce and roaming the field
Nothing could break us down
AndNever would we yield
Taking it higher , higher
and higher we go
theres only one right answer
to the question

"Its not the way your Rock , Its the way you Roll"