Song Name: Love Over Logic

Songwriter: Elizabeth Butler

Copyright: 2014

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Love Over Logic

In the silence
I am hearing your voice
Quietening down the madness of the day.
Every wound tells
Of mistakes I have made.
Battles lost within the bloody fray.

But I am hearing you above the noise.
I turn and run to you, I have no choice. I'm
Choosing to trust in love over logic,
Following the sound of your voice.

Yes, I am hearing you above the din.
Remembering the touch of your skin. I'm
Choosing to trust in love over pride
And drawing a deep breath, begin again.

In the madness is the struggle for love
And feeling you've been heard and understood.
So I move towards you
Like metal to magnet.
Seeking what I know is only good.


Few lines are drawn in brilliant light.
More shades of grey than black and white.
I raise my head and soldier on, knowing
You wait for me to come back home.