Song Name: Where You Are (reprise)

Songwriter: J. Lutes

Copyright: 2015

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I can never find a way to say goodbye
Maybe I'm afraid of your reply
I was never one to be so strong
So tell me if I linger here too long
Too long

I have walked the crowded streets
Let the ocean kiss my feet
I have counted every star
From the Rocky Mountain heart
All the places I have seen
On the highway of my dreams
But none as beautiful as where you are

I remember every single word you said
Your voice running circles in my head
You told me I was better than this town
Now I'm trying not to go and let you down
You down


I can never find a way to say hello
Even when I'm standing at your door
You know that I can never leave again
So maybe I'm afraid you'll let me in
Let me in

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