Song Name: Soultime (Recreation)

Songwriter: Claudia Vorbach

Copyright: 2015

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Soultime (Recreation)

There is a way. And there is a light.
There is a song that leads me right.
There is a time. No matter what season.
A time to take for myself no matter what reason.

I call it soultime. Time to free my mind.
Soultime! I need that recreation!

There is a question. Without any answer.
Life is unlasting. We’re on the way.
What can you do? I try to be true.
I’m so glad I’ve got music to pull me through.

And give me soultime...

You have to move two things in rhyme.
Like night and day are changing time.

Now I jumped over to the shore and baby who could ask for more?
For lucky me found space and time to let love rule my soul and mind ...

Soultime …