Song Name: 10/23

Songwriter: W.E. Manzano

Copyright: 2015-07-13

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Everything is falling into place now, even though there really was no plan
The avenue used to scream at you, and now quietly gazing
As you walk into it holding my hand

Looking back to the very night I met you
You were a lonely soul in the hollow world of man
The glowing walls and the city lights were certainly blinding
I knew that they would never understand

Now, let's run away from here
Now, it's clear we don't need to be in this silly world where everything's mundane
Let them talk about their lives and the sights they don't even need to see
As if they really matter at all
Just let them keep building their walls, and we can stay outside in love

We don't need to answer all their questions
You're here with me, and I'll keep you somewhere safe
Forbidden thoughts are just products of a world we don't believe in
So who are they to question our ways?

(Repeat Refrain)