Song Name: Womanhood

Songwriter: Adam Daudrich

Copyright: 2015

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I know what I have to say
and I know what I have to do
I've spent a dozen hours looking 'cross the room at you
I wanna see you but I only see your face
If I say "hi", I'll be gone for the rest of the day
and when I reach you, this is what you'll say:

"It's womanhood, womanhood, womanhood"

At the crosswalk, when I finally make a stand,
it's the middle of the street and I dare to take your hand
walk with me darlin' cause I'm feelin' very brave
tides of the ocean, like water to the rain

(female voice:) I plant a seed and I would like to watch it grow
there's so much more to you that I would like to know
open the door for me I'm happy to walk in
I wanna touch your face and feel the promise of your skin
(both:) I wanna touch your body, baby where should we begin

It's womanhood, womanhood, womanhood

(male voice:)
In the morning, when the sun is shining bright
I pray to God to show me that the course I took is right
I need a favour, I just need to see you smile
It's a matter of course, cause you knew it all the while
I'm gonna miss you baby, I'll be counting every mile

It's womanhood, womanhood, womanhood