Song Name: Sexy - yea yea yea

Songwriter: Dave McGann

Copyright: 2015

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I keep on hearing voices -

I keep on hearing voices, from the neighbour living next to me.
Hear it in the day, hear it in the night.
Hear it when i’m asleep - I’m hearing

Yea yea yea, yea yea yea, yea yea yea.

I hear it the walls, hear it in the floor, hear it right across the street.
I had to go around, tell her of the sound.
This is what she said to me - she said


I’m Sexy - Yea yea yea - Sexy - Yea yea yea
I’m Sexy - Yea yea yea - Sexy - Yea yea yea

She said
I like it the park, like it in the dark, it doesn’t really matter to me.
Like it on the floor in front of the TV,
BBC or ATV - cuz I’m

Don’t want to hear these voices anymore

So I had to say, I hear it night and day, and it was affecting me.
She took by the hand, sat me right down,
then she sat right down on me. - Saying I’m

Got to get away from hear - got no energy

Yea Yea Yea …….

© Dave McGann - May 2015