Song Name: Crazy

Songwriter: Dave MGann

Copyright: 2014

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The bankers in the money, he’s selling you a gun.
the politicians tell you, where to shoot and when to run.
They say they can’t afford to feed the hungry by the free.
So pull the trigger, make them bleed,
they’ll give us oil, and give us seed.

Theres no war on hunger
I feel it’s all So crazy.
So crazy, So crazy

They are spreading guns and honey, in the heartlands of the free.
We don't even realise, the chains attached to you and me.
Are we treading water - holding back the sea.
Give them bread. Give them hope.
Give it all. So they can cope.

There is no war on hunger, i feel its all so crazy,
So crazy, So crazy, So crazy

A trillion here, a trillion there,
To keep the peace, so you declare.
You have not my sympathies,
I’m damned if i agree.

All i want is a second vote,
And stop this tyranny.

Theres no war on hunger,
I feel its all so crazy, so crazy,
So crazy, So crazy,
So crazy, So crazy,
So crazy, So crazy

Dave McGann© March 2014