Song Name: In My Hands

Songwriter: Franziska Henke, Anna-Lena Bolz

Copyright: 2014

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I'm not afraid of you
it's me I'm afraid of
The love stack you lay on my back is sometimes hard to carry
'cause it scares me to death and I loose all my breath
when I realize that someones heart lies
in my hands, in my hands, in my hands, in my hands


Sometimes I think for others love is so much easier
An inmature soul that I own among a crowd of grown-ups
I know affection alone is not enough 'cause times can be quite tough
Are all the others simply wise when someones heart lies
in their hands, in their hands, in their hands


So you look at me while I look at your heart in my hands
And it feels good, feels bad, feels so right, so wrong, nothing to rely on
I know that you know that my inside is torn,
I am a warrior in a damn holy war
But you are someone I really like
that's why my little heart still lies
in your hands, in your hands, in your hands, in your hands,