Song Name: Welcome to My Life Again

Songwriter: Gisele Afeche

Copyright: 2015

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Welcome to my life again

Long ago, we were parted,
Long ago, we were hurt,
Long ago I was lonely,
Not so long ago.

You and I became strangers,
You and I became two,
I could hardly remember
Why I fell in love with you.

Cos I moved on to live my life,
I moved on to find myself,
I became my friend again
And you became just a friend.

Pain was all we had to share,
Tears were all we had to shed,
No more dreams and no more life,
No more love and no more time.

After a while I felt emptiness,
I felt sad and insecure,
I remembered you again
Looking forward to a future;

I would like to welcome you
To be part of my life again,
To be part of my dreams again,
But I just can’t.

I would like to share with you
My happiness and my tears again,
But after all the pain we had
I’m afraid, I just can’t.