Song Name: I Am Overcome

Songwriter: J. Lutes

Copyright: 2014

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Hold you here inside my heart / In walls of steel and stone
I, and I alone must bear / The relics of your love
In the shadow of the mountain / A lonely hero stands
Her memories flood the land / And the earth is swept away
I am stumbling; I am falling; I am overcome

I remember days of glory / Silver at your feet
The people lined the streets / To see our victory parade
Now this age of toil and reason / This heart is crying out
Do you hear the sound / Above the static in your head
I am breathless; I am speechless; I am over - come..........

This phantom love - it leaves me haunted
The real you was all I wanted

Through the fields and shining cities / The hero marches on
Too late to turn back now / Her visions cast along the way
I am holding; I am fading; I am overcome

I am dreaming; I am yearning; I am hoping, always searching
I am conquered; I am beaten; But my heart is still repeating…..