Song Name: LORD I KNOW

Songwriter: JOSHUA WONG

Copyright: 2015

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Words and Music by Joshua Wong

I come to you with empty hands
I bring a burdened heart and mind
Cause only You'd understand
Peace and truth I long to find
Cause only You'd understand
All this time

Lord I know that you've forgiven me
And that You died and then rose to set me free
Lord with You I can change
I pray this in Your name
And I'm sorry
And I thank you
For loving me

Cast away this foolish pride
Forgive this sinful heart and mind
And together we will stand
Your Grace and Mercy so divine
And together we will stand
For all time

(to chorus)

So amazing what your love has done for me
So liberating I can finally see
I believe

(to chorus x2)

Copyright 2015 by Joshua Wong