Song Name: Make a wish

Songwriter: Mahalia Cleopatra Raymond

Copyright: 2016

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You see that star I’ve never seen it there
It’s shinning so bright
I can’t even see clear
You see that star
It’s looking at me nicely
So I’mma use it wisely
You see that star
I’ve never seen no other one
Shinning bright than this one here

And I’mma make a wish
Yes I’mma make a wish

Every time I look out the window
The first thing I see is that star.
It’s shinning brighter than all the other ones
It’s like a ball that’s crystal clear
So I’m about to make a wish right now
Gonna change the world turn it upside down

Ehh! And I’mma make a wish
Yes I’m making a wish

(Creole part to say twice)
Gad’on bel etwal
Wi se kom si lap souri
Wi gad’on bel ti souri, wi, wi
Pa gen lot pase li
Pa gen lot kap fem ri
Pa gen lot mwen renmen plis, wi, wi

Repeat chorus

(Translation of creole part: Look at this star, it is like it is smiling at me, there is not other like this one, no other can make me laugh like that, can’t love other more that that star)