Song Name: Spinoza's Dream

Songwriter: Dave Nachmanoff

Copyright: 2015

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Spinoza's Dream
Dave Nachmanoff

I was “Baruch,” but now I'm “Benedict”
They called me heretic
But still I’m blessed

I had a dream, saw it was all the same
Nature and God, two names
For everything

But my words they land in silence
Like the snow on the canal
How many years until they hear me
And understand, the dream I had
And realize the oneness of it all

And in my dream, I saw the evidence
Of peace and tolerance
In every heart

I wrote it down, in geometric proof
To try to share the truth
With one and all


And so I wait, and grind my lenses here
To try to make things clear
And still I’m blessed, and still I’m blessed
And still I’m blessed