Song Name: Carry Me Away

Songwriter: Sherry Hodge

Copyright: 2015

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Carry Me Away

Lay me down in that pine box wait & listen for the whippoorwills call when the black crows fly & circle around take me to the burial
Ground & put me in the cold hard ground so I can wander till it’s you I found

Chorus: Carry me away to what lies ahead without your love I’d rather Be dead I don’t want to breathe another breath I welcome death so I can Start my quest.

I’ll keep on searching through those halls of dirt If I can’t find you I cant Stop this hurt my soul will walk in those dark rooms calling your name in The darkest tombs there’s no stone I won’t un turn looking for the one I yearn

Repeat Chorus:

When the cold wind blows in that dirt hole I’ll keep on trying to bring you Close so we can lie side by side where we’ll be together for the rest of time Under that big tree upon the hill looking down on the house where love once lived

Carry Me Away to what lies ahead without your love I’d rather be dead
Sherry Hodge
[email protected]