Song Name: Never Come

Songwriter: Sebastien Parentin

Copyright: 2016

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Sometimes I think of how it went
When I could still take things in hand
Focused on my self concerns
I've reached the point of no return

What I see
Looks barely real
All the beauty has melted away

Some voices predicted the worst
But money had the final word
If only I had been aware (before it began)
Of the void I was gonna spread

[I wanna wake up]
I pray
[From such a nightmare]
For love
[Someone will save us]
But no...
It will never come

[Where am I?]
There's nowhere I can go
[Where's the light?]
Burnt the treasures of the world
[(I've) lost my mind]
Society killed my soul
[Hear my cry]
I hope for a miracle
That will never come

Oh when I think of what I've done
As human with its wicked hands
No-thing else
Will spare the beast
That I am