Song Name: She Knows It

Songwriter: J. Lutes

Copyright: 2016

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I’m the one always on the run
Making time with no destination
No one’s gotta hold over me
Moving on like a rolling stone
I don’t slow down too long
To know what I might be missing
Sometimes you get what you need
When you don’t get whatever you want

She’s easier to love
But how hard to hold her, I wonder
This time I’m over my head
In too deep, and I think I’m slipping under
I don’t have an explanation
She comes up in every conversation
I’m giving her a little attention
She’s got it all and she knows it

Secret eyes take me by surprise
Hypnotized by a mystery woman
That kinda girl put a spell over me
With a smile and a magic touch
I try to play it cool
But I’m standing next to the fire
If this desire is wrong
Then I don’t wanna ever be right

Bridge x2

She knows it, she knows it
She knows she’s burning hotter than fire
She knows it, she knows it
She knows I gotta get closer

Chorus Coda