Song Name: If These Walls Could Talk

Songwriter: Ron Poythress

Copyright: 2017

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if these walls could talk
would they speak of love?
pleasures and joys
some have only dreamed of?
candlelight dinners
'til the wick lost its flame?
the wine had run dry
and there was no one to blame?

here I sit
surrounded by these walls
the only sounds I hear
echoing down the hall
are mews from the cat
and her tiptoe of paws
and the beat of my heart
if only these walls could talk

if these walls could talk
would they tell all they heard?
cold cruel silences?
hot angry words?
oh, the sorrow and pain
inside these walls
could we bear to hear
if these walls could talk?

colors we chose
like our beloved autumn red
do little to lighten
the load that they bear
sometimes I'm amazed
they're standing at all
perhaps the only relief
would be for these walls to fall

if these walls could talk
I wonder what they would say
out of all that they've heard
would they find a way
to say "yes" to delight?
to laughter and song?
and "no" to fault
for all that went wrong?

if these walls could talk
would we be amazed
to hear words of thanksgiving
healing and grace?
if these walls could talk
well, I'd like to believe
they'd be kind and forgiving
to the memories we leave

if these walls could talk
would we hear them call
our names out together
with no shame at all?
here I sit
with an open heart
waiting and listening
for these walls to talk