Song Name: These Eyes Deprived

Songwriter: Jonathan Ditto

Copyright: 2016

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These Eyes Deprived or (Divine)

Woke up this morning
searching face
was shining glowing

no one behind me
just where I want to be
missing only
one thing

truth can be simple
but yet it's so fickle
sometimes flows in
like my last nickel
with a trickle

where to put my tides
somewhere there's a line
drawn on a highway
fluttering like
child's play

These eyes deprived( Divine)
truth on the Rise

light breaks the ties
fierce with no surprise
let's see how we find
how to open
up these eyes

like the winning prize
first place sublime
always on time
better when
it shines

fleeting glimpse
I still try
find a truth a rising
freedom gets its way

These Eyes Deprived
truth on the rise,
These Eyes Deprived
Truth on the Rise
These Eyes Deprived
Truth on the Rise