Song Name: People are People

Songwriter: genio

Copyright: 2017

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People are People
Refr: /: People are people
wherever I see them
people are people
wherever I meet them
yellow is yellow
red is red
brown is brown
black is black
white is white
colour is colour :/

This earth is my home
I have nowhere else to go
I try to get along
with the people I meet
sometimes it’s really hard
other times I do succeed
but I don’t understand
why all this fight
Someone once said
that this world will be taken in
I’m sure that’s right
but I don’t wanna forget to dream
someone can crash me down
others can lift me up
but I don’t understand
why all this fight
Wherever I’m on my way
I meet people on their way
I don’t wanna change people
I only wanna live my way
the more I let people be people
the more I can be myself
yeah people wanna be themselves
and live their own way