Song Name: Planets

Songwriter: J. Lutes

Copyright: 2018

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Venus is beaming on the face of the sky
But she’s got nothing on the light in your eyes
We’ll go to Saturn if it crosses your mind
There’s no better way to spend my time

And the Earth keeps spinning when we try to take it slow
And the days will come and go, just like they’ve done before
But the past and future they are easy to forget,
When we’re lying on your bed, with the planets overhead

Comets are falling for you out of the blue
The stars are watching everything that you do
I will remember every night in your room
And every time you fly me to the moon


I’ll turn the key to your heart
As long as you want
But love moves along, and time changes everything
Now that you circle my life
Faster than light
I know that one day you’ll find
Your satellite

So many moments and you’ve only begun
I can’t help wondering what you will become
Nothing will catch you when you learn how to run
But I’ll keep chasing you around the sun