Song Name: Go Tonight

Songwriter: Jordan Grace

Copyright: 2018

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Go Tonight

I’m gonna pack my bags, gonna pack them light
I’ll find what I need further down the line
I don’t need much, No I’ll be fine
I gotta go tonight

I’m gonna quit my job and say goodbye
Thank you very much but it’s my time
I gotta see what’s on the other side
I gotta go tonight

Until I find peace in my mind
Until I feel my heart beating in time
Until I know this is where I come alive

I’m gonna travel the world and see the sights
Where the strangers become friends for life
I’ll tell you all my stories when I get home
I gotta go tonight

I’m gonna find my lover and hold her tight
Take on this world side by side
No don’t hold back, don’t waste this life
I gotta go tonight