Song Name: The Riverside

Songwriter: J. Lutes

Copyright: 2018

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Close your eyes, and listen to the rhythm
Heavenly voices in the wind
By tonight, all will be forgiven
Come on baby let’s begin
Feel the night, shiver down your backbone
Sweat on your skin, shining by the moon
The time is right, to slip into the unknown
Something’s coming over you
Strange tides pull you in
Then you rise - born again

Take me down to the riverside baby
Bathe my feet and wash my hands
I’ve been sinning a little more lately
Maybe you can understand
Lay me down in the cool holy water
Make it clean, this soul of mine
Hold your tongue, don’t tell your father
Take me to the riverside

One time shy, and twice you’re bitten
Blood runs cold, the scars go deep
Don’t deny, the gifts you’re given
It only matters what you keep
Hold your breath, until your head is spinning
Lay you down between the waves
In the end, there’s always a beginning
Live and love another day
Cold heart, sticks and stones
Can you fix these broken bones


Rains fall, flood the land
Will you save this drowning man