Song Name: A Perfect World

Songwriter: J. Lutes

Copyright: 2018

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If there was a way I could stay I would find it I swear
And I don’t wanna leave with this silence hanging in the air
There's no guarantee that I’ll find what I’m missing out there
I have to keep looking while I’ve got the life left to spare

In a perfect world
I would be all that you needed
But how can I be when you won’t look at me
With the same old eyes
Here we are again
Moving in separate circles
And not close enough just to reach out and touch
Your falling hands

Seems like just one day we’re older - straight out of the blue
With so little time here, it’s crazy what ten years can do
And I tore down the past while I built up a life around you
Where do we take it from here, babe, I don’t have a clue