Song Name: Ann Mayo Graf

Songwriter: Ann Mayo Graf

Copyright: 2009

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lyrics for: A KISS TO KEEP

Sleep tight everything will be alright
Let go anything that brings you low
Don't fear Love is all around it seems
And I'm here fill your head with happy dreams

There sunbeams dancing in your eye tonight
Your soft song makes the world feel just right
Let's go dance upon those moonbeams there
We can make believe we're Fred Astaire

Then why not fly up to the moon you know
Like Wendy and Peter Pan did long ago
In stories many of us love I'll bet
Like children playing games we can't forget

We've counted all the stars above our head
Sandman's coming if you're in your bed
Say prayers here's my kiss for you to keep
times come now for you to go to sleep

Sleep tight everything will work out right
Angles are watching over you tonight
don't fear love is all around us here
I'll stay till the dreams have come your way
I'll stay_____