Song Name: Height Dreams

Songwriter: Claudia Vorbach

Copyright: 2018

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Height Dreams

Height dreams, baby that's all I know.
Am I moving too fast?
I got height dreams.
Height dreams is what they want to show.
Most people believe
in height dreams.

I never stop to listen.
I know that I can wait.
A bird was coming by these days and lifted me up high.
There's no residence in air. The eagles' home is in the trees.
Some are sleeping on a rock yeah.
Sleeping on a stone, all alone.

Height dreams, baby that's all I know.

I fly while I do sleep.
I wonder where I'm heading to.
I want to find a way to take things easy while my feet are walking on.
I don't believe in climbing, anything like Jacob?s ladder.
Climbing 's much too straight for living.
Growing must be going in more than one direction.