Song Name: At Three O'clock

Songwriter: Alexandre Molodkov

Copyright: 2019

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At three O'clock I remember
In that dark lonely time
That many people who long time travelled
On my life's mainline;
So many now have gone away,
Have gone so far away,
Their faces rise like pointing signs
That'll never see the day.

In early hours I remember places
Around, but others gone,
They coming out with old friends faces
That loved and suffered long,
Their helping hands and loving hearts
That kept me on my way,
Their lovely smiles and splendid smarts
That never fade away.

Before the dawn I hear their voices,
Talking in my head,
I'll tell them that I had no choices
But to go and go ahead.
Where others went and I just followed
There's only emptiness,
They help me fill my inner hollows
And overcome my mess.