Song Name: Just Because

Songwriter: Tamara Lewis

Copyright: 2006

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JUST BECAUSE by Tamara Lewis

Just because my hopes rise
Every time the telephone rings
It doesn't mean that you can still
Tug on my heartstrings
Tug on my heartstrings

Just because I check my mailbox
Every single day
Doesn't mean I still care
What you've got to say
What you've got to say

It's true I'm feeling two different ways

One part longing and one part done

But don't be fooled

I'm only choosing one

Yes, I think of you every night
When the din of the day goes still
But just because I want to take you back
Doesn't mean I will
It doesn't mean I will

Just because I want to lie with you
And feel you all night through
Don't go thinking I still love you
Just because I do

I do