Song Name: Middle of a Miracle

Songwriter: Jan Garrett & JD Martin

Copyright: 2006

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Middle of a Miracle

Take it easy,'re in the middle of a miracle
You are right smack dab in the midst of the action
You're the main attraction
You're in the right place at the right time
You're a legend in your own mind
Take it easy,'re in the middle of a miracle
You're in the middle of a miracle

When the world outside gets a little bit dry
And the same old same old is passing you by
There's a wide world inside that smells of freshly falling rain
There are angels waiting like long-lost friends
Till you find your sense of humor again

Well, you wake up funky like a foggy day
And your world inside feels cloudy and gray
Take yourself for a walk on the wild side....outside in the sunshine
There are mamas and babies and flowers in bloom
And high-flown strutters with a boom box tune

There's a promise in the air that you breathe
Even if you don’t believe it
You can feel it in the smiles of a summer night
You can hear it on the edge of your dreams
Softly singing in the starlight
Wake up, Baby....everything is all right