Why is the Indie International Songwriting Contest so unique???

We limit our entries

You will not be competing with hundreds of other entries in your genre. The maximum number will be 150 - and you could be three of them! This gives you a much greater chance to be recognized for your outstanding talent. We award the top 10 per genre. That's a minimum of 7% of song entries that will be rewarded for their songwriters' talents because of our limited submission numbers! You won't find that percentage anywhere...

You know exactly who scored or critiqued your song

Most other song contests tell you that they have a prestigious list of judges on their roster. But what songs will they listen to? Unfortunately, probably not your song, and maybe none of them! Or you may pay for a critique with another contest - but it doesn't come from your judge! ALL songwriters get to log in after the contest to review their score or detailed critique and a link to the respected professional who did the scoring. If you pay for a critique, you will be able to use quotes from your entry in your bio because you know who wrote it! We do not or nor will we ever use "song screeners".

We are the first songwriting contest of its kind to be COMPLETELY executed online.

Yes, there are other songwriting contests that allow you to submit your song online, or maybe with your EPK. But ALL entries at Indie International are submitted uniformly as an MP3 - and judges are scoring (or critiquing) all entries anonymously. We do not accept entries via Sonicbids. Your song will be judged anonymously and without regard to expensive production. We don't want your resume. This contest is about recognizing great songs.

We don't award a large overall cash prize cross-genre, Why judge apples with oranges? This is what it means for you...

We would rather limit the playing field so you have a better chance to be recognized for your songs. You will get the personalized attention you don't get with other contests. EVERYONE leaves with personalized assessment of their work (although we highly recommend the full critique) Why judge a hip hop song for the same big prize as a folk tune? That's silly and most contests do it to lure you into entering. You are the best of the best among your peers - why should there be a higher prize against those songs which you have nothing in common only to have thousands of songwriters to compete against? We just don't think that's right!

We look forward to growing the opportunities for our songwriters by eventually adding more genre types.

We don't ever want you to feel like you are lost in a sea of entries...This competition is not a lottery. Nor is it based on luck. You'll know that a large percentage of the entries will be awarded with solid recognition from judges who are willing to reveal themselves to the contestants they have evaluated. If you have received an "A" in a songwriting contest, why shouldn't you be able to shout about it? This is the small but mighty songwriting contest, and we intend to keep it that way.
If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make our competition a better one, please feel free to email us at info AT indieinternational DOT com