The song submissions below are from EVERY contest since we started in 2008
"Here I am" Alex Lorton, Don Rodgers MacDonald L. Rodgers (Don)
"Letting Go By Hanging On" Sharon Levenson, Kim DeCell KIM& SHARON
"You just read my mind" Don Rodgers MacDonald L. Rodgers (Don)
(6 String) Mail Order Bride Steve Eulberg & Jim Pierce Steve Eulberg
(I Deal With) Crazy ALL Day Dan Weber Dan Weber
60 Million Strong Michael Danckert Michael Danckert
66 East to Washington Mike P. Ryan Mike P. Ryan
A Blind Man Can See Michael McGee Michael McGee
A Country Christmas Carol Kelly Newton-Wordsworth Kelly Newton-Wordsworth
A House for A Rich Man Mike P. Ryan Mike P. Ryan
A Hundred Miles from Boulder Matt Glickstein and Jason Spraggins Jason Spraggins
A Little More Stephanie Pauline Stephanie Pauline
A Little Piece Of Your Heart Bella Bogart Bella Bogart
A Love Song Possibly Katherine Anderson Katie J
A Perfect World J. Lutes Jared Lutes
A Rope Horse He Was Christopher Hart/Hiram Sumrall Christopher Hart
A1A (Settin' Myself Free) Elizabeth Butler Elizabeth Butler
Across the Water Cynthia Brando Cynthia Brando
Ain't No Surrender In Me Jim Burnevik Jim Burnevik
All Good Things Fall Apart Michael Stovall Michael Stovall
Already Miss You Gillian Rose Gillian Rose Music
Always The Last To Know Pat Flanakin Pat Flanakin
American Dream Lance Leonnig Lance Andrew Leonnig
Angel of Love Corinne Newton Corinne Newton
Angels Were Callin Mike Salvatore & Matt Nowicki LA Gypsy
Anna Mae Gene Mills Gene Mills
Another Broken Heart Inside Phil Maybury Phil Maybury Songwriter
As An Outlaw Trey Urech Trey Urech/ the 76 Mile Band
As Good As It Gets Angela Rozman Angela Marie
Back In Your Arms Again Travis Wayne Conley t wayne
Backwards Marc Kuchner Marc Kuchner
Bad Attitudes Corinne Newton Corinne Newton
Bad Choices Doug Jones Doug Jones
Bakersfield Wine Mickey Clark, Rusty Bladen Mickey Clark
Ballad of the Narrow Gauge Lucas W. Martin Lucas Martin
Beatles Without John Dave Tough/JD Dohnal Dave Tough
Beautiful Mess Benjamin Dakota Rogers Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Before I Hit The Ground Rusty Ford Rusty Ford
believe Patrick Kane waterbass
Beyond Words Rolf Schnyder and Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
Bittersweet Lisa Gordon Lisa Gordon
Black Beauty 50 Miles from Wee Waa (Fitzpatrick/Milne) Steve Milne
Blessed Daryl Bazinet Daryl Bazinet
Blind Michael Gladstone/Rob Smith Mike Gladstone
Blow Whistle Terry McLeish Terry McLeish
Blown out again David Corbett, Phil Roberts Big Onion
Blue Star Mountain Cowboy John W McClure J.W. McClure
Blueberries Kathy Moore Kathy Moore
Bluebird Samantha Teemant SL8
Born Free Michael Stovall Michael Stovall
Box of Buttons Robert Otting & Joel Smyers Cask of Characters
Brand New You Jon Anderson Victim of Grace
Breathe Samantha Teemant SL8
Brogan's Lane Roger Tomhave, Daniel David Johnson Roger Tomhave
Broken Man (More Than A Broken Man) Tony White Tony White
Burn the Red Barn (studio version) Cory Cole Cory Cole
Butterfly Cynthia Brando Cynthia Brando
Butterfly Kisses Judith Jones Judith Jones Band
Butterflys Michael Tyra Michael Farris
Can't Put You Down Michael "Max" McGee, Scott Miller, Lee Johnson Michael McGee
Candlelit Wood Neil Watson Neil Watson
Carolina Richard C. Potter Richard Potter
catch the breeze carol peltier, don frantz, bob close The Red Dog Band
Catfish Friday Night Angela Siracusa/Steve Fortin/Sheriff Cusic Angela Siracusa
Cecil Hotel Lynne Hanson Lynne Hanson
Chain It Up Alessia Cohle, Steve Rivers, Doron Zor Alessia Cohle
Change It All R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Cheers Sky Wyatt, Chard Morrison Sky Wyatt
Christmas Eve, Most Holy Night Cindy Tuttle Cindy Tuttle
Cigarettes & Beer Ken Darms Ken Darms
City Lights John van Hemert John van Hemert
City that never Sleeps Young-Bin Na Young-Bin Na
Clementine Samantha Teemant SL8
Closing Time Again Wade Burnett Chad Jones Burnett Jones
Come to Drink of It Nick Verzosa Nick Verzosa
COOLEST CAT IN TOWN Glenn Erickson & Phillip Clarkson Glenn Erickson
Country Boy Gene Mills Gene Mills
Cowboy in My Heart Rick Wicker Rick Wicker
Cowgirls and horses finn olesen skarlet june
Crazy Horse Ed Manzano Jr Ed Manzano
Crazy Kissin' Line Linda Lamon LINDA LAMON
Crazy Love Song Jennifer Greenhut Jennifer Greenhut
Daddy Laurina Holland Laurina
Daddy Wrote A Song Kevin W. Peery & Bryant Carter the Marshall/Peery Project
Dancing With the Angels Allan Johnson Allan Johnson
Dancing With You Brian Elkington Brian Elkington
Daphne Cecily Keim Cecily
Daytime Stars Gene Mills Gene Mills
Dead Man's Eye Roy Jones / Judith Jones Judith Jones Band
Deep Fat Fried Tim Daldrup Tim Daldrup
Devil In Your Eyes Chris Mastrantuono & Joe Alexander Southern Drive
Diamondback Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins (music) and Denise Baxter-Yoder (lyrics) Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins
Dirt Road Waiting Triana Presley Triana Presley
Dixie Dirt Mark Lamirande Mark Lamirande
Do What Your Mama Says Dot Reiser and Jeff Mortrude Dorothy Reiser
Do Whatcha Gotta Do Mike Lewis Mike Lewis
Don't Count Me Out Max Brenner Max Brenner
Don't See Me In Your Eyes No More Santo F. Bruno Santo
Don't Tie Me Up Catherine Conlin Catherine Conlin
don't wait too long hector qirko hector qirko
Down the Zydeco Road Peter Grimaldi The BluesBox Bayou Band
Drunk Phone Call Michael Painchaud Michael Painchaud
Duck Blind Chris DeLorenzo Chris DeLorenzo
Easygoing Guy Per Øyvind Mathisen, Rune Nyby Per Øyvind Mathisen
Empty Shoes Lewis Derr Lou Derr
End Of Love Stephen Connella Stephen Connella
Enjoy every sandwich Ewan Parker Ewan Parker
Erased Sharon H. Worth Sharon Worth
ERIE John Slade John C. Slade
Every Time We Meet Per Øyvind Mathisen Per Øyvind Mathisen
Everybody Else Lauren Adams Lauren Adams
Everyday Things Gene and Gayla Mills Gene Mills
Famous For Being Famous Michael Mills Michael Mills
Far Away Michael Kelley Harris Kelley Harris
Feels like a broken heart Max Brenner Max Brenner
Finally Free Gillian Rose Gillian Rose Music
Fixer Upper Sandy Craig Sandy Craig
Fly David Pellegrene David Pellegrene
Follow Me Down This Road Rachel Dawick RAchel DAwick
Fool's Gold Gene Mills Gene Mills
Footprints Nicole Kirbanu Klein Kirbanu
For You It Was Love Peter Scales Peter Scales
Forever Rocc Nobles Rocc Nobles
Fragile Thing Dave Nachmanoff Dave Nachmanoff
Free to Fall Tom Nichols Tom Nichols
Freedom On The Highway David Barber David Barber
Friday Night Neon Lights Juanita Ford/Judith Greer Edwards Juanita Ford
Game of Chance Ed Drake Ed Drake
Giddy Up Woman Jonathan Ditto Jonathan Ditto
Give Me One More Try Peter Scales Peter Scales
Give the Man a Fish JJ Freeman JJ Freeman
Go Another Round Jerry Crawford StreetChoir
God can you spare a moment Lyrics Tammy Beal Music JD Wood JD Wood
Gone So Long Walt Cronin Walt Cronin
Gonna say Goodbye Louis Gentile Louis Gentile
Good Kind of Small Stephanie Pauline Stephanie Pauline
Good Old Boy Brad Cole and Paul Zimmerman Brad Cole
Good-bye Kiss Nicolas Ruf nick ruf
Goodbye and Good Luck Michael Stovall Michael Stovall
Got A Mind D.B. Rielly D.B. Rielly
Gotta Let Love Andrea Meckna Andrea Meckna
Grandma Needs Your Prayers Peter Scales Peter Scales
Grandma's House Ingrid Serban & Forest Sun Ingrid Serban
Gravity Don Haddock and Steve Owen Don Haddock
Greatest Love That Never Was Erin James Erin James
Half a Fool K. Palencar Kevin
Hammer Down Curtis Marsh Curtis Marsh
Hand Up Amy abernathy/ Rick pitts Amy Abernathy/Rick Pitts
Happiness Can Pass You By Zac McDaniel Zac McDaniel
Hard Age To Be Giasone Italiano and Marcy Italiano Giasone Italiano
Hard Age To Be Giasone Italiano Marcy Italiano Giasone Italiano
Hard Work of Love Ynana Rose Ynana Rose
Hard-Headed Girl John Slade John C. Slade
Harleys and Heartbreak Paul Fritzler Fritz
Headlights Greg Bikowski Greg Bikowski
Heart of Gold Alessia Cohle, Dave Woods, Doron Zor Alessia Cohle
Heartbreak Avenue Andreas Forslund Persson a person
Hello God Daryl Bazinet Daryl Bazinet
Helpless Hands Paul Lewis paul hardin lewis
Her Thoughts and Mine Agreed Desmond Allen Desmond Allen
Heros' and Dreams(Demo) Paul Avers The Paul Avers Band
Hey There Romeo Elizabeth Feins Elizabeth Feins
Homemade and Handed Down Jan Garrett, Carole Tomhave, and Roger Tomhave Roger Tomhave
Honey Get in Line R.P. Oates R.P. Oates
Honky Tonk Ballerina James G Wetherill James Wetherill
Hopeless Crystal Craven CRYSTAL CRAVEN
House Of Cards Peter Woolley Eary Hands
I Could Swear Ron Mac Donald Ronbo
I Do (The Wedding Song) J. Lutes Jared Lutes
I Don't Want To Cry In Her Presence Sam Conjerti Sam Conjerti
I GOT JOHNNY CASH Murphy/Edwards murphy/Edwards
I Just Let Her Walk Away Brooks Taylor Brooks Taylor
I Love You More Mark Davenport & Marilyn Schonfeld Mark Davenport
I Might Be Fine Arthur Revechkis Comrad
I Miss You Bruce Jones Bruce Jones
I Need a Full Time Girl Friend and a Part Time Job Michael Marks Michael Marks
I Never Thought I'd Fear the Wind Lynn Hollyfield Lynn Hollyfield
I Told The Rain Marc J. Kuchner Marc Kuchner
I Want to Be Free Rocc Nobles Rocc Nobles
I Was Holding On Stephan Marc Dubois/Danny Bingham Stephan Marc Dubois
I wouldn't mind a ride shotgun home roger paul mason, alan foreman Roger Paul Mason
I'll Carry On R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
I'll Pick Up The Tab Tonite Vin Colella Vin Colella
I'm Still Here Tim Settle Tim Settle
I'm Told You Never Sleep Rand M. Hubiak The Random Hubiak
If I Can Love You With My Song Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
If I Can't Take You With Me Heather Stewart, Peter Andrews Heather Stewart
If I Confess to You Bruce Jones Bruce Jones
If I could kill your memory Germain Brunet and Jeff Moxcey Germain Brunet
If You Believe Joe Romeo Joe Romeo
If You Were a Song Dave Brouillette Dave Brouillette
into the fire finn olesen skarlet june
Intoxicated Donovan Tucker Donovan Tucker
It's a Steve Jobs' World Karen Sokolof Javitch Karen Sokolof Javitch
It's All About You (version 2) Clark Ford Clark Ford
It's Been So Long McKenna Loren McKenna Loren
It's Crazy I Know Tahlia McGahey Tahlia McGahey
It's Not About Me Jared Akers Jared Akers
It's Snowin' Lenny Solomon Lenny Solomon
janie's sparrow leo crandall leo crandall
January Chris Gleason and Lucy Martinez Sado-Domestics
Jessie Brown T. Edwin Doss T. Edwin Doss
Jesus and the Bottle Shannon Hudson Shannon Hudson
Jesus Rides This Freight-train With Me Tony McCall Thuggee Tennessee
Jesus Was a Democrat John Pittorino/Yankee Jack Yankee Jack
Johnny Julie Kathryn, Felix McTeigue Julie Kathryn
Just a Lock of Hair Robert Young Bob Young
Just Because Tamara Lewis Tamara Lewis
Just Talkin Josh Blackburn Josh Blackburn
Karmaloca Adam Masterson Adam Masterson
Keep On Smilin' Lucas W. Martin Lucas Martin
King-size Canyon, Queen-size Bed Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
Kiss My Doublewide Rolf Schnyder / Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
Lately Gillian Rose Gillian Rose Music
Laydie, Love Me Back Ty Roberts and Bill Hines Ty Roberts and Bill Hines
Leaving Familiar Michael Theodore Michael Theodore
Let a Bird Go Free John W McClure J.W. McClure
Let It Be Your Life JD Martin and Roger Tomhave Roger Tomhave
Let it Go Jon Teger Jono Trash
Let Me Down Real Easy Jim Burnevik Jim Burnevik
Let Somebody Else Care Tim Settle Tim Settle
Let's Get Gone Alessia Cohle, Brian Donkers Alessia Cohle
Levi Strauss Toni Vere Toni Vere
Life is a Symphony Dwayne Trynchuk Dwayne Trynchuk
Life of the Party Heather Stewart, Peter Andrews Heather Stewart
Like A Ruby Seth Ginsburg Seth Ginsburg
Like An Old Dog Chasin' His Tail Michael Milton Marisic Michael Milton Marisic
Like New CC Lamondt & Tony Ridgway CC Lamondt
Listen For My Truck Caleb Paul Hymel The Gillis Silo
Little Feet Pebble Wisdom Pebble Wisdom
Live Your Life Robert Ouseley Pilgrims' Dream
Livin' Down the Memory of You Hilary Marckx Hilary Marckx
Livin' The Dream Lenny Hirsh Trey Hirsh
Living The Lonely Weekend (Duet) Daniel J Cornelius Jr Daniel Cornelius Jr
Lonesome Traveler Blues Lucas W. Martin Lucas Martin
Long Road Dorothy Scharr Dottie Scharr
Long, Tall Steeples Rebecca Dale Peaden (BMI)/Moker Jarrett (ASCAP) Peaden
Lord Jesus Merisa Donoghue, Les Tibbo, Emily Celeste Tibbo Trinitude
Love Bug Kelly Riley Kelly Riley
Love Is the Answer ynez fernandez-reyes "Harmony" ynez reyes
Love Letters To You Battistello Diane Battistello
Love Me Like You Wanted To Randy Bishop Randy Bishop
LOVE ME SOUTHERN Charlotte Sands/Bonnie Warren Bonnie Warren
Love Over Logic Elizabeth Butler Elizabeth Butler
Love the Way You Love Me in the Morning Cathy DeWitt Cathy DeWitt
Love to go Rolf Schnyder / Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
Love Will Live Tonight Max Phillips Max Phillips
Loving You A Long Long Time Keith Patterson K A Patterson and the Paradise Band
Make a Joyful Noise Seth Ginsburg Seth Ginsburg
Make It Sweet Diane and Mike Sciachitano THE SHOCKITANOS
Make it Up to You J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Make Up Your Mind Julian Tucker Julian Tucker
Mama Sang 'The Wren' Meg Tennant Meg Tennant
Mama, I Know You Ain't Santa Lynne Stewart and Tracy Newman Tracy Newman
May Healing Begin Steven R Butler ss
Maybe I'll Go To Paris Mike P. Ryan Mike P. Ryan
Me & Bonnie Parker Markus Rill Markus Rill
Memory Lane Clay Alston Clay Alston
Memphis Time Greg Ryan, Tim Miles Nothing North Of Alaska
Mess With Texas Lenny Hirsh Trey Hirsh
Minstrel Of The Darkness Joe Percia, Joey Libreddo "Broadway" Joey Libreddo
Moment of Fate Michael Sudak Michael Sudak
More than Words Victoria Powell/Paul Jefferson Victoria Powell
Mourning Dove Michael Coleman, Irish Patty Michael Coleman
mozita leo crandall leo crandall
Mr. & Mrs. Happily Everafter Rick Wicker Rick Wicker
Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong Kevin Glenn Kevin Glenn
Mudslide Blues Tony McCall Thuggee Tennessee
Mustang Corners Tim Daldrup, Dave Knipe Kitchen On Fire
My Biggest Claim To Fame Karen Benedetto Karen Benedetto
MY BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN SKIES Annie Lynn & James Burns Annie Lynn & James Burns
My Fathers Son JD Carroll JD Carroll
My First Time jesse como JJ Como
My Heart Attack Just Walked In Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
My Home Town Joanna Lyon Joanna Lyon
My Knight Melody Johnson Melody
My Little Girl Andy Goggin Andy Goggin
My Little Girl Archie Hughes Archie Hughes
My Own Man The Feugh The Feugh
My Truck, My Dog and You Rusty Ford Rusty Ford
Nashville Star Lenny Solomon Lenny Solomon
Nashville to Nowhere Michelle Patrick, Jonathan Wood calmlondon
Never Been Better Street Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
Never Played In Austin Scott Cochran Scott Cochran
Ninety-Nine Rusty Roberson RUSTY ROBERSON
No More Looking Forward Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
No One Else But You Keith Patterson K A Patterson and the Paradise Band
No Rain Jay Matthes Jay Matthes
Nobody Won Alan Grattan Alan
Not The Man in Me Brad Evans Brad Evans
Not The Stayin' Kind Ted J Simmons Ted Simmons
Nothing Like You jadi norris Jadi Norris
Ocean Robert Ouseley Pilgrims' Dream
Ocean Is Calling Brandon Scott McLean, Shane David Smith Cosmic Superheroes
Oh My Brother Christopher Scott Mitchell Christopher Scott Mitchell
Old Boots Ted Simmons Ted Simmons
old hillbilly blues written by juanita ford judith greer edwards/ ray withrow/John Covert Juanita Ford
One Day Gil Bricault Gil Bricault
One Day Steven L. Hawkins Hotshot
One Life Randy Clark Randy Clark
ONE NIGHT RODEO Lyrics by: Jack Pettie / Music/melody by Thad Bonduris JACK PETTIE
One of These Days (You're Gonna Realize) D.B. Rielly D.B. Rielly
One That Got Away Roy Schroedl & Jeremy Kleppe okhams
Our Home Towns (Western Pennsylvania) Seth Ginsburg Seth Ginsburg
Our Paths Shall Always Meet Charles Wimer Charles Wimer
Out Of Here Rory Sullivan Rory Sullivan
Overdue The Feugh The Feugh
Pass To You Per Øyvind Mathisen Per Øyvind Mathisen
PASSAGE OF TIME (For Alex) Cathy Bolton Cathy Bolton
Passenger #2 John W McClure J.W. McClure
Peaceful Deeds Janis Carper Janis Carper
Peanut Butter Ed Drake Ed Drake
perfect russ parrish Tin Man
Pick Up the Pieces Sydney Cubit Sydney Cubit
Pickin Sounds Jonathan Ditto Jonathan Ditto
Picture Yourself Cassandra B. White Cassandra White
Poetry falls like rain Greg Powerlett Carolynne Powerlett Greg Powerlett
Portrait in the Sand Chapman Willard Reagan Pat Luce Chapman
Portrait in the Sand Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
Potential Lisa Biales Lisa Biales
Prairie Town Corinne Newton Corinne Newton
Pushing My Luck Toni Vere Toni Vere
Quicksand Noel Herrity Noel Herrity
Reaching for the Sun Daniel David Johnson and Roger Tomhave Daniel David Johnson
Red Sun Sinking Sandy Craig Sandy Craig
Remember Me Jon Jump GUNNER JUMP
Right Next to Me Martha Sterling-Golden Martha Sterling-Golden
River, Railway, Road Gene Mills Gene Mills
Roadrunner D.B. Rielly D.B. Rielly
Rockabilly Kid Lenny Solomon Lenny Solomon
Running on Empty Jen Rose Jen Rose
Rust & Bones Gretta Ziller & Jess Holland Gretta Ziller
Sacrifice Tracy and David De Lucia Tracy De Lucia
Sailing Home Jean Pascal Monzies Jean Pascal Monzies
San Angelo Gary Bonnett Gary Bonnett
Santa Fe Lou Derr Lou Derr
Second Wind Dave Brouillette Dave Brouillette
Set Free Babe Gurr Babe Gurr
Set Me Free Jason Kane White Jason Kane White
Sex Beer And Rock and Roll Giasone Italiano Giasone Italiano
Sex Kitten Blake V. misterblake
Shakey People Houston Bernard Houston Bernard
Share Your Life Gary Pryor Gary Pryor
She Daniel Childerley Daniel Childerley
She Don't Ride Ward Parker - Robert Dee Methuselah's Valise
She Hasn't Left Yet Daniel Whittington Daniel Whittington
She Knows Steffan James Steffan James
She Stands Rocc Nobles Rocc Nobles
She's the one Jason Kane White Jason Kane White
Sheila's Wings Keith Patterson K A Patterson and the Paradise Band
Shine On Ken Darms Ken Darms
Show Her Love Adam Bonomo Bonomoband
Silver River Ron Lindsay & Ian Kennedy Ron Lindsay
Sleep Gently My Little One Cindy Tuttle Still Singing
Sleep Gently My Little One Cindy Tuttle Cindy Tuttle
Smart Girl Lauren Adams Lauren Adams
Smiling Faces Lorraine Jordan & Mickey Tripp Lorraine Jordan & Carolina ROad
Snowflakes Gail J. Desjardins Gail J. Desjardins
Snowglobe Andrew Kreider Andrew Kreider
SOME DAYS Glenn Hammerstad, David Harper Glenn Hammerstad
Some thing I won't regret Michael 'Max' McGee and Rolf Schnyder Max and Rolf
Someone You Might Love jesse como JJ Como
Something In Betwen Jason MacDonald Jason MacDonald
Songwriter Blues Howard Delnick Howard Delnick
Southern Belle Erin James Erin James
Sparkle Plenty Day Steve Wacker STEVE WACKER
Start Now Marc J. Kuchner Marc Kuchner
Steamboat Town John Curtis Anderson John Curtis Anderson
Step Into That Water Ron Lindsay Ron Lindsay
Stone Cold Crazy Michael 'Max" McGee and Scott Miller Michael McGee
Supermodel Surgeon Angela Rozman Angela Marie
Surely You Jest (version 2) Clark Ford
Surfin' Mike Lewis Mike Lewis
suzy dave mcgann Dave McGann
Swamp Creek Girl Carl Fassl Bongo Dave
Sweepin' Your Memory Away Rick Williams - Laurie AJ Williams Williams and Williams
Sweet Talk Phil Klein Phil Klein
Table Nine Tracy Newman Tracy Newman
Talking to the Stars William Beach William Beach
Teardrops Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
Teardrops Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
Tell me Leif Martinsson Leif Martinsson
Tell Me Why Archie Hughes Archie Hughes
Tequila, Salt & Lime Doug Jones/James Broydell/David Jones Doug Jones
Terlingua, USA Lucas W. Martin Lucas Martin
Texas Flower Stephen Connella Stephen Connella
That First Kiss Germain Brunet Germain Brunet
THAT FIRST KISS Germain Brunet Germain Brunet
That's What Patsy Would Do Joanne Stacey & Jane Eamon Joanne Stacey
The Bells Joe Young and Ben Lorentzen Sonic Cult
THE BORDER Cliff Mickelson Cliff Mickelson
The Color of the Wind Kevin Buchanan Kevin Buchanan
The Dash Eric Colville Eric Colville
the dynamiter leo crandall leo crandall
The Edge of Midnight Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
The Great Divide John Slade, Robin Welch John C. Slade
The Great Trapeze Joe Thompson Joe Thompson
The Greatest Gift Jared Akers Jared Akers
The Howl Stellarize Stellarize
The Leavin' Kind Matt Netzke matt netzke
The Loneliest Lonely Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
The Long Goodbye Waltz Tim Kidwell Tim Kidwell
The Lost Fisherman's Prayer Chapman Varner Laelang Pat Luce Chapman
The Loving Arms of You (FIFO) Wesley Snowball Wesley Snowball
The Loving Kind Maggie Vogts Maggie Vogts
The Next Beginning Jennifer Greenhut Jennifer Greenhut
The Other Side of Me Angela Siracusa/Dave Woods/Britt Wilen/Serena Pryne Angela Siracusa
The Power Bob Hrichak Bob Hrichak
The Present Jared Akers Jared Akers
The Real Deal Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
The Reaper John W McClure J.W. McClure
The River Kevin Romine Kevin Romine
The Riverside J. Lutes Jared Lutes
The Small Stuff Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
The Storm Mary Neil Mary Neil
The Way Home Helen Austin & Paul Otten Big Little Lions
The Way I Am Jen Rose Jen Rose
The Way you Roll Jonathan Ditto Jonathan Ditto
There Are Angels Cheryl Metrick Cheryl Metrick
These Eyes Deprived Jonathan Ditto Jonathan Ditto
They Crumble Angela Siracusa/Ken Kahler/Dean Malton Angela Siracusa
They Trapped the Wild Bird in a Cage Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
Things Are Going To Be OK Dean Nelson Dean Nelson
Things I'll Never Do Phoebe Hunt, Matt Rollings Phoebe Hunt
This Kind of Love J. Lutes Jared Lutes
This Man of Mine Timothy Wenzel Timothy Wenzel
This Road With You Helen Austin & Paul Otten Big Little Lions
Thriving Gene Mills Gene Mills
TILL WE HIT THE HORIZON Brian Barnhart Lee Brian
Timing is Everything Jason Joubert Jason Joubert
To Be Gone Mark Keller Mark Keller
To Get What I Want Fernando Tarango Fernando Tarango
To Have You Back Tonight Brad Evans Brad Evans
To Live and Die in Georgia Michael Stovall Michael Stovall
To Measure Up Craig D. Ferguson | Dean Vivirito FERGHEART
Tommy Catt's Bride Ian Williams The Television Of Cruelty
Tomorrow Adam Bonomo Bonomoband
Too Late Rebecca Henricks Rebecca Henricks
Train of Love Jonathan Ditto Jonathan Ditto
Train To Nowhere James G. Wetherill James Wetherill
Tryin To Make it Till Payday Basha Jaye (stage name) Brenda Jackson (real name) Basha Jaye
Turn Around Per Øyvind Mathisen Per Øyvind Mathisen
Turning of the Page Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
Two And Through Dave Whitcher Dave Whitcher
Two for the Road Phil Nigro (music) & Lydia Fortune (lyrics) Lydia Fortune & Phil Nigro
Underground Julie Kathryn Julie Kathryn
Until Then I'll Just Wait to Cry Gail J. Gaudet-Desjardins Gail J. Desjardins
Wait Out the Rain Matt Pennington Matt Pennington
Waiting Blues Jean Pascal Monzies Jean Pascal Monzies
Walk Away Lucas Howard Lucas Howard
walk of life violet naytowhow Violet Naytowhow
Walls of Pain Nick Colmenares Cole Menarez
War Without Violence Jeff Greenleaf Jeff Greenleaf
WASTED TIME (Dedicated to B.B.King) Giuseppe D'Alonzo Crabby's
Watch Out for Falling Rocks Patricia Luce Chapman Patricia Luce Chapman
Watch Over Me Marlo Hower and Mark Minges Marlo and Mark
Way Home Again Jared LoStracco Jared LoStracco
WEAK Glenn Hammerstad, David Harper Glenn Hammerstad
Were You the One? Nelson Bennett Nelson Bennett
What Good Is A Bad Boy? Lauren Anderson, Sean Michael Kelly and Tim Matthews Lauren Anderson
What I Like Terry Blankley Terry Blankley
When A Woman Gets the Blues Randy Moore INITIAL_CONTESTANT_RANDY_MOORE
When I am Still Cynthia Brando Cynthia Brando
When I Look at You Rachell Briggs Iamrach
When I look at you Carey Highfield Carey Highfield
When I Was Superman Eric Douglas Eric Douglas
When She's Gone Hayward L. Hurst Hayward Hurst
Where I'm Bound Matt Reno Matt Reno
Where the Hell I've Gone William Grant Camp King Cotton
Where You Are (Reprise) Jared Lutes Jared Lutes
Wherever You May Go J. Lutes Jared Lutes
While Tumbleweeds and the Credits Roll Robert Otting & Joel Smyers Cask of Characters
Whiskey In Winter Hillary Reynolds Hillary Reynolds Band
Who was that old Man Ed Bentley Ed Bentley
Wild Caballo sharon anderson randy nagel Sharon Anderson
Wild West Women George Hage George Hage
Wildfire Michel Goguen Open Strum
Will You Fall Matthew Ballard Matthew Ballard
Will You Stay Marlo Hower and Mark Minges Marlo and Mark
Willie Will You Do This One With Me? Lyrics: B.J. Roberts, Winnifred Lumley, Larry Wayne Clark - Music: B.J. Roberts, Robwin Publishing B.j. Roberts
Winter's Not As Cold Kevin Longmore Kevin Longmore Songwriter
With Heart in Hand Peter Scales Peter Scales
Wont Let You Down Francisco Gonzalez Frank Gonzalez
Year of Mercy Claire Pearson, Don McCollister The Ormewoods
Yes Mother Dear D.B. Rielly D.B. Rielly
Yesterday's Love Jennifer Greenhut Jennifer Greenhut
You Are A Rose Mark Davenport Mark Davenport
You Don't Leave No Signs of Cheatiin' Lisa O'Kane/Barry O'Brien Lisa O'Kane
You Found Me Joe Romeo and George Scholz Joe Romeo
You Got The Heat Blankley/Wainright Terry Blankley
You Loved My Way Lyrics Mellina Barnett Music Diego B Performance Rachel Williams Melsi
You Opened My Eyes Mark Wayne Glasmire Mark Wayne Glasmire
Your Doggin' Fool D.B. Rielly D.B. Rielly
Your Flight HAs Just Been Canceled Lenny Solomon Lenny Solomon
Your Heart Will Dance Again Germain Brunet Germain Brunet
Your Smile Sean Farley Sean Farley