The song submissions below are from EVERY contest since we started in 2008
Apple and Cinnamon Coco Yaegashi bini cocotte
Baby Back Again John W McClure J.W. McClure
Behind The Smiles Coco Yaegashi bini cocotte
Blind Aisle Phil Danter Straight on Red
Confusion Jonathan Ditto Jonathan Ditto
Don't send me Roses Abigail Joffe ; Jon Sanders Abigail Joffe
For You Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield
Gentle Me Now Valerie JanLois Valerie JanLois
He Did His Best Work On Wood T. Edwin Doss/Jon Carroll T. Edwin Doss
I'm still in love with love Jim Territo Jim Territo
I've Been Had Again Ingvi Thor Kormaksson, JJ Soul Ingvi Thor Kormaksson
I've been to New York Jeff Burton and Gary Shepherd Jeff Burton
If I'm Blue Valerie JanLois Valerie JanLois
Life and its Beauty Lynn Hollyfield Lynn Hollyfield
Lluvia de Lagrimas Mari Koga Mari Koga
Midnight Encounter Penny Lea Penny Lea
My Own Company Polly Gibbons, James Pearson Polly Gibbons
Never Try To Trick Me With A Kiss Matt Plastico Matt Plastico
Nietzsche Tonight Phil Danter Straight on Red
The End Elitsa Manolo Elitsa Manolo
The More You Look Phil Danter Straight on Red
The Songwriter Alan Babbitt Alan Babbitt
This Must Be Love Peter scales Peter Scales
Time Will Close My Door Alexander Molodkov Alexander Molodkov
Why Did She Go Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
Winter of '78 John W McClure J.W. McClure