The song submissions below are from EVERY contest since we started in 2008
"Believer In Love" Peter Hughes Peter Hughes
"Old iPhone" Tim Settle Tim Settle
"Paris (Forget the Greeks)" Eric Clifford Graf Instigator22
"Thank God for Lou Reed" Eric Clifford Graf Instigator22
"The Strength To Carry On" T. Edwin Doss T. Edwin Doss
"Will you call my name ?" Philip STEVENSON Philip STEVENSON
10/23 W.E. Manzano William Elvin
A City Kind of Love Sarah Thomas Sasrah
A Little Bit A Crow Steve Rapson Steve Rapson
A Long Way Back to New York City (Lucky's Blues) Edward Simmons aka Ted Simmons Ted Simmons
A Man Like Me Fassl/ Adamski Carl Fassl
A Place to Sleep Edward Simmons aka Ted Simmons Ted Simmons
A song about leaving home Karl Wassholm Karl Wassholm
Acid Rain (Sustainocene) Mark Walmsley and Tom Faunce Tom Faunce
Africa Efrem Gaio Efrem
again this time guy grogan guy grogan
Against the fire Stefanie Schultze VioletAnise
Alive Today Christie Palazzolo Christie Palazzolo
All At Sea Carley Baer Carley Baer
All My Heart Dylan Cartwright Dylan Cartwright
All We Are Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Almost danieljmorrow danieljmorrow
Alone With My Music Gisele Afeche GISELE_AFECHE
Already Won Debra Gussin & Stacy Hogan DEBRA GUSSIN
Amadeus JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Amen J.Lutes Jared Lutes
Amen J. Lutes Jared Lutes
American Dream Char Fogel Char Fogel
And You Should Know myself Stephen Zolper
Angels on Earth Margo Tiedt Margo Tiedt
Another Day of Loving You Sharon Worth Sharon Worth
Anyway Mikalyn Hay, Rosanne Baker-Thornley, North Easton Mikalyn Hay
Apple Pie Moonshine Dave Tough, Rowland Folensbee, Jeff Knisley Dave Tough
Arouse Me When You Rouse Me Peter Scales Peter Scales
At Three O'clock Alexandre Molodkov Alexandre Molodkov
Audrey Jack Leyton Jack Leyton
Austin Jenny Baird Jenny Baird
Autopilot Life Ava Suppelsa Ava Suppelsa
Autumn Winds Michael Painchaud Michael Painchaud
Away Daniel Rimaldi Daniel Rimaldi
Back Home To Hawaii Rod Brandt Rod Brandt
Back on My Feet Max Brenner Max Brenner
Bags of money democracy genio INITIAL_CONTESTANT_PROFILE_NAME
Be About Now Anica Karu Anica
Be Now David Cohen David Cohen
Beast Aljona Schnitzer Ivanushken
Beautiful Thing Byron Crawford BJ / CR8
Beautiful World Reentko Reentko
Beautiful Worries Amalie Skriver Amalie Skriver
Behind Bars T. Edwin Doss T. Edwin Doss
Believe? Babe Gurr Babe Gurr
Better Now Rory Sullivan, John Sanvidge Rory Sullivan
Better Than Him Tonne Desai Tonne Desai
Big Girl Pants Kim Yarson and Anders Bay Jensen Kim Yarson
Birthday Song Mark W. Cuthbertson CullenOrange
Black Dog Amir Rahimzadeh Amir Rahimzadeh
Bones Joey Perez Harbor Tailor
Brooksville (Please Don't Let The Music End) Cindy Bear (Cynthia Wilkins) Cindy Bear
Burning Boat Rebecca Madden Rebecca Madden
Burning in the Rain Hyejun Bae Hyejun Bae
But I Love No One But You William Elvin Manzano William Elvin
Cage Eli Gauden Eli Gauden
California Blue Max Brenner Max Brenner
Carnival Mikalyn Hay, Paul Tarvydas Mikalyn Hay
Carry Me Away Sherry Hodge Sherry Hodge
CHAMPAGNE AND SUGAR Scilla Siekmann / Nitanee Paris SCILLA
Chocolate Ice Cream Sharon Worth Sharon Worth
Choose Our Way Fung Ever Fung Ever
Christmas Time (Baby Are You Mine) Malcolm Lally Malcolm Lally
Clara Hannah May Hannah May
Cleansing Rain Jared LoStracco Jared LoStracco
Cold Moon Rising Christopher S Mitchell Christopher Scott Mitchell
Cold War JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Come Down Easy Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Come Hell or High Water D.B. Rielly D.B. Rielly
Come to the Surface John Hanson Offbeat Motif
Comin' Home Paco (aka Frank Stewart) Paco
Concrete Kaleb Hanly Kaleb hanly
Confession Mike Gilroy Mike Gilroy
Conversations CONE CONE
Crazy Dave MGann Dave McGann
Crimson and Gold Robert Lasher Robert Lasher
Cure Laura Tremblay Laura Tremblay
Cycles of Life Jeffrey B. Hartmann JeffreyBHartmann
Dancing in the Breeze Judy Daigle Judy Daigle
Dare To Dream Max Phillips Max Phillips
Dark Delilah Katie Solomon and Jack Lewis Katie Solomon
Daydreaming Jasmine Crowe, Josh Anderson JASMINE CROWE
Daylight Alexia Hodgson Cross Alexia Cross
Dear Mother John Duggleby John Duggleby
Death by Water MantiswithaFork MantiswithaFork
Demons and Angels Jenna Duranko Jenna Duranko Music
Descartes in Amsterdam Dave Nachmanoff Dave Nachmanoff
Deserted Eyes Olivia Hadjioannou (Oh.) Oh. (Olivia Hadjiioannou)
Dinosaurs Jason Schnitt J. Schnitt
Dirty Imbecile Calvin Langman NEW PROFILE - PLEASE EDIT
Disappear David Omlor David Omlor
Dixie Dirt Mark Lamirande Mark Lamirande
DO U MISS THE HEAT? Debra Gussin & Stacy Hogan DEBRA GUSSIN
Dog Day Afternoon Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
Don't Let Me Go Francisco Gonzalez Frank Gonzalez
Downstream Constant van Graan Constant van Graan
Dream of You By DeDe DeDe Wedekind & Kevin DeClue DeDe Wedekind
Drown Jim Patton-Sherry Brokus-Jeff Talmadge JIm Patton
Dust And Snow Joseph Tonelli Joseph Julius Tonelli
Elsewhere Nikita Emtsov Nikita Emtsov
End of War Eric Colville Eric Colville
Enough Love for Two Claudia Carawan and Roger Tomhave Roger Tomhave
Everybody Else Fran Apprich Fran
Everything Is Fine Derick Evans Derick Evans
Everything They Stole R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Extraordinary Love Sayantika Ghosh Sayantika
Fade Away Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery
Fading away Jeff BUrton Jeff Burton
Far From Spring Jarrod Gawne Jarrod Gawne
Fault Lines Taylor Pollock, Olly Liu Strae
Feel Something Derick Evans Derick Evans
Fighter Julie Ludgate Julie Ludgate
Find Myself Jonathan Ditto Jonathan Ditto
Finding Grace Lis Nagy Lis Nagy
Fire & Stone Travis Atwell Travis Atwell
Flying Marina Bloom, Michael Davis Marina Bloom
Fool's Gold Justine Eltakchi, Luke Pickler, Phillip Eltakchi The White Light Orchestra
Fool's Gold Gilbert Bassey Gillian Baci
Forgiveness Angela Cross Angela Cross
Forty Days Susan Chapin Susan Chapin
Found in You Kathy Meyers Kathy Meyers
Fragile John E Wright John E
Free As A Bird Paja Rocky Paja Rocky
Freight Train John Gassere Roddo Fab
Friends Linda MacLeod LULU
From A Still Mind Mark Walmsley and Tom Faunce Tom Faunce
Fuel to the Flame Steve Milne Steve Milne
Funny Little Things Joanna Szymanska, John Nolan Crossroad Y
Garden of Doubt Carl Lorusso Jr. Carl Lorusso Jr.
Gates Of Heaven Paul Kloschinsky Paul Kloschinsky
Gather Ye Rosebuds James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Gertrude & Pearl Michael Batdorf Michael Batdorf
Get It Heard George Wong Sunstone
Get to You Kurtis Adamus Kurtis Adamus
Giving Is Easy Jerry Stenger Jerry Stenger
Go Tonight Jordan Grace Jordan Grace
Golden Hana Kahn Hana Kahn
Good Luck Virginia Gavazzi Virginia Gavazzi
Goodbye to the Wind Edward Simmons aka Ted Simmons Ted Simmons
Great Divide Gene Mills Gene Mills
Greatest Love Story Judy Daigle Judy Daigle
Guardian Angel Dawid Ziemba Dawid Ziemba
Hard to keep Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Harvester Ken Dunckley Slamdunk
Hearts JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Height Dreams Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Height Dreams Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Here In My Heart Katie Reid Katie Reid
Here With You David Wakeling David Wakeling
Hey Little Child Jeffrey B. Hartmann JeffreyBHartmann
Hey There Man Michael Painchaud Michael Painchaud
Hidden in Plain Sight David Cohen David Cohen
Hollow Nella Thomas Nella Thomas
Hollow Inside Vedika Chandran, Saumitra Sinha, Sayantika Ghosh, Aman Moroney Sayantika
Honey Ingrid Carranza; Josue Avecillas Ingrid Carranza & Josue Avecillas
Honky Tonkin' Bar Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
Humanity Jozef Bubnár (B-Joey) B-Joey (Slovakia - EU)
I Am Who I Am Julie McCloud Julie McCloud
I Can't Help It matt taylor matt taylor
I Do (The Wedding Song) J.Lutes Jared Lutes
I Don't Mind Mel Hart Mel Hart
I Don't Want To Robin Johnson Robin Johnson
I funked it up Preston Smith Preston Smith
I wanna have the power Sofia Vaina Sofia Vaina
I Wanted to Tell You Francesco Bonifazi Francesco Bonifazi
I Won't Go Adrian Duke Adrian Duke
I. Am. E. Poole E. Poole
I'll Be Ready Kristen Tivey Kristen Tivey
I'm Only a Sad Song Dolin/Ising/Williams Williams and Williams
I'm the Conquering Lion Mr. Thundder Mr. Thundder
I'VE ALREADY WON Debra Gussin & Stacy Hogan DEBRA GUSSIN
If I george wong/ sam porter Sunstone
If I Had The Time Kmix7 matt taylor matt taylor
If I Only Had Doug Templeton Doug Templeton
Imprisoned Phil Lewis Phil Lewis (UK)
In My Dreams James Lee .
In My Hands Franziska Henke, Anna-Lena Bolz Miss O'Paque
In The Balance Lynn Hollyfield Lynn Hollyfield
In Their Absence Jeromy Darling Jeromy Darling
Intangible Longings Allen Haag Allen Haag
Intimacy Jasmine Crowe JASMINE CROWE
Is it just me danieljmorrow danieljmorrow
IS THAT YOU? (v.2) Debra Gussin & Rik Howard DEBRA GUSSIN
Is There A Time? Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
It Doesn't Matter Now Chooka Parker Chooka Parker
It Feels Good to Smile Tim Settle Tim Settle
It Leaves Me Cryin' Tony McCall Tony_McCall
It took a long time Next_ Giustino Costagliola
It's Cold Steven Daniels Brand New Day
It's You Kashka Ironside/LauraTremblay Laura Tremblay
Jesus In the Glovebox #3 GK Menage GK Menage
jus' love you marc tilson/michael de haven marc tilson NEW PROFILE - PLEASE EDIT
Just a Memory Jim Patton JIm Patton
Just Can't Make Up My Mind James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Just Get Lost Anjù Anjù
Just Me Missing You Shane Martin, Zac Wrixon, John Ritter Shane Martin
Kill You With Kindness Dorothy Hackl Reiser Dorothy Reiser
Killing Me Aaren Zavarella Aer88
King Gumby John Gassere Roddo Fab
Kisses Geoff Gilson Geoff Gilson/POP VOXX
Kitchen Conversations Erin Branzell Erin Branzell
Labyrinth Eve Gowen Eve Gowen
Larry Philip peejmudd
Last Lullaby Jasmine Crowe JASMINE CROWE
Lay With Me Dear Ross Adams Ross Adams
Leave Me The Road Michael Stovall Michael Stovall
Leave Your Light On Hanna Barakat Hanna Barakat
Let It Out Anthony Babino, Steven Babino INITIAL_CONTESTANT_PROFILE_NAME
Let You Go Cuinn Joseph and Monique Gauthier Jean and John
Let's Take a Chance Melissa Nagy Lis Nagy
Lies In The Dark Sondra Toscano Big City Cowgirl
Life Illa Illa
Life's Mystery Christopher Mason Chris Mason
Like a Doll Katie Solomon and Jack Lewis Katie Solomon
Like A Mountain matt taylor matt taylor
Like Your Hero Paul Kloschinsky Paul Kloschinsky
Lines Billy Frank, Aamer Bajwa, Kirk Silver Statue Still
Lionheart Soul J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Little Lyin' Jane Karl Henrik King Karl Henrik
Lonesome, Have You Found Me Again Meg Tennant & Janet Lillian Russell Meg Tennant
Long Road Elizabeth Hanorah Hanley Hanorah
Long Way to Go Loud City Streets Loud City Streets
Lost Inside Mike Gilroy Mike Gilroy
Love Is You Laon Tchah Laon Tchah
Love You Like Me Stephee Bonifacio Stephee Bonifacio
Make a wish Mahalia Cleopatra Raymond miami
Make it Up to You J.Lutes Jared Lutes
Make it Up to You J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Making Believe Blues No.9 Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Man Under the Roses Stephee Bonifacio Stephee Bonifacio
Memories Of Dad Dwayne Ferris Dwayne Ferris
Mercy lenistern Leni Stern
Mid Youth Crisis JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Midnight Prayer Polly Gibbons, James Pearson Polly Gibbons
Migrant David Ian Hardwick Cool Pool Man
Minor Offender Michèle Raffaele Michèle Raffaele
Miss You Tonight Sandy Moran Sandy Moran
Misty Mountain Kashka Ironside/LauraTremblay Laura Tremblay
Mornings Ago Peter Scales Peter Scales
Mother of Exiles Adam Kirby Adam Kirby
Mountains to climb Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Move Ben Move Benjamin Rogers Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Mr. Smart Ingrid Carranza; Josue Avecillas Ingrid Carranza & Josue Avecillas
Murder Ballad Maxim Senin Maxim Senin
Music Of Love Tony McCall Tony_McCall
My Closest Friend R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
My Fort Lovisa Ståhl Lovisa Stahl
My heart is beating Clou Simon clou
My Momma's House Terry Rosicki Terry Rosicki
My Old Man Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Narcotic Charm Jody Valiant (Jody Pettigrew) Jody Valiant
Never Come Sebastien Parentin Sebastien Parentin
Nevercantell Matt Reno Matt Reno
New Orleans Elizabeth Hanorah Hanley Hanorah
New Plan Ben Lyons Ben Lyons
Next Step Jerry Stenger Jerry Stenger
Nigella Simon Clothier Simon Clothier
Not Afraid Jozef Bubnár (B-Joey) B-Joey (Slovakia - EU)
Not Another Ballad Marina Bloom, Michael Davis Marina Bloom
Not What I Expected Dave Nachmanoff Dave Nachmanoff
Nothing Susan Odella Susan Odella
Nothing to Lose J.Lutes Jared Lutes
O sweet, loved uncertainty Karl Wassholm Karl Wassholm
ODE TO DYLAN Annie Calder Annie Calder
Ode To Robert Frost Lenny Solomon Lenny Solomon
Old Antoine John W McClure J.W. Mcclure
On and Off David Lavender BeWildered
On the Day I Leave This World Jim Patton JIm Patton
On The San Francisco Bay Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery
One Hour Old Mark Walmsley and Tom Faunce Tom Faunce
One Reason Daniel Hall Daniel Hall
One Sound Paul McCann chatandmc
One True Love David Omlor David Omlor
One Voice Eugine Roszo Roszo
One Way Ticket Max Brenner Max Brenner
Our Hearts Bend Michael Mcgee, Butch Paulson, Angel Pontier Michael McGee
Our Heroes Hyejun Bae Hyejun Bae
Our Night David W Parsons, Steven Solof David W Parsons
Our Time Debra Gussin & Dale Effren DEBRA GUSSIN
Out Of The Black Tiki Black Tiki Black
Outer Space Justina Shandler Justina Shandler
Over You Dave Sollee Dave Sollee
Paradise High Tien Ren / David Boland (Dahlia FX) Dahlia FX
Passing Through Matt P. McCulloch MP McCulloch
Patrick's Skippin' Stone Mark D Fossey Mark Daniel Fossey
Pearls Aljona Schnitzer Ivanushken
Perfect Day Hannah Sarganis Hannah Sarganis
Philadelphia Eric Colville Eric Colville
Pickup Radio Billy Frank, Kirk Silver, Aamer Bajwa Statue Still
Picture Frame Mayen 'Meimei美美' Akpan meimei akpan
Pieces of Love Celia Rose Celia Rose
Planets J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Presence Aljona Schnitzer Ivanushken
Pretend to care Alison Starling ali star
Pretender Karl Wassholm Karl Wassholm
Pretty Well Without You Katrina Cain Katrina Cain
Princess With A Cross To Bear Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Progress Benjamin Rogers Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Ready To Burn For Bliss Anjù Anjù
Realise Robin Johnson Robin Johnson
Red Room Natalie Jean Natalie J
Redline Jeremy Johnson Jeremy Johnson
Reflection Gary Baugh Gary Baugh
Rehydrate Mark Crocker A-Zone Songbank
Remind Me What Love Is Scilla SCILLA
Respect ft. Torio Jones Jeremy Levy, Lee Edmondson, Jay Edmondson, James Mitchell INDELIBLE
restless mind Jet Jones Jet jones
Right On Time Phil Lewis Phil Lewis (UK)
Romantic Song Paja Rocky Paja Rocky
Rove Over Yuko Yamamura Yuko Yamamura
Rulers Constant van Graan Constant van Graan
Runaway Man Samuel McDonald Samuel McDonald
Runaway With You Jerry Stenger Jerry Stenger
Runnin through the New Brown Corn T. Edwin Doss T. Edwin Doss
Running Fast David Barber David Barber
Sail On Royce Morris Royce Morris
SAILING ON THE BAY todd bailey blue dude todd
Sarah Lane Michael D'Agostino Michael D'Agostino
Save You Nick Mount Nick Mount
Sea Of Life Dwayne Ferris Dwayne Ferris
Second Skin Risto-Antti Kaleva Holopainen Kris Kaleva
Sense of Stephen Fuller Stephen Fuller
Sexy - yea yea yea Dave McGann Dave McGann
Shadows Nikita Emtsov Nikita Emtsov
Shadows Watch Over Me Justin Quinn JQ
Share Your Loving Carlie Mari Carlie Mari
She Left Me At The Station Paul McCann And Dan Derson chatandmc
Shine Song Paja Rocky Paja Rocky
Shipwrecked Jaron Reid Rovensky Jaron Reid Rovensky
Shoot me with your best shot Gregorios Agyralides Red Tree Religion
Slide Through Carl Dover Carl Dover
Slow Burn J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Slow Grease Rob W Carlson Rob W Carlson
Solid Ground R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Someone Else's House Alexia Cross Alexia Cross
Something Left to Say Jared Rabin Jared Rabin
Something Wonderful Brent Haglund Hagbrec
Soulful Man Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Soultime (Recreation) Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Sound Of The Rain Malcolm Lally Malcolm Lally
Spinoza's Dream Dave Nachmanoff Dave Nachmanoff
Stabilize JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Star King Fima Malkis Fima
Stars and Tears Philippe Wrzecionek Philippe Lys
Start Over Again Cindy Bear (Cynthia Wilkins) Cindy Bear
Step on the Gas Alexia Hodgson Cross Alexia Cross
Storms Justin Quinn JQ
Story Philip & Daniel Creamer Philip Creamer
Strung Together Katie Reid Katie Reid
Stupid Girl Maxim Senin Maxim Senin
Summer Dave McGann Dave McGann
Summer Daydream David Wakeling David Wakeling
Super Cali (Shelectronic) Joel Broersma, Daniel DuPuis The Guild
Surrender Karl Wassholm Karl Wassholm
Sweet Jesus Joshua Wong Joshua Wong
Sympathy Kyle Smith, Whitney Fowler, Walter Hemingway, Todd Nagle, Donnie Sowell The Root Doctors
Take Your Hand Yuko Yamamura Yuko Yamamura
Taking The Day Off Derick Evans Derick Evans
Talk to You Charlie Camp Chairlie Camp
Teachers X. ARI & Fernandez X. ARI
That Girl Joshua Wheatley Joshua Wheatley
The Charade Jaron Reid Rovensky Jaron Reid Rovensky
The Distance Michael D'Agostino Michael D'Agostino
The Dream Katrina Cain Katrina Cain
The Fairy Tale Song DeDe Wedekind & Joey Leone DeDe Wedekind
The Fools We Are Right Now Erin Branzell Erin Branzell
The Full Armor of God Al Kerbey Alan Kerbey
The Future Is Now Maddison Cash, Matt Bronleewee and Jess Cates MARLOE.
The Girl Mark Mathews Mark Mathews
The Girl in the Stairwell (Hope for You) Johanna Philio Johanna Philio
The Happy Song Justine Eltakchi, Phillip Eltakchi The White Light Orchestra
The Hunter and The Dove (You) Katrina Cain Katrina Cain
the immortality of love Illa Illa
The Letter Elise Wiener Elise Wiener
The Little Things Olivia Frances Olivia Frances
The Love Bug Dwayne Ferris Dwayne Ferris
The Only Explanation Tim Settle Tim Settle
The Pavilion of Love Susan Chapin Susan Chapin
The Plans I Have for You DeDe Wedekind & Joey Leone DeDe Wedekind
The Rain Trevor Tunison, Nyna Nelson Fort Vine
The Raincoat Chris Sveistrup Chris Sveistrup
The Sign of Love David Warner David Warner
The Silence Speaks David Warner David Warner
The Songwriter Alan Babbitt Alan Babbitt
The Sun Shines Just the Same Susan Chapin Susan Chapin
The taming of the wolf Maxim Senin Maxim Senin
The Walk Michelle Tomlinson Michelle Tomlinson
The Walk Eli Gauden Eli Gauden
Theresa Smile Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
These Four Walls Jon Storm, Ramsey Noah Ramsey Noah
These Tears Frank Porter Frank Porter
They Think They Know you Michael Painchaud Michael Painchaud
They're Dying James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Thirst Yuko Yamamura Yuko Yamamura
This Christmas Time Michael D'Agostino Michael D'Agostino
THIS IS OUR TIME Debra Gussin & Dale Effren DEBRA GUSSIN
This is the leader and servant we choose to follow and love Youxin Yang Songwriter Youxin Yang
This Love Joseph Cannavo Joseph Cannavo
This love is blessed Mona Augustin INITIAL_CONTESTANT_PROFILE_NAME
This Time Ava Suppelsa Ava Suppelsa
This Too Shall Pass Lynne Hanson Lynne Hanson
Thru The Eyes Of A Horse Rod Brandt Rod Brandt
Thunder And Light Capers Simmons Capers Simmons
Till the Morning Light R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Time Aljona Schnitzer Ivanushken
Time of War Dave Nachmanoff Dave Nachmanoff
Time to See Otabek Salamov NEEDSHES
To You Taylor Schonbuch (aka Taylor Jayde) Taylor Jayde
Tonight Jeroen van Genuchten Randy Barrel
Too Much To Hold Josh Birdsong Josh Birdsong
Too Pretty K. Palencar Kevin
Tornado Anthony Mossburg Amossburg
TRUE LOVE Efrem Gaio Efrem
Turning Right Shaun 'jellybean' Junggren and Matt 'matto' Orewiler jellybean and matto
Twirl and Swirl Joel Gendelman Joel Gendelman
Under The Moon With You Lee Brian LEE BRIAN
Union Square Rudi Bakken Rudi Bakken
Until the End Justin Quinn JQ
Up All Night Elise Wiener Elise Wiener
Up North Song Kathleen Moore Kathy Moore
Urban Dream Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Useless Tongue Allen Haag Allen Haag
Walking Down the Boulevard Jeffrey B. Hartmann JeffreyBHartmann
Waltz With a Crow Manu Beker Manu Beker
Warning Light Matt Reno Matt Reno
Wasteland Riley Hawke Riley Hawke
Water Adam Bonomo Bonomoband
Waterford To Waterlane Malcolm Lally Malcolm Lally
Way Down Tomek Kruk Tomek Kruk
Way Up in the Sky Kurtis Adamus Kurtis Adamus
Wayfarer Benjamin Rogers Benjamin Dakota Rogers
We're Past Our Dancin' Days Peter Scales Peter Scales
Wearin' Blue Paul Kloschinsky Paul Kloschinsky
Weeks Connor McBride fenton mcbride
What I Like Blankley Terry Blankley
What Would I Give Anjù Anjù
What You Make Of Me Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
What's Left of You Tracy Newman Tracy Newman
What's Next? Cindy Bear (Cynthia Wilkins) Cindy Bear
When I See You Ligia Oancea Ligia
When the Bullets Fly R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
When the Water is Gone - Live Rob McHale Rob McHale
When We're 90 Peter C. Scales Peter Scales
Where My Love Can Reach Pablo Samonta Pablo Samonta
Where the Light Bends Josh Birdsong Josh Birdsong
Where You Are (reprise) J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Whisper of Hope Attila Vural Attila Vural
Whitstable Girl James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Why David Barber David Barber
Why Don't You Stay Morgan Bain Morgan Bain
Wild Eyes Carson Dowhan cdowhan
Wild Hearts Ramita Arora Ramita Arora
Wild Land Otto Steiner Silverbird
Wild Nights (Bright Lights) Nick Luck Aldous
Wild Things Ria Jade RiaJade
Will you Believe in me? CC Lamondt & Tony Ridgway CC Lamondt
Wind of Fairy Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Winter Song David Barber David Barber
Winterglow Jeff Burton Jeff Burton
Wishing Mary Walsh Segato Mary Segato
Without You Roxanne Lecuyer Roxanne
Womanhood Adam Daudrich Adam Daudrich
Won't Apologize Roy Flores Roy Flores
Wondering Why (Acoustic) Gilroy Catubig 7Daydreaming
Word Man Stefanie Johnson, Brian J Anthony Stefanie Johnson
Word Man Stefanie Johnson Stefanie Johnson
Years From Now Joal Kamps JOAL KAMPS
You And I Josh Birdsong Josh Birdsong
You Are Everything Kayla Culbreath Kayla
You Are The One Rob Pagnano Rob Pagnano Music
You can't break me Scilla Siekmann SCILLA
You Can't Tame a Cowboy Cindy Tucker Cindy Tucker
You Don't Know Jack K. Palencar Kevin
You Only Live Once Ingrid Carranza; Josue Avecillas Ingrid Carranza & Josue Avecillas
You'll See My Love, I Swear Allen Haag Allen Haag
You're Not Alone David Cohen David Cohen