The song submissions below are from EVERY contest since we started in 2008
'Cause I Weep Lisa Young LISA YOUNG
'Tis the Last Rose of Summer Liane Scholz Tonesmith
"Winter On The Boardwalk" Rick Sirota / Mike Kosec Mike Kosec
(You) Won't break apart Viktor Helmersson Viktor Helmerson
35 & Thinking Eric Colville Eric Colville
41 Robin Rues Robin
6 Feet Higher Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
A day in the dream Vivien Unsinn Vivien Unsinn
A Desert Island Song Lance Leonnig Lance Andrew Leonnig
A Million Voices Kent Heckaman (music), Ana Diaz (lyrics) Sonnet Cottage
A Pirate's Life Jim Berault Jim Berault
A wonder I feel Alexia Tsapidou Alexia Tsapidou
A Year of Nights on Bourbon Street Lucas W. Martin Lucas Martin
Adorable Rob Pysh Rob Pysh
Afraid on my side Alexia Tsapidou Alexia Tsapidou
After a While Sachin Raj Sachin Raj
After You Anelda Spence, Jessica Martindale Anelda Spence
All Along the Shadows Elisa Di Napoli The Moon Whispers
All Around My Heart Nick Pullin ILYA
All I Can Do (Undone) Chann Carroll Chann Carroll
All I'm Hopin' For Paul Kloschinsky Paul Kloschinsky
All My Life Sam Rasch Sam Reaver
All The Letters Helen Austin Helen Austin
All Tied Up Juice Lucafo Juice Lucafo
All We ever Had Alexander Goit Alexander Goit
Already Alone Will Rachofsky Sheek Hope
Always Joe Clopton Joe Clopton
Always Jeffrey D. Jones theironsaul
am I right fivepeace fivepeace
Amadeus JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
amoebagram jeff allyn szwast giving the table a name
Anchor Eric Douglas Eric Douglas
And I Play It Now Kemmitt Smith Kemmitt Smith
And I'd Rather You Be Here With Me Sam Rosolina Sam Rosolina
And it'll Rain Again Anna Booher Anna
And Time Stood Still Nonie Thompson Nonie Thompson
Angel Fly Sarah B Sarah B
Ann Mayo Graf Ann Mayo Graf Ann Mayo Muir
Anonymity uzzardi guillaume UzZ
Another Day Gene Mills Gene Mills
Another Once Upon a Time Laura Suarez Laura Suarez
Anton's Diary Bern Prost Bern Prost
Any Port Jeannie Heroux Jeannie Heroux
Anymore Matt Abell Matt Abell
Arms of the Mountain Heather Werheimer Shantala Music/ Heather Wertheimer
Arran Neil Watson Neil Watson
As Simple as it Seems Patricia Silverberg Patricia Silverberg
Ashen Town Dave Gunning / David Francey Dave Gunning
Ashes and Smoke Capers Simmons Capers Simmons
Atlantic Highway Karina Berry Karina Berry
August Jeannie Heroux Jeannie Heroux
Axis of I Elise Wiener Elise Wiener
Babylon Abrie Schutte Abrie
Back To My Roots Cathy Bolton/Jim Fischer Cathy Bolton
Back to you Trojan-John Te Rehu-Tuki Trojan-John
Bagley Avenue Kevin Bulmer Kevin Bulmer
Ballad of a Love Miscast Maggie Vogts Maggie Vogts
Ballad of the Siren Bill Hamel Bill Hamel
Barcelona Brian Ellefson Brian Ellefson
Bear Woman Loriann Rella LARellaMusic
Beautiful Joseph Tonelli Joseph Julius Tonelli
Beautiful Life Cari Cole C A R I C O L E
Beautiful Womyn Adrian James Das Gift
Because of You Lynn Hollyfield Lynn Hollyfield
Bedtime Fairytale Thomas Reil/ Morten Reil Thomas Reil
Before The Mast David Barber David Barber
Before The Morning Sun Dave Gunning/ James Keelaghan Dave Gunning
Being Alone Chris Morgan Chris Morgan
Believe David Anthony Dale Weird Naked Indian
Benny Brown Terry Penney Terry Penney
Best Friend Dyce Kimura Dyce Kimura
Better Be Us All Tyler Stenson Tyler Stenson
Better Days Derek Lee Bishop Derek Lee Bishop
Better Man Today Woody Woodburn Woody Woodburn
Between Lives Justin Seagrave Justin Seagrave
Between Us Jack Cantrell Jack Cantrell
Bicycle Wheels Chris Boyden Chris Boyden
Big Fat Light Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Black Coffee in the Mornin' R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Blessing Noah Budin Noah Budin
Blind Laura Sailer Laura Sailer
Blue Water to thread Tony Di Iorio DIIO DIIO
Boastful Heart Mikaela Kahn and Jordan Burchill Beth // James
Boat Will Riseley Will Riseley
Body Catch A Body Lindsey Mills Lindsey Mills
Bohemian Lullaby Liane Scholz Tonesmith
bonnie and clyde adam weiss (lyrics from poem by bonnia parker) Adam Weiss
Boo Radley JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Bored Again David Coile David Coile
Box On Wheels Ray Saunders Nil
boys on the radio colleen kattau Colleen Kattau
Brand new Day Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Breathe Neil Benjamin Neil Benjamin
Breathe Underwater Sarah Shawcross, Hannah Williams Sarah Shawcross Music & Songs
Bridge Nina Khosla, Tim Isaac Lovestorm
Brighter Lights Paul Liddell Paul Liddell
Broken Kajsa Vala Kajsa Vala
Buddy Holly Blues Terry Penney Terry Penney
Buley's Farm James Byfield Blind Lemon Pledge
Buried Down There Glen Mofford & Andrew McInnes Glen Mofford
Burning Taste Rick Rivera Same Old Shiver
But You Can Believe My Lies Agieszka Olszewska - Kaczmarek BACK TO THE OCEAN
Butterflies Riley Holland Riley Holland
C'Mon Inside! Bruce Allen Jones Bruce Allen Jones
California Don Davis Don Davis
California David Barber David Barber
Call Your Spirit Back Natalie Carmody Natalie Carmody
Calling All the Children Home Dan Johnson and Roger Tomhave Roger Tomhave
Can't Breathe, Can't Scream Anthony Lipira 610
Captain My Captain Lewis Ray Musick Lewis Ray Musick
Captain's Child Mike Salvatore & Matt Nowicki LA Gypsy
Carburetor Gene Mills Gene Mills
Caribbean Dreaming Larry Edgar Larry Edgar
Carol Anne Penny Menze/Michael E. Shipley/Alan O'Bryant Penny Menze
CARPOOL Tracy Newman Tracy Newman
Carry Me Home Lizzy Easley Elizabeth Easley
Cause I Can Helena Hallberg Helena Hallberg
Celebration Neil Robertson Neil Robertson
Century Eric Lane Eric Lane
Change Adam McClure Piscean Dream/Adam McClure
Change It All R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Changing Lanes Marissa DiBlasio Marissa DiBlasio
Chemistry Sam Brandao The Some Times
Cheticamp Wall and Knight Gerry Wall
Chicken Revolution! Steve Kahn Steve Kahn
Children of War Levi McGrath Levi McGrath
Choir of Angels Emily Herndon May Stands Still
Circle Kara Cundiff K
Circle of One Bill Hamel Bill Hamel
Circles in the Grass J. Patrick Sharpe J. Patrick Sharpe
City guards won´t le you in acousticmaddie Acousticmaddie
City Lights John van Hemert John van Hemert
City Of Gold Ward Parker - Robert Dee Methuselah's Valise
Clothes with a Story Peter Mandic Peter Mandic
Clouds collide Paolo Fosso Armonite
Coal Creek Canyon Michael Sudak Michael Sudak
Collieston Jane Gillman Jane Gillman
Come Hell or High Water D.B. Rielly D.B. Rielly
Come Home Brad Cole Brad Cole
Come On Jeff Greeneberg 100 Year Picnic
Coming Home Owen Gallagher & Aoife Gallagher Owen Gallagher
Confederate Roses Mac Leaphart Mac Leaphart
Constant Woman Capers Simmons Capers Simmons
Control Lucas Howard Lucas Howard
Corporate Greys John Curtis Anderson John Curtis Anderson
Cosmic Summer Sojourn Susan Savia Susan Savia
Counting on Love Jess Novak Jess Novak
Crop Circles Whittney Mikkél Whittney Mikkél
Cross My Heart Kimo Kimoliscious
Crossroads Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Daddy Drinks Because You Cry Norm Sherman Norm Sherman
Daisies and clover Stefanie Schultze VioletAnise
Daisy May Max Brenner Max Brenner
Dance to the Rhythm of Life Cindy Tuttle Cindy Tuttle
Dancer Anna Denos ANNA DENOS
dancing roses Christie Prince Christie Prince
Darker Thoughts Rachel Bruch Rachel B
Darling Anna Martin Davies Martin Davies
Dead and Gone Giasone Italiano Giasone Italiano
Dear Sister Patrick Cunningham Patrick Cunningham
Death Andy Faza Wolf in the Fold
Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Peter Fitzpatrick imadethebbc
Diesel Moon, Marlboro Sun Jacob Zachary Jacob Zachary
Distant Thunder Steve Dafoe Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
Divorce Court Rick Wicker Rick Wicker
Dixie Bride Maggie Vogts Maggie Vogts
Do Something Good R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Do the Best We Can Jerry Crawford StreetChoir
Do What You Love Ron Poythress Ron Poythress
Don't Miss It Sam Miller Sam Miller
Don't You Wish JD Carroll JD Carroll
Doomsday Dave Adam Murphy Adam Murphy
Down the Line Timmy Fasano YOUNGtim
Down the Mountain Scott Hommel Scott Hommel
Down The Road Kate Elizabeth kate boulee
Down To the river Peter Danzig Peter Danzig
Dream Of Iphigenia CLODAGH CLODAGH
Dreamed it Was You Tom Palminteri Tom Palminteri
Dressed in Blue (feat. Meaghan Blanchard) Scott MacKay Scott MacKay
Drivin' That Lawnmower To Town Mick Byrd words & music Mick Byrd
End of the Day Liz Ford Liz Ford
endangered dream Ron Poythress Ron Poythress
Enough For Everyone Bryan Field McFarland Bryan Field McFarland
ERIE John Slade John C. Slade
Evergreen Road Vivien Unsinn Vivien Unsinn
Every Body Feels Da' Blues (c) L.Cox Tennessee Larue
Everybody's Got Nipples Norm Sherman Norm Sherman
Everyone's In Love But You David Jaggard David Jaggard
Everything changes with you (live acoustic) Patrick Mc Eleney Patrick Mc Eleney
Everything's All (On The Outskirts) Matt Sheaks Matt Sheaks
Evil Twin Blues pt. 1 Paul Kirkland Paul Fred Kirk
Fade Away Jason Brubaker Jason Brubaker
Fade to Dust Meredith Blis Meredith Blis
Fall Donald Adrian Hall Adrian Cole Hall
Familiar Faces Ron Lindsay Ron Lindsay
Famous Anthony Spirito Gates Pass
Far from Spring Jarrod Gawne Jarrod Gawne
Farewell Song Alexia Cross Alexia Cross
Faster than Lightning Cole Campbell Cole Campbell
Feels Like Home Owen Gallagher Owen Gallagher
Fiddler's Refrain Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
Find Something Beautiful Clay Bell Clay Bell
find your escape daniel cameron daniel cameron
Fists and Feet andrea burgoyne brigs
Fitted Sheets Terry McLeish Terry McLeish
Flora's Golden Curls Michael Milton Marisic Michael Milton Marisic
Follow Your Heart Cindy Tuttle Cindy Tuttle
For The Love Of Flowers Kelly Newton-Wordsworth Kelly Newton-Wordsworth
Foreign Stone Alexia Tsapidou Alexia Tsapidou
forever and a day chris mcdonald chris mcdonald
forever blue Michael Lawrence reactioning
Forever Mine Melissa Kellie Melissa Kellie
Forgetting Gene Mills Gene Mills
Forgive & Forget Chris Turner Chris Turner
Forgiveness Anji Katt, Glen Roethel, and Roger Tomhave Roger Tomhave
Four Fallen Hairbands Michael McGuire The Supposed So
Free From Desire Jeannie Heroux Jeannie Heroux
Free Thinkers Ball Paul Fritzler Fritz
From My Window Ann Mayo Muir Ann Mayo Muir1
Funny When Your Mad Ryan Flaming Ryan Flaming
Furious Pace Eric Bettencourt Eric Bettencourt
Gastown Brock Zeman Brock Zeman
Gather Ye Rosebuds James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Gee-Wiz Honey Lacey Mattison Nothing Like a Dame
Geppetto's Creation Matt Gaydar Matt Gaydar
Girl of my dreams Eric Vanier Eric Vanier
Give My Heart to My Brother Ryan Long Ryan Long
Give Them Roses To Momma Steven E. Stone Stone/Songwriter
Going Blind Peter Groch Pete Groch
Gold, Diamonds, Tin Ore Battistello Diane Battistello
Golden Woods Winder Monroe Lyons Winder Monroe Lyons
Goodbye Liane Scholz Tonesmith
Goodnight ZOX (john zox, dan edinberg, eli miller, spencer swain) ZOX
Goodnight Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Goodnight Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Graceland Ty Roberts and Bill Hines Ty Roberts and Bill Hines
Grady on the Run Thomas Kowalchuk TJay
Great circle Juulie Rousseau Juulie Rousseau
Green Kathy Moore Kathy Moore
Greet the Dawn Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
Grow Old With Me Michael Brennan Michael Brennan
guardian angel eyes ollie gallagher olliegallagher
Half myself gianpiero gaglione Gian
Hallelujah Land Noah Budin Noah Budin
Halo Megan Small Megan Small
Happiness(Does Not Come Fast) Ron Mancini Foggy Nocean
Happy Janelle MacKay Janelle MacKay
Hard to Get Over Me Babe Gurr Babe Gurr
Hard to keep Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Hard Workin' Hands Dave Gunning/ Ron Hynes Dave Gunning
Harvest Moon Rises music & lyrics: Cornelius Waldner; arrangements: Cornelius Waldner, Marcel P., René P., Dev Sagittarius
Hate Will Never Win Cindy Tuttle Cindy Tuttle
He Always Goes Kara Evelyn Kara Evelyn
Head Home Ira Watson Ira Watson
Hear Her Thoughts Donald Adrian Hall & Rocky Presley Adrian Cole Hall
Heart and Ring Renee Smith Renee Smith
Hearts JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Heaven or Hell Antony Wood Antony Wood
Height Dreams Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Held on to Faith Chris Morgan Chris Morgan
Helen Goodnight Morrigan Condo Morrigan
Hello Love Evan Hammer Evan Hammer
Hello Young Lover Rachel Sumner Rachel Sumner
Her Song Brian Peck and Madeline Fendrick Fendrick & Peck
Here We Are Again Angela Cundell Dakuta
Hey Ms. Me Dan Charness Dan Charness
Hidden in the ground Dominic Harrison, Joel Stanier Bed - Acoustic Duo
High Expectations Connie Lansberg Connie Lansberg
Hilltops Jonathan Ditto / Brian Brooks Jonathan Ditto
Hold You Again Tony Lechner Tony Lechner
Hold Your Ground Todd Skilton Podunk Throwbacks
Holiday from the Dead Lance Leonnig Lance Andrew Leonnig
Home Meghann Wright Meghann Wright
Home Leo Pusterla Terry Blue Quartet
Home Beat Bill Beat Bill
Home Again Pete Groch Pete Groch
Home of the Brave (Immigrants and Pilgrims and Refugees) JD Martin, Karen Drucker, David Roth Jan Garrett & JD Martin
Home on Christmas Day Giasone Italiano Giasone Italiano
Home on the Waves Bill Hamel Bill Hamel
Homeless Sky Michael R. J. Roth Michael R. J. Roth
Hometown Saturday Night Zachary L. Newton Zachary Newton
Honkytonks & Roadhouses Chuck Williams - Tom Ford Chuck Williams
Horroscopes Bill O'Connor Bill O'Connor
Hot Cup of Coffee Meghan Cary Meghan Cary
How Many Miles (Until I Forget About You) Jason Bennett Jason Bennett
How You Been Joe Zambon Joe Zambon
Howlin' at the Moon Eileen Tipping Eileen Tipping
Hunky-dory James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Hurt Like I Do Alfi Alvarez Alfi Alvarez
Hypnotized Tatjana Johansen (artistname: Vega Lind) Vega
I Always Thought That I'd Be Young Forever Ann Mayo Muir Ann Mayo Muir1
I AM Joe Reese Joe Reese
I Am Love Bradford W.. Tilden Bradford Tilden (Muoaqua)
I Am Overcome J. Lutes Jared Lutes
I Could Have Loved You Better Jasmine Crittenden Jasmine
I Don't Know Owen Gallagher Owen Gallagher
I Don't Mind Ian Kenny Ian Kenny
I Dreamed of Rain Jan Garrett Jan Garrett & JD Martin
I Feel Grace Sarah Shawcross and Ellie Cant Sarah Shawcross Music & Songs
I Just See You Tracy Newman Tracy Newman
I Like Cacti Randy Kaplan Randy Kaplan
I Look Up Beth Schafer & John Demarkis Beth Schafer
I Love You, Is That Okay? Matt Maye Matt Maye
I m no junkie The Double F Project Team The Double F Project
I Need You Derek Lee Bishop Derek Lee Bishop
I Recall Oria Blue Oria Blue
I remember Jeff Brinkman Jeff Brinkman
I Walk Alone Erik Borelius s
I Wanna Live Like That Cathy-Anne McClintock, Larry Wayne Clark Cathy-Anne McClintock
I Wish I'd Known Mark Courtney Mark Courtney
I'll Carry On R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
I'll Never Leave Adrian James Das Gift
I'm Fighting Lyn Sawicki Lyn Sawicki
I'm Not Chris Miller Chris Miller
I've been down before loren francis loren francis
I've Got a Load on My Mind James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
If Hearts are Meant to Break Matthew C. Hurd Matt Hurd
If I Fall Brian Lam Brian Lam
If I'm Not Losing You Kris Brown Kris Brown
If These Walls Could Talk Ron Poythress Ron Poythress
Im yours Tony Benn Tony Benn
Imagining Danielle LoPresti, David Rubenstein Danielle LoPresti & The Masses
Immured Nic Nassuet Nic Nassuet
In My Blood Alan Grattan Alan
In Sickness and In Health Dave Nachmanoff Dave Nachmanoff
In Stride Michael Theodore Michael Theodore
In the ground Jeremiah Jones Jeremiah Jones
In the Hollow of Your Hand Neal Letteney Neal Letteney
In the Rain Michael Painchaud Michael Painchaud
Indiscriminate Act of kindness Foy Vance Foy Vance
Intertwined Juliet Farmer Juliet Farmer
Irons and Chains Rob McHale Rob McHale
Irons and Chains Rob McHale Rob McHale
Isle of Regret J. Patrick Sharpe J. Patrick Sharpe
Isn't There Something Nick Ruf nick ruf
Isolation Jeff Greeneberg 100 Year Picnic
It Happened Stephanie Pauline Stephanie Pauline
It Was Never a Bad Thing Rick Williams - Laurie A.J. Williams Williams and Williams
It's a Letter Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
It's a letter Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
It's About Time Randy Spencer Randy Spencer
It's Not Goodbye Katie Hardyman Katie Hardyman
It's Nothing Like Puff The Magic Dragon Alistair Johnston Alistair Johnston
It's Raining Sunshine Mary Segato Mary Segato
It's that Easy Jonathan Ditto Jonathan Ditto
It's The Coming of the Time Rick Williams - Laurie (Fly) Williams Williams and Williams
It's Times Like This I Cry Terrance M. Deck S.A.G.E.
Jersey Irish Fox Maple Fox Maple
Jesus, Mary and Joseph Dominic D'Cruz Dom D'Cruz
John Pau's Gift Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Johnathan Chris Sveistrup Chris Sveistrup
Journey to Forty Acres, and A Mule Named Melody Nonso Christian Ugbode Nonso
Just Can't Make Up My Mind James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Just One Man Christopher Lawrence and Jill Shannon Jill Shannon
Just Wanna Say Hello Katie Hardyman Katie Hardyman
Kiki Paul Hanna FollowNoTrends
Kind of love Dennis Cruz Dennis Cruz
La Bella Dama senza Pietà GIAN PIERO MILANETTI Gian Piero Milanetti
LaHave Benjamin Dakota Rogers Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Landlocked Hurricane Lucas Martin Lucas Martin
Last Lullaby Gene Mills Gene Mills
Late Night Nancy Steve Brockley Steve Brockley
Late Summertime Lynn Hollyfield Lynn Hollyfield
Lay Down Your Burden Jerry Crawford StreetChoir
Layers Lynn Hollyfield Lynn Hollyfield
Leaf Paul Hanna FollowNoTrends
Leave No Trace Hillary Reynolds, Trevor Jarvis, Jeff Hale, Benjamin Kopf Hillary Reynolds Band
Leaving Robert Totty Robert Totty
Leaving Familiar Michael Theodore Michael Theodore
Let Go Daniel Whittington Daniel Whittington
Let it Go, Brother Todd McNeal Todd McNeal
Let It Shine Sloan Wainwright and Roger Tomhave Roger Tomhave
Let the souls move on Christine Mag.Strasser Christine Mag. Strasser
Let's Make the Difference Bridget Wolf Bridget Wolf
Letting it All Go Kent Heckaman Sonnet Cottage
Lie to You Lindsay May LINDSAY MAY
Lie To You J. Culture (Justin Cepeda) J. Culture
Life Gets In The Way Ian Gosbee Ian Alistair Gosbee
Life is Fragile Dave Irish/Mike Doran Dave Irish
Light A Candle Angelina Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
Lightnin's Cadillac Dana Hubbard DANA HUBBARD
Like the Love in I Love You Jeffrey C. Ashbaker Jeff Ashbaker
Lion Eyes Mikaela Kahn and Jordan Burchill Beth // James
List of Books Chris Morgan Chris Morgan
Little Bird Fly Scott Petry / Catherine Chayko Songs in Bloom
Little Bit of Love Mia Vermillion Mia Vermillion
Little Boy Jonathan Lang Jonathan Lang
Little Diamond Ring Joe Ehresman Papa Joe Britt
Little Girl Rachel Byron-Law Arbielle
Little Pieces Angelina Hill Angelina
Little Worried Mind Eric Lipper Eric Lipper
Living in the Key of G Mike Aube Mike Aubé
Living With the Broken Glass Juliet I. Spitzer Juliet Spitzer
Loaves and Fishes Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
Long Black Road Julie Jeavons Folk Vagabond
Long Distance Carol Justin K. Rivers Justin K. Rivers
Lost and Found Brent Ratkovich Brent Ratkovich
Love is Born Michael Huber, Ed Parmiter Michael Huber - Monks
Love Is The Answer Ladd Bogdonoff Ladd Bogdonoff
Love Is Tough Babe Gurr Babe Gurr
Love Shine R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Love Song to the Earth Will Fournier Will Fournier
Love's Ashes Sachin Raj Sachin Raj
Love's Elusive Ecology Jen Hajj Jen Hajj
Love's Like Holding Guns Jeremy Johnson Jeremy Johnson
Loved Up Gerard Magnarelli Gerard Magnarelli
Lovesick Mark Gothard Mark Gothard
Lullaby Benjamin Rogers Benjamin Dakota Rogers
lyer Karen Kiekské Karen Kiekské
Magic of Belief Michele Karmin & Nate Gonzalez Michele Karmin
Make You smile Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Make You Smile Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Making the Grade Matthew Long My Rotten Self
Man In Black M. DeHarp Matt DeHarp
Mardi Gras in the City Chris A. Foreman Chris A. Foreman
Maybe Maggie Vogts Maggie Vogts
Maybe Today Lenny Solomon Lenny Solomon
Meet me Back in Ireland Ken O'Malley Ken O'Malley
Mending Jeff Burton and Carrie Newcomer Jeff Burton
Mendocino Sunrise Ynana Rose Ynana Rose
mental health day Ryan Burrows the pocket herc
Mephistopheles John Feula John Feula of Instant Hobo
Mermaid Song La Trobe/Franco-Suarez/Lloyd Jyoshna
Metaphor Noah Budin Noah Budin
Middleclass Monique Barry Monique Barry
Midnight Skies Rich Flanders Rich Flanders
Midnight Soldier Bern Prost Bern Prost
Miopic Biopic Alex Vans Alex vans
Missing You Mark Wayne Glasmire Mark Wayne Glasmire
Momma Jonathan Lang Jonathan Lang
Money Today Diane Lincoln Linq
Monsoon Heather Wertheimer Shantala Music/ Heather Wertheimer
More, More, More Alexander Goit Alexander Goit
Mostly Wild Carol Burbank/Lynn Hollyfield Lynn Hollyfield
Motel 6 Jonathan Vassar Jonathan Vassar
Mountain Zack Stuckey ZackStuckey
Moving Mountains D.B. Rielly D.B. Rielly
Much more better Kerstin Stilling(Winner of Best Jazz Female Vocal at Los Angeles Music Awards in Hollywood 2007) Kerstin Stilling
Murder Ballad Maxim Senin Maxim Senin
Musicbox Rika Izumida Rika Izumida
My apogee jeremiah jones Jeremiah Jones
My Beloved Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis Bradford Loomis
My Everything Dan Racer Dan Racer
My Father Gil & Sarah Jaysmith Chilli and Sage
My Nature Jonathan Crehan Jonathan Crehan
My Only Weakness Melissa Kellie Melissa Kellie
My Pocket Helmut Uhlmann Helmut Uhlmann
My Retro Weekend Craig D. Ferguson FERGHEART
My Situation Joseph Tonelli Joseph Julius Tonelli
My Situation Joseph Tonelli Joseph Julius Tonelli
My Worried Mind Jason Brown Gideon Brown
Mystery Bow Ann Mayo Muir Ann Mayo Muir1
Mystery Eyes Christopher Scott Mitchell Christopher Scott Mitchell
Nature Gerald Rioux Gerald Rioux
Nearer Than Closeness Taylor Giacoma Taylor Giacoma
Need To Fly Sonia Husbands Sonia Eden
Never find their home Jeff Burton Jeff Burton
Never War Sam Rosolina Sam Rosolina
Next Year Elly Wininger Elly Wininger
Noah's Ark Paul Hanna FollowNoTrends
Noble Man Ian Carroll Ian Carroll
Norma Jean Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Northbound Wall and Knight Gerry Wall
Nothing But The Wind Steve Kahn Steve Kahn
Nothing's Fair At 17 Andy Shaw Andy Shaw
Now Brittany Sacash Brittany Aquamarine
Now And Here VAK and Elize Witte Twin Kite
Now's the Time Christine Mag.Strasser Christine Mag. Strasser
Oblivious Andy Jaske Andy Jaske
Ode to Truth John Milne John Milne
Oh Canada Ben Higginbotham Ben Higginbotham
Old Love violet naytowhow Violet Naytowhow
Old Shoebox Maxim Senin Maxim Senin
Old Young Girl Kate Elizabeth kate boulee
Ollie's Rag Ted SImmons Ted Simmons
Omega Jeromy Darling Jeromy Darling
On My Own Emily Herndon May Stands Still
On Our Way To Be Justin Taylor Gerritsen Justin Taylor
Once in a while Joanna Harmon Joanna Harmon
Once Upon A Time David Meyer David Meyer
One Clear Voice Jeff Burton Jeff Burton
One Half Short of Being Whole Peter Scales Peter Scales
One Night in Paradise Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
One Night Stand Matt Gunston MATT GUNSTON
One Step at a Time JD Martin and Roger Tomhave Roger Tomhave
One With Peanut Butter MJ O'Sullivan MJ O'Sullivan
Only time will tell Patrick Mc Eleney Patrick Mc Eleney
Other Peoples Songs Stuart Abrams Stuart Abrams
Our Dreams Back Then Kris Kehr Kris Kehr
Our Little Empire Sebastian Lavers and Dominic Lavers Lavers
Out of Air Ember Swift / Jolie Rickman Ember Swift / LENTIC
Out of Love Ava Suppelsa Ava Suppelsa
Out Of The Blue Christine McAllister Christine McAllister (Bees In A Bottle)
Outlaw Andrew Neil Maternick Andrew Neil
Partners In Crime Daniel Brennan Daniel Brennan
Patience Eric Lane Eric Lane
Peaceful Deeds Janis Carper Janis Carper
Peaceful Ghosts Tom Meikle Forest Moon
Pear Shaped Andrew Kreider Andrew Kreider
Penny Nancy Paul Nancy Paul
peter pan joel sprayberry joel sprayberry
Petrol Fingers Mike Buscaino Mike Buscaino
Photograph Deanna Cartea Deanna Cartea
Pick me up Jim Ferrie Jim Ferrie
Pilgrims Michael Derning Michael Derning
Pirate Man Michael R Cossey Michael Cossey
Place in the Sky Jean Pascal Monzies Jean Pascal Monzies
Plastic Hero Corinne Bohjanen and Ed Horey Jupiter Vinyl
Playing Games R.X. Bertoldi R.X. Bertoldi
Please Come Back J. Lutes / A. Trauzzi Jared Lutes
Please me Acousticmaddie Acousticmaddie
Pool of Bethesda JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Postscript Evan Clarke EvanIvan
Power People Positive Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Prayer For Baghdad Jesse Lee Knutowski Jesse Lee
Prayer of the Workin' Man Beth Schafer Beth Schafer
Prolong the Night Kathrin Siegmund Kathrin Siegmund
Put You Down Thomas Kowalchuk TJay
Radio Girl Chuck Mottern Chuck Mottern
Rail Road Mama James Byfield Blind Lemon Pledge
Rain Hlynur Jökulsson Hlynur Jokulsson
Re: Joyce John Milne John Milne
Reciprocate Brandon North Brandon North
Redemption Robert Ouseley Pilgrims' Dream
Redheaded Woman Ala Ghawas Ala Ghawas
Renting Kris Brown Kris Brown
Replica Ala Ghawas Ala Ghawas
Resplendent Surrender Caressa Starshine Caressa Starshine
Restless Soul Mary Neil Mary Neil
Return Of The Light Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Return To Me (With Becky Lee) John Mercy, Jorri, Susana Ribeiro a Jigsaw
Reunion Song Levi McGrath Levi McGrath
Reverie Attila Vural Attila Vural
Rewind Liat Arochas Liat
Rhode Island Aaron Mayer Frankel Aaron Mayer Frankel
Right The Wrongs D & T Long Sahara
Rings in the Water Thomas Scott Pearce Thomas Scott Pearce
Rio Grande Ellie Fabe Ellie Fabe
Ripple in the Water Celia Rose Celia Rose
Roses Ramita Arora Ramita Arora
Round Rita Baugh Rita Baugh
Ruby Red Stilettos Daniel Brennan Daniel Brennan
Run Away Train (Plus intro) Andrew Neil Maternick Andrew Neil
Run From You Florencia Iriondo Flo Iriondo
Sad Huge Waste Lyn Sawicki Lyn Sawicki
Safe and Open Emily Herndon May Stands Still
Sailor's Song (Go Ye Now in Peace Justin Karpinos Justin Karpinos
Save Me Dan Monarch Dan Monarch
Save Me (After All Your Tears) Bella Bogart Mike Westerfield Bella Bogart
Saviour in Disguise Stefanie Schultze VioletAnise
Say Brother Nonso Christian Ugbode Nonso
Say Goodbye Again Peter Scales Peter Scales
Say It In Spanish Michael Heaton Michael Heaton
Seabeams Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Season's Grow On Olivia Frances Olivia Frances
Seasons will stay the same John Wright John E
See You On the Other Side Sam Rosolina Sam Rosolina
SEED usthiax usthiax
Seeing you again Thanae Pachiyannaki Thanae
Sending Flowers and Strawberries Ann Mayo Muir Ann Mayo Muir1
September '69 Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
Set Free Babe Gurr Babe Gurr
Severy's Cabin Andy Jaske Andy Jaske
shadows gabriella coniglio gabriella coniglio
Shantytown David McAdams David McAdams
She Believes M. Bracy Morgan Bracy
She is Up With the Angels Laurie Miller Laurie Miller
She Rides Moonlight Nic Nassuet Nic Nassuet
She's Gone Away John Stratton Johnny Strat
Shifting Edge Juliet I. Spitzer Juliet Spitzer
Shining Star Keith Pierce Keith Pierce, Songwriter
Ship of Pain Ann Mayo Muir Ann Mayo Muir1
Shiver Into Spark Otter Creek (Peter Danzig) Otter Creek
Shoeshine Man Cinder Jean Cinder Jean
Short Road We're On David McAdams David McAdams
Shortcut Brian Pagels Brian Pagels
Silence & Darkness Lindsay Taylor Lindsay Taylor
Sing Louder Meghan Cary Meghan Cary
Sing Louder (from Sing Louder Ep) Meghan Cary meghan cary
Sister, Oh Sister Jeff Burton Jeff Burton
Sitting in a Room Ed Wilder Ed Wilder
Six Years Old Jessamyn Luong Jessamyn Luong
Sky of Mind David Neil Kinkead David Neil Kinkead
Small of My Heart Brenley MacEachern, Lisa MacIsaac Madison Violet
Smart Girl Lauren Adams LAUREN ADAMS
Softly Renee Smith Renee Smith
Soil and the Sea Kristen Tivey Kristen Tivey
Solace Sasha Raven Sasha Raven
Solitude Tom Karl Tom Karl
Somebody Told Me Jamie Doe The Magic Lantern
Someday, Too Late Sophie Curtis, Steve Solomon, Isabella Kearney-Nurse ASTON
Someone Like Me Sara Vickruck Sara Vickruck
Something Left for You Nelson Bennett Nelson Bennett
Sometimes Carsten Güllich-Nørby Zee Zakima
Sometimes I still dream Jeff Burton Jeff Burton
Song for a Stray Cat Carsten Güllich-Nørby Zee Zakima
Song for Nobody Jane Thomason Jane Thomason
Song For Sean Kevin Bulmer Kevin Bulmer
Song For The Girl From The City By The Sea Matt Sheaks Matt Sheaks
Song In My Head James Brentar Jim Brentar
Song of Praise Larry Karol Larry Karol
Songs for Her Laura Suarez Laura Suarez
Soul Mate Dave Skelton Dave Skelton
Sound like you Jeremiah Jones Jeremiah Jones
Spring Has Gone Tom Palminteri Tom Palminteri
St. Joseph Blvd. Wayne Roberts Son Roberts Band
Stage Fright Samuel McDonald Samuel McDonald
Standing in the Breadline David McAdams David McAdams
Stars on Parade Dominic Lavers/Sebastian Lavers LAVERS
Stars Will Be Our Home Steve Kahn Steve Kahn
Staying in Place Sam Rosolina, Ryan Camenisch, David Bellnier Sam Rosolina
Steps in the Sand Derek Aramburu Derek Aramburu
Still daniela brando daniela brando
Still There Adam Murphy Adam Murphy
Stonewall Bob Dee; Ward Parker Methuselah's Valise
Story On Your Shoes James Reed Stovall, James Reed Tha Young City Bandit
Straight Up Kaz Tada Kaz Tada
Street Talk Paul Hanna FollowNoTrends
SugarBee Ala Ghawas Ala Ghawas
Summer's Last resort Michael Schreiber aka Paul Gless Paul Gless
Summertime Lis Nagy Lis Nagy
Summertime Delight Dan Charness Dan Charness
Sunday River Anne Weiss Anne Weiss
Sunflowers at 5 Carrie Hamby Carrie Hamby
Sunny Day in November Kevin Bulmer Kevin Bulmer
Sunsets Phillip Coomer Phillip Coomer
Sunshine J. Culture (Justin Cepeda) J. Culture
Supermoon Greg Powerlett Greg Powerlett
Supermutants Ryan Lovelock Thank you Volcano
Sweet dreamer Solveig Pikoul Sisters Pikoul Sisters
Sweet Erin's Isle Christine Triffitt Christine Triffitt
Sweet Mystery Winder Monroe Lyons Winder Monroe Lyons
Sweet Pardon Derek Lee Bishop Derek Lee Bishop
Take a Chance Jonathan Lang Jonathan Lang
Take Me Home Sue Hodge Sue Hodge
Take my Love and Pass it on Matt Templeton Matt Templeton
Take Your Bow David Myles David Myles
Talking to a Stone Gene Mills Gene Mills
tall Karen Karen Kiekské
technologic man jeff michels Jeff Michels
Tell Me Martha Sterling-Golden Martha Sterling-Golden
Tethered Wings Peter Danzig Peter Danzig
That Summer Johnny Ray Johnny Ray
That You May Know (I Loved You) Steven R Butler ss
That's my boy Andrew Kreider Andrew Kreider
The Ballad of Copper Penny Sean Ryan Woodward S.R Woodward
The Ballad of Jack Taylor Norm Sherman Norm Sherman
The Ballad of June Bug Lee Lauren Adams LAUREN ADAMS
The Balladier Bret Stewart Bret Stewart
The Beat Stuff Hannah Georgas Hannah Georgas
The Brave Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne
THE BROKEN UMBRELLA Ann Mayo Muir rhymetime
The Cattails of Rum River Creek Laurie Akermark Laurie Akermark
The Cost A. Pearlman Anouschka
The Door of Your Heart Jill Shannon Jill Shannon
The Egyptian Swing Cédille Napier Cédille Napier
The Evidence Eric Lane Eric Lane
The Finish Line Daniel Brennan Daniel Brennan
The First Time Jill Shannon Jill Shannon
The Ghost of Beauty's Perfume Steve Wacker STEVE WACKER
The Gift of a Song Ynana Rose Ynana Rose
The Girl JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
The Girl From Kosovo Dylan Arnot Dylan Arnot
The Glance Alan Grattan Alan
The Good Times Michael Heaton Michael Heaton
The Good, Good Life Bob Filoramo Bob Filoramo
The Hand I Hold Billy Gewin Billy Gewin
The Karmic Wheel christopher dillon Christopher Dillon
The King Benjamin Dakota Rogers Benjamin Dakota Rogers
The Last Great Cowboy Steve Dafoe Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
The Letter Elise Wiener Elise
The Lovely Miss Smith John du Feu John Du Feu
The Mantel Song Roger Tomhave Roger Tomhave
The March of the Unavoidable Jose Maria Cabria Calleja NuvolutioN
The Nothing Nic Nassuet Nic Nassuet
The Nth Laborer Andy Jaske Andy Jaske
The Olive Phil Holland Phil Holland
The Path You Set Joseph Lawal Bookends
The Pilgrim Sara Kelly and Kevin Kelly Homesick Elephant
THE PIT Harry V Harry V singer songwriter
The Plan Chadwick Chadwick
The Ransom Brenley MacEachern, Lisa MacIsaac Madison Violet
The Red Ribbon Bret Stewart Bret Stewart
The Road to Shangri-La Mike Salvatore LA Gypsy
The Selkie Phil Holland Phil Holland
The shape of my life Jeff Burton Jeff Burton
The Spirit Remains Brian Peck and Madeline Fendrick Fendrick & Peck
The Storm Frank Bish Ravenseye
The Things That Count Markus Rill Markus Rill
The Tide Tobias Moldenhauer Tobias Moldenhauer
The Very Best In Me Jordan E. Spivack Jordan E. Spivack
The Way It's Gonna Go Derik Nelson Derik Nelson
The Welcome Song Aminah Hughes Aminah Hughes
The Wind To Carry Me Tom Nichols Tom Nichols
The Wrong Direction Alex Vans Alex vans
There Will Be A Day Anneline Breetzke Anneline Breetzke
There's A New Tenant Alan Grattan Alan
These Hands Dave Gunning/ George Canyon Dave Gunning
these wounds nicole belanus Nicole Belanus
They Called Him Shade Mick Shade SHADEMAN
They're Dying James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Things That I Don't Mind Bob Paterno Bob Paterno
Things We'll Never Know Hannah Hickok & Maggie Kraus Hannah&Maggie
This Cloud Cédric TheVost TheVost
This Day Chris Sveistrup Chris Sveistrup
This Rain Kent Simmons Kent Simmons
This time I win Peter Smolarik Peter Smolarik
This time we lead Kate Elizabeth kate boulee
Thousand miles Lovisa Ståhl Lovisa Stahl
Through the Eyes of My Son Kent Heckaman Kent Heckaman
Through Time Jen Rose Jen Rose
Thunder Hill Dana Agnellini Dana Agnellini
Til the Dawn Kyle Martin Kaj
Time of my life (band version) Jim Ferrie Jim Ferrie
Time Will Only Tell Matt Robinson Matt Robinson
To Hell with Spammers Alan Babbitt Alan Babbitt
Together Michael Painchaud Michael Painchaud
Tommy Paul Hanna FollowNoTrends
Tomorrow Giuseppe D'Alonzo Crabby's
Tomorrow Isn't Kate Gee Emilie
Tonight Daniel Whittington Daniel Whittington
TOO MANY FEELINGS (Pop/Alt/Indie-Male Vocalist) Susan Odella Susan Odella
Town That Time Forgot Terry penney Terry Penney
Trains Anne Grete HElgheim Anne Grete Helgheim
Transistor Radio and Me Bob Davoli Bob Davoli
Transit Neil Benjamin Neil Benjamin
Tsunami Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins (music) and Dwight Blevins (lyrics) Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins
Tuesday Michael Stosic Michael Stosic
Turn out the light Chris McMullen Chris Lee McMullen
Turn Things Around Jim Burnevik Jim Burnevik
Twelve Days Gene Mills Gene Mills
Twenty-Five JJ White JJ White
Two Hands on the Plow Reece Sullivan Reece Sullivan
Under the Sun Cole Brenden Randall Cole Randall
Unfamiliar Feeling Mallory San Marco Mallory San Marco
Unpredictable John McVey john mcvey
Unspoken Susan Odella Susan Odella
Up All Night Elise Wiener Elise
Up to the Sky GIUSEPPE D'ALONZO Crabby's
Urban Dream Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Use This Bright Day Paul Hanna FollowNoTrends
Used To Be Cool in High School Blues J. Patrick Sharpe J. Patrick Sharpe
Victory Bern Prost Bern Prost
Voice Of An Angel Jeff Sweet Jeff Sweet
Voice Of An Angel Rumi Rumi
Voices On The Sea Jacob Furr Jacob Furr
Waffle Boy Tracy Newman Tracy Newman
Waiting For Green Mark Daniel Brown Mark Northfield
Waiting for Rain Gene Mills Gene Mills
Waiting for Summer Kent Heckaman Sonnet Cottage
Wakin Up To History Adam Bricks Adam Bricks's Songs
Walk a Mile With Me My Friend Gail J. Desjardins Gail J. Desjardins
Walk of Shame Maddie Larsson Acousticmaddie
Walt Whitman's Haversack Brian Peck & Madeline Fendrick Fendrick & Peck
war is sweet Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg
Warm Hands Gretel Templeton Gretel and the Teramachi
Warriors For Peace Lynda Cole Lynda Cole
Water's Edge Sarah Gaskin Sarah Gaskin
Waxing Poetic Bob Davoli Bob Davoli
Weatherman Liam James Campbell Liam James Campbell
Welcome to My Life Again Gisele Afeche GISELE_AFECHE
Welcoming the New Me Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
What a Day I've Had John O'Connell John O'Connell
What do you need Christine Mag.Strasser Christine Mag. Strasser
What Do You Say Jennifer Greenhut jennifer greenhut
What Does Bob Think? Laurie Miller Laurie Miller
What I Remember Most Bob Davoli Bob Davoli
What I'm From Rachel Byron-Law Arbielle
What is and What Was Adam Fichtelberg Adam Fichtelberg
What Might've Been Markus Rill Markus Rill
what this is kimberly townsend kimberly townsend
What's Between Us Pilani Bubu Pilani Bubu
Whatever Nic Croucher Nic Croucher
When Angels Stop & Stare Dana Hubbard DANA HUBBARD
When I Die David McAdams David McAdams
When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd Walt Whitman, John C Slade John C. Slade
When the Devil Comes for Me Matt Reno Matt Reno
When You Do Omega Bugembe Okello Omega Bugembe Okello
When you were born Miguel Reyes Miguel Reyes
Where Did Love Go Hannah Rand Hannah Rand
Where Lucifer Lingers Ron Lindsay Ron Lindsay
Where The Wild Things Are Ben Rusch Ben Rusch
Where Will the Wild Ones Go Diane Lincoln Linq
Where Will You Go - 2012 Kevin Longmore Kevin Longmore Songwriter
Whirlpool Hollie Thubron Hollie Thubron
White Stallion Michael Theodore Michael Theodore
Whitstable Girl James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Whitstable Girl James Neilson Graham James Neilson Graham
Who Gives A Damn Sarah Golden Sarah Golden
Who Is My Neighbor Jessamyn Luong Jessamyn Luong
Why King Washington King Washington
Wild Wind Justin Seagrave Justin Seagrave
Wind of Fairy Andreas Jordan Andreas Jordan & Stormy Weather
Winding Rain Joseph Mosman Joseph Mosman
Window Derrick Chad & Brian Harwood Derrick Chad
Wise Words Joseph Holden Joseph Holden
wish Jill Zmud Jill Zmud
With You A.Szabó/L.Szabó Eastern Station
Within My Heart John O'Connell John O'Connell
Worth The Wait Kirsten Proffit KIRSTEN PROFFIT
Write for me Paapa hMensa Paapa
Write me a Letter Peter Arnett Peter Arnett
Yellow Mailbox Z. Mulls & Jim Chapman Z. Mulls & Jim Chapman
Yesterday's Sorrow Dwayne Trynchuk Dwayne Trynchuk
You Are Here Jim Metzner JIm Metzner
You Can Open Your Eyes Larry Karol Larry Karol
You Don't Know Anisha Uppal Anisha Uppal
You Don't Know My Heart Aaron Gabriel Aaron Gabriel
You Make Me Beautiful (produced by Ryan Hadlock of the Lumineers) Robert J Hatcher, Frank Stopak Joey Hatcher
You Still Have My Heart Tim Lindberg Tim Lindberg
You Understand Love At Night (YULAN) Koh Chee Siang Koh Chee Siang
You'll always be the one Dennis Cruz Dennis Cruz
You're Not the Person You Used to Be Joe Holt Joe Holt
You're So Young Jonathan Jackson Enation
Your Island Claudia Vorbach Claudia Vorbach
Your Scars Michelle Kowalchuk Michelle