The song submissions below are from EVERY contest since we started in 2008
" Tell Me Why" Basia Jerey/Jonathan Floyd Basia88
" Tell Me Why" Basia Jerey Basia88
"Silver and Gold" Peter Hughes Peter Hughes
"Stuck on This" Ryan Vosler Ryan Vosler
"The Right Words" Peter Hughes Peter Hughes
"WE STAND WITH PRIDE" Santo F. Bruno santo bruno
"WHEN THE LOVE YOU KNOW " Santo F. Bruno santo bruno
"When Your Love`s On Fire" Darren Haines and Slava Zenin Zenin & Haines - songwriting duo
"You Know I Can Be Superhero" Gantcho Gantcho
1999 jeff bucci Jeff Bucci
249 Lonely Street Nate Plutzik Nathan
2am. Dick Groves Dick Groves
3, 2, 1 James Hayden Gallagher Arpeggio
48 Hours Of Freedom Matthew Thomas Matthew Thomas
7 Years Duncan Mah & Tim Weekes Madison Collaborative
A Better Place For Me Jessica Fine Jessica Fine
A Birthday Song For You Bridget Wolf Bridget Wolf
A Christmas Wish Wonitha Thomas/Terry Collins The Wonitha Thomas Band
A Comfortable Place John Canales John
A Light Colour of Blue Glen Mofford Glen Mofford
A Little More Rosemary Joaquin, Chelsea Balan, Brandon Meagher, Tebby Burrows Rosemary Joaquin
A long time Ewan Parker Ewan Parker
A Million Stories Caleb Stull Caleb Stull
a new tomorrow Tony Lowe Tony Lowe
a perfect day for the blues russ costa hr costa
A Ray Of Sunshine Cristina Vaira Cristina Vaira
A Rose Is A Rose Mariachiara TERRAGIN - Maxime RAGUIDEAU-OBADIA - Andrea RAPISARDA Indigo Face
A Song of Melancholy Paja Rocky (Pavel Rokyta) Paja Rocky
A Step Elena Korneeva, Irina Krivosheeva, Vladimir Putyatin ElenaK
A Womxn Will Save Us All Mariachiara TERRAGIN - Maxime RAGUIDEAU-OBADIA - Andrea Rapisarda Indigo Face
About a Clown Anthony Charman Anthony Charman
Abused and Abrasive Aron Lyrd Aron Lyrd
Advice Danielle Oliver Danielle Oliver
Ain't Coming Back This Time Barrett Johnson Barrett Johnson
Ain't Done With You Erick Hovey Erick Hovey
Alive Gianna J. Izzo Gianna Joy
Alive Debbie L. Rice Debbie Rice
All Because of You James Hayden Gallagher Arpeggio
All Good Things Must End P. Char Fogel Char Fogel
All Hail The Dilettantes Tregenna/Jones/Francis The Mams
All I Need Antti Pesonen CDFmE /Antti Pesonen
All We Need Chelley Byrnes N/A
Almost Brian Johnson Brian Johnson
Alone Grey Melcher Grey Melcher
Already Over Justin Froese & Gina Alibrio Justin Froese
Always Lose to You Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
Ambiguosexual Nicole Taylor Nicole Taylor
An Emergency John Tomaino MerciRiva
And Just Before You Dan Weintraub Dan Weintraub
And She Said BossardGreaves Bossard/Greaves + Friends
And Still Be Friends Guy Daniel Guy Daniel
Anime Crush Stephanie Boutet K PHANIE
Anna' Song Jeronimo Galecki Jeronimo Restrepo Galecki
Anonymous Ashley Beck Ashley Beck
Another Day John Canales John
Another Day SL8 SL8
Another One Born in New York Marie Davon Powerkompany
Apocalypse Patrick Henley, James Cluff NewMan Duo
Apollo 13 Andrea Bannert Andrea Bannert
Australia Dave Bootle Dave Bootle
Autumn Days Otto Steiner Silverbird
Baby Maybe Danie Syre Danie Syre
Back Around Joshua Kim Vicilliar
Back to 'happy' Simon Paterno Simon Paterno
Baghdad Michael D'Agostino Michael D'Agostino
Battle Helen Smith The DreamSmiths
BE HUMAN Sara Jane Ceccarelli/Anne Truelsen Geertsen Sara Jane Ceccarelli
Be My Girl (Til I Die) Mike Gilroy Mike Gilroy
Be The One Katrina Carlson & Jefferson Denim Katrina Carlson
Beat of My Heart Marty McCray Marty McCray
beautiful Donal MacCoon Donal
Beautiful Again (Do Do Song) Gail Swanson Gail Swanson
Beautiful Eyes Leslie Egerer - Irene Ahnell Bergenmusic
Beautiful Interruption Lisa Molina Lisa Molina
Bel Esprit Justin McMillan Justin
believe Patrick Kane waterbass
Believe Or Not Keisuke Ebuchi CONE
Better Off Jeff Moore Jeff Moore
Better Than Ever Elisa Colbert Elisa
Better Than Everything The Feugh The Feugh
Better to Have Loved John Worsley John Worsley
Bittersweet Jillian Strauss Jilly May Music
Blank Pages Julie Ludgate Julie Ludgate
Blue Wagner Cinelli Wagner Cinelli
Bluprint Future Rick Adair Rick Adair
Bottle Of Tea Hannah May Hannah May
Bounce Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
Bounce mike hyden Mike Hyden
Break into a Smile Aris Malaos Malayo
Breaking Up Linda Mathews Linda Mathews
Breathe Olivia Marsh Olivia Marsh
Burnie & Junie's Summer of Love Anthony Charman Anthony Charman
Butterfly Trojan-John Te Rehu-Tuki Trojan-John
Calibre Jennifer Trijo Jennifer Trijo
California Jeff Cannata Cannata
Can You Feel It James Palace James Palace
Can't Take it With Me Doug Templeton Doug Templeton
Can’t Get Enough Of You Steven Ybarra and Diane Waters Steven Ybarra
Careful & Kind PK Tessmann PK Tessmann
Caved In Nicky James, Daniel Luka, John Nathaniel Long Story Short
Celebrity du Jour Darren Ockert Darren Ockert
Champs Elysees Eben Brooks, Allison Lonsdale Eben Brooks
Change Begins With Me Matt Zarley, Andy Zulla, & Chris Curtis MATT ZARLEY
Changing Times Michael Attinger Michael Attinger
Chapter 2 Luke Viertel Luke Viertel
Chilly Allston C. 2008 Casey Desmond Casey Desmond
Christmas Time With You. Tony Power Powerman
Cigarette Andi Morgan Andi Morgan
Circles Derik Nelson Derik Nelson
City Lights Joelle Maddyson Joelle Maddyson
City Lights Jules Collarile, Robyn Dell'Unto Jules Collarile
Clair de Lune Claude deBussy & Kathryn Taubert Kathryn Taubert
Cloak Savanna Carlton Rose Of Music
Clouds collide Paolo Fosso Armonite
Coffee Shop King Karl Henrik King Karl Henrik
Come Around Joey Avalos and Chris Cleveland Stars Go Dim
Come Back Home Belote and Joyce gopher gods
Come back to me Florent I. Florent I.
come chill with me Wassim (Sim) Hammoud Sim
Complete Marshall Hong Attack Time
Corn Invaders Andy Jaske Andy Jaske
Cosmology Capers Simmons Capers Simmons
Crazy Feeling Alexia Cross Alexia Cross
Cried Til I Couldn't Joshua Stephenson Jahsua
Crime to be Beautiful Michael Anzilotti Michael Anzilotti
Cruisin' Interlude Darryl K Williams Jr MuffynMan
crumbelene denny hanley dingo jr
Crumbs Darren Ockert Darren Ockert
Crying Birds Eden Roberts Eden
Cut Me Loose Erik Borelius s
Daddy-unplugged version Laurina Sue Holland-Lusu Laurina
Dance Freaks Scott Warner ROBOPOP
Danergous Lisa R Noe - Pamela Green Lisa Noe
Dark Side Kendra Erika Fulmer Kendra Erika
Dark Spot Kimberly Reyes k i m
Daydreams Danie Syre Danie Syre
Days of Liquid Sunshine Louis Gentile Louis Gentile
Dead or Alive Dorothy Scharr Dottie Scharr
Deadbeat Boyfriend Jasmine Crowe, Josh Anderson JASMINE CROWE
Dear You Roy Flores Roy Flores
DEFEND YA Darron Jean corcoran Stellarize
Desire Jacqueline Grace Lopez Jacqueline Grace
Desire Catherine Manna and Darryl Taylor none
Devils And Shotguns Mike Fullarton Mike Fullarton
Diamond Matthew Pierik Matthew TYNAN Pierik
Diamond Nights Paolo L. Gatti Paolo L. J. Gatti
Differently Max Bouratoglou Max Bouratoglou
Do You Believe James Hayden Gallagher Arpeggio
Do You Believe James Hayden Gallagher Arpeggio
Do You Dare K. Sakoda, H. Colocott, J. Santis Reddi
Do You Think I'm Hot? John Hall Big Johns Ax
DON'T FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK Stephanie Klco-Brosius Stephanie K
Don't get lost deep strings STEPHAN BRAUN
Don't Give Up On Me Mary Segato Mary Segato
Don't Let It Pass By Peter Scales Peter Scales
Don't Tell Me That You Love Me Scott Alan Savoy Scott Alan Savoy
Don't wait for me tonight Lehnert-Carnaghi Canni
Downtown Long Beach Charles Whitehead Charleswhitehead
Dream About Vegas Andy Jaske Andy Jaske
Dream In Japanese Sebastian Lavers and Dominic Lavers Lavers
Dropped Call Jess Chizuk Jess Chizuk
Dry Tears Pedro De Bruyckere P. De Bruyckere
Dusty Promises Mohanders Mohanders
Earth Passport Scott Stephens Liquid Blue
Empty Genevieve Genevieve
End of Cinderella M. Bracy, J. Lockerman, M. Harris Morgan Bracy
Endless Summer Phil Antognini Crane
Enuf is Enuf Orgena Rose Orgena Rose
Every Night, pop feat Rikke Bro Kusk Mimmi Löfvall Mimmi Lofvall
Everybody's Got Something Timothy Lee langford Tim "Too Slim " Langford
Everyone Falls in Love Gilby Landin Gilby Landin
Everything Beautiful Adam Babcock Adam Babcock
Everything To Me Shaun DeGraff Shaun DeGraff
Everytime Amy Cross Amy Cross
Eyes of the Soul Bob Hrichak Bob Hrichak
Fairy Tale U Luke Carnevale & Cara Young elci Productions
Fall to Pieces Kat Kingston Kathie Kingston
Fall With You Mikaela Kahn Mikaela Kahn
Fallback Hannah Pisani Hannah Pisani
Fallen Susan Odella Susan Odella
Fallen Susan Odella Susan Odella
Fallen Star Trojan-John Te Rehu-Tuki Trojan-John
Falling Again James Hayden Gallagher Arpeggio
Falling Down Gavin Walsh Gavin Walsh
Fantasy Baby Michele Karmin & Steve Childs Michele Karmin
Far Beyond Katherine Thorne Katherine Thorne
Far From Gray Jeff Bucci Jeff Bucci
Fashionable People Joel Plaskett Joel Plaskett
Fast Forward Thanae Pachiyannaki Thanae
Feelin daRome Bentley daRome Bentley
Fighter Aaron Martin Aaron
Fighter Julie Ludgate Julie Ludgate
Find my way Camilla Kunz Illa
First Light Blue Sky Patrick Henley, James Cluff NewMan Duo
Float Darcy Kendall Darcy Kendall
Fly Katie Hardyman Katie Hardyman
Fly To You Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez & Cori "Fader" Jacobs RUM ANGEL
Fly With You Mary Segato Mary Segato
For Always John Worsley John Worsley
For Real Harrison Wiens Cpt Red Cup
For Zion's Sake Juliet I. Spitzer Juliet Spitzer
Force Of Gravity Darren Ockert Darren Ockert
Forget You Michael Anzilotti Michael Anzilotti
FORGET YOU GIRL Debra Gussin & Kyle Vincent DEBRA GUSSIN
Forgiveness Jump, Franklin, Pelletier, Klein, O'Keefe, Pacent GUNNER JUMP
Fragile Rachel Lee Williams Rachel Lee Williams
Free As A Bird Mikalyn Hay, Bobby John, and Murray Daigle Mikalyn Hay
Free So Free Jason Nembhard/Alan Glass/Michael Scherchin
Freefall Loriann Rella LARellaMusic
Full Circle Brandon Williams Brandon
FUN Doug Templeton Doug Templeton
Funny Little Things John Nolan, Joanna Szymanska Crossroad Y
Gets Me High ft. Kris Langemann Jay Edmondson, Lee Edmondson, Kris Langemann INDELIBLE
Girls Don't Cry Wolf Madison Douglas Madison Douglas
Girls Night on the Town Sally Wright Sally Wright
Girls Who Believe Shaw, Ballantyne, Johnson Meredith Shaw
Give Your Love To Me Lucy Blu Lucy Blu
Go Around Nenna Yvonne Nenna Yvonne
Go for it Patrick Mc Eleney Patrick Mc Eleney
Go With The Flow Heather Edwards Heather Edwards
God Means Loving, Not Killing! Youxin Yang Songwriter Youxin Yang
God Will Make A Way Ladd Bogdonoff Ladd Bogdonoff
Gold Henrik Johansson Mindsong
Gondwanaland Roy Schroedl okhams
Good and Bad Josh Cogan COGAN
Good Enough For You Doug Templeton Doug Templeton
Good Heart Erik Toro & Markus Videsäter ErikToro
Good Intentions Ceciia G Cecilia G
Good Kinda Crazy Rachael Barnes, Rick Denzien, Debra Lee Lyra Project
Good News Mel Hart Mel Hart
Goodbye Sweet Dreamer Peter Scales Peter Scales
Goodness & Mercy E.D. Mondainé, Robin Gordon, & Andy Bell E.D. Mondainé & Belief
Gotcha by the Heart Sally Wright Sally Wright
grass in the mud iryna chorna ERA CHORNA
Grey Danielle Oliver Danielle Oliver
Guided By The Night Jonathan Tan / Matthias Blazejak McBlaze
Had I Known Matt Zarley & Chris Curtis MATT ZARLEY
Half & Half Ron Potter Stuck With Green
Half Empty Melissa Jordan Grey Meljgrey
Hallowed Ground Michael D'Agostino and David Biglin Michael D'Agostino
Hang Around With You Girl Doug Templeton Doug Templeton
HAPPY ME Debra Gussin & Kyle Vincent DEBRA GUSSIN
Hard Time Matt Rhoden, Ron Haney, Bart Schoudel Matt Rhoden
Have a Nice Day Laurie Miller & Dennis Rhodes Laurie Miller
Healed Truth Corey Schneider Corey William
Heaven in your eyes Chaz Nikias Chaz Nikias
Heaven knows Denise / Kurzlechner Soulf*l
Heavy Heavy Heart C. 2008 Casey Desmond Casey Desmond
Her Lover's Cup Nicole Kirbanu Klein Kirbanu
Hesitating King Karl Henrik King Karl Henrik
Hey. Hey Aron Lyrd "Awesome," "great," "unique," and "excellent" are just a few of the words currently used by fans to describe Lyrd.
Hiding Ray Isaac RAY ISAAC
High Matt Gunston MATT GUNSTON
Ho Ho Ho It's Christmas Julie Ludgate Julie Ludgate
Hold A Hand Mason Jarre Mason Jarre
Holdin On N. Martinez / E. Ramos Nina Martinez
Holding Back Geoffrey Nostrant Silvercord
Honest Look Madeline Spooner Madeline Spooner Music
Hope Ada Pasternak, Alicia Cook thealiciacook
Hot Cherry Sweet Wine Cynthia E. Jackson Cynthia E. Jackson
hottie!! erika sever ERIKA SEVER
House in the Trees Bryan Lisa Bryan Lisa
Hypnotize Alicia Champion Alicia Champion
I am gone Mike Attinger (music) and Annie Stettin (lyrics) Mike Attinger
I Am Me Dean Nelson Dean Nelson
I am not there Music: Reentko, words: Mary Elizabeth Frye Reentko
I am strong JD Wood JD Wood
I Breathe Devin Farney Devin Farney - Songwriter
I Can't Fake It Kimberly Yarson & Anders Jensen Anders Bay Jensen
I Can't Forget You Thelma Valenzuela Dina Valenz
i cannot breathe Donal MacCoon Donal
I Don't Know What to Do Doug Templeton Doug Templeton
I don't love you at all Louis Gentile Louis Gentile
I don't want things to change Florent Sivell Sivell and the Bad Habits
I dont Lawnie Wallace Lawnie Wallace
I Dont Wanna B. Torres, I. Elisavetsky, J. Gentile Brian Torres
I Like Girls Will Stanley Will Stanley
I Liked You Katherine Thorne, Chris Thorne, Paul Thorne Katherine Thorne
I Look For You Peter B. Robinson Peter B Robinson
I Miss It All Wonitha Johnson The Wonitha Thomas Band
I only wanna be with you Rian Rian
I Opened My Eyes Doug Templeton Doug Templeton
I See You David Higginbotham David Higginbotham
I Want It Yesterday Reid & Stanners Reid & Stanners
I Want You Peter Vun Chen Ryan Harrison
I Will Not Scold Your Love Shauna Sims Shauna Sims
I Won't Sing No Saaad Songs Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
I`m Not Letting Go of You Holly Anton (USA)/Slava Zenin (UK) Slava Zenin
I'll Wait Lindsey Rayl Lindsey Rayl
I'm a Believer Tony Rabbat Tony Rabbat
I'm In Deep Blake V. Elliott Jr / Andy Smyth misterblake
I'm Not Held Back Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
I'm Still Wishing Sophie Morgan Howarth ANNIE
I've Moved On Darren Ockert Darren Ockert
Icarus Faith Ng, James North, Steven Stankevicius Faivec
Ice Song Samantha Teemant Samantha Leigh Teemant
If I Wait Here Shauna Sims Shauna Sims
If I Were A Prince Mark Davenport Mark Davenport
If I Were Made of Paper Alice Hastings Alice Hastings
If Once... Jamie Searle Jamie Searle
If We Fall Coseth Cruz & Diego Alfaro Coseth&Diego
If You Fall Kristin Errett Kristin Errett
In All The World Gregory Zymet Gregory Zymet
In Different Colours (Different Ways) Alexander Diacos Alexander Diacos
In From the Outside Laurence Cooper Laurence Cooper
In My Dreams Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
In My Sky Kyal Stiles KYAL
In Pieces Philip Jenkins philip jenkins
In The Blood Paul McCann chatandmc
In the Rain Michael Raynak & R3K Michael Raynak
In Too Deep Maggie Anderson Maggie Anderson
Indian Summer Sarah B Sarah B
Inner Light Sebastien Parentin Sebastien Parentin
Inspiration Jay T. Edmondson, Lee T. Edmondson INDELIBLE
Into You Adam Rosenberg Adam Rosenberg
Invisible Scars Christina Meyer Christina Meyer
Isn't it true Faith Ng Faivec
It could be you Florent Sivell Oparleur
It Don't Take Much Justin Holliday Justin Holliday
It Rains in California Katherine Cabula Katherine Cabula
It Will Never Be Me Gary W. Hall GHall57
It's All Pretend Maggie Anderson Maggie Anderson
It's Complicated Alexandra Kelly Alexandra Kelly
It's Time Melissa McGinnis Melissa McGinnis
It's Times Like This I Cry Terrance Deck S.A.G.E.
Jailbird Charlie Keller Charlie Keller
James Dean Kaelin Tully Kaelin Phoebe
January Rain Joelle Maddyson Joelle Maddyson Music
Japanese Garden Gisele Afeche and Johnny Oliver GISELE_AFECHE
Jean Lynda Cole Lynda Cole
Jesus In the Glovebox #3 GK Menage GK Menage
Journey or the End Sarah Kervin Sarah Kervin
Junky Disillusion Uzzardi Guillaume UzZ
Just A Little Bit Lonely Peter B. Robinson Peter B Robinson
Just a Mother Peruquois Peruquois
Just Another Night at Jazzy's Harley Toberman Toby Tune
Just Because Charlie Keller Charlie Keller
Just Fine (In Gb Major) Ian docherty Ian Docherty
Just You and Me John M Mabey Noff Industries
Kafka Love Song Richard C. Potter Richard Potter
Kafka Love Song Richard C. Potter Richard Potter
Kaydence Triana Presley Triana Presley
Keep Me Company Michelle Patrick calmlondon
Keep Them Safe Denise Baxter-Yoder and Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins
King of fools hadar shechter Hadar Shechter
kiss me group A Garst and Beatriz Flores Tony
Last Recorded Summer DeAnna Moore, Dave Tough, Neil Barber Xavier & Ophelia
Last Recorded Summer Neil Barber, Dave Tough, & DeAnna Moore Dave Tough
Lately Reid & Stanners Reid & Stanners
Lazy Saturday Chelley Byrnes N/A
Learning How To Love Tom Whall Tom Whall
Learning to Breathe Lilly Kopp Lilly Kopp
Leave Soon Duncan Mah Articles
Legacy Michelle Patrick calmlondon
Lemon Tree Chris Bennion Coral Bones
Lessons from the Past Yves Schelpe Psy'Aviah
Let It Rain Meredith Blis Meredith Blis
Let Love In Marshall Hong Attack Time
Let Me Go Ashley Kervabon Ashley Xtina
Let Music Gaylin Tan Gaylin Tan
Let Your Heart Lead the Way Ryan Rothmeyer Ryan Rothmeyer
Let's Leave Town Sarah Kervin Sarah Kervin
Liar Peter Vun Chen & Dave Smith Ryan Harrison
Life These Days Pamela Tessmann PK Tessmann
Life These Days Pamela Tessmann PK Tessmann
Life's A Miracle Melissa Meretsky & Brent Hongisto Wassabi Collective
Life's Lessons Rebecca Naree Londei Naree
Life's So Beautiful Dakota Lillie Dakota Lillie
Lifted Jahna Perricone & Michael Perricone Jahna
Light of Day Alexander Goit Alexander Goit
Like There's No Tomorrow Rolf Schnyder and Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
Listening Johanna Philio Johanna Philio
Little Fishy Shaw, Ballantyne, Johnson Meredith Shaw
Little Wolf Bob Dee; Ward Parker Methuselah's Valise
Live in Love Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
Living On Borrowed Time David Pellegrene, Kim Lehman Additional music and lyrics by Tina Wilcox David Pellegrene
Lone Eagle Paolo L. Gatti Paolo L. J. Gatti
Lonely Man Cathy Young Cathy Young
Lonely With You Eric Chung Eric Chung
Long Distance Love Matt Rhoden Matt Rhoden
Look Steven Daniels Elevated Sins
Looks Are For Free Jeff Greeneberg and Greg Pare 100 Year Picnic
Loser Magnet Laurie Miller Laurie Miller
Losers Never Win Desmond & Shelly Moulton Desmond
Lost Without You Gary Pryor and Karen Cooper Gary Pryor
Love Came By Sundown Casey Hash & Randolph Walker Randolph Walker
Love Divine Kelly Garland Kelly Garland
Love Flows King Karl Henrik King Karl Henrik
Love Is The Reason Max Phillips Max Phillips
Love made me blind JD Wood JD Wood
Love Me As Your Friend JJ Williams JJ Williams
Love song Ian Lee-Bennett Ian Lee
Love will have to wait for me Dave Bootle Dave Bootle
Love Will Lead Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
Love Won't Let You Down Michael McGee and Michael Kachani Michael McGee
Lying In Your Bed Doug Templeton Doug Templeton
Made of Stars Dave Tough, DeAnna Moore, Aaron Krause Dave Tough
Madison Kimberly Bomba Kimberly Bomba
Madly Lawnie Wallace Lawnie Wallace
Make It Lars Sparby & Terje Sparby The I
Make Money Shawn Owen Shawn Owen
Make Things Right Jeff Greeneberg 100 Year Picnic
Make Up Your Mind Robin Stanley ROBIN STANLEY
Makin' It On My Own Graham Marshall Graham Marshall
Marina del Rey Lola Rhodes Lola Rhodes
Mary Nate Plutzik Nathan
Mary Alice Bob Hrichak Bob Hrichak
Master plan Ian Lee-Bennett Ian Lee
Matter To You Gail Swanson Gail Swanson
Maze Without Walls Cecilia G, Paul Davidson Cecilia G
Meet Me at the Merry Go Round Dominc and Sebastian Lavers Lavers
Meet Me In Your Dreams Bria Skonberg BRIA SKONBERG
Merry-Go-Round Catherine Manna none
Mexican Cafe Sue Hodge Sue Hodge
Michael Jackson Tribute: It's Been a Long Journey Home Karen Sokolof Javitch Karen Sokolof Javitch
Michelle Bernhard Bossard Mr EasyPop & Co.
Middle of a Miracle Jan Garrett & JD Martin Jan Garrett & JD Martin
Mirror Mikalyn Hay, Bobby John, Murray Daigle Mikalyn Hay
miss fivepeace fivepeace
Miss Understood Pilani Bubu Pilani Bubu
Moaning in Moonlight Gabriele Sforza Gabriele Sforza
Mom Roger Achkar -
Moonlight Steven Daniels, Kelly Daniels Elevated Sins
More Than Enough Kevin M. Chauvette Kevin Chauvette
More Than Music DIA DIA
More Than Okay Joanna Schubert Joanna Schubert
More than yesterday Bruno Brocchi Bruno Brocchi (Cold Town )
Morning Song Gavi Kamen Gavi Kamen
Moving Gysi/Morris Waedi Gysi
Moving On(Nothing Lasts Forever) Adrian Niculescu Ady
Much more better Kerstin Stilling Kerstin Stilling
Mud is Not Your Name Joe Young and Ben Lorentzen Sonic Cult
my blues fivepeace fivepeace
My Favorite Flavor Randish Joeglal New Pro
My First Time Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery
My Forgiven Soulmate Ron Potter Stuck With Green
My Letter to your Ex Vera Sheriff Vera Sheriff
My Little Soldier Jules Collarile, Robyn Dell'Unto Jules Collarile
My Love Kevin Romine Kevin Romine
My Lucky Day Joe Ramey, Steven Daniels Brand New Day
My Morning Joy Reddi and Neil Cabana Reddi
My Problem Resti Pujiarti Tririzka Resti Pujiarti Tririzka
My Way Lyrics- Lee Ann Music and Melody-Greg, Dave,Rick,Sophie, Lee Ann Phobia
Need You Now Pennan Brae Pennan Brae
Nervous Patrick Mc Eleney Patrick Mc Eleney
Never Give Up Gary Pryor Gary Pryor
Never Gone jackson wells Jackson Wells
Never Too Late Ron Potter Stuck With Green
New York in My Mind Capri Everitt and Ryan Stewart Capri Everitt
Nightmares MisSiss MisSiss
No One Could Love Me Better Daniella Watters Daniella Watters
No Regrets Ginger Griffin, Jon E. Richardson Ginger Griffin
No Small Wonder Susan Gabriel (Bunn) Susan Gabriel
No War Or Revolution Giuseppe Lo cascio Giuseppe (Joe) Lo Cascio
No Way featuring Elan Noelle "Raymond :Entelyjent"" Nicholson" Arson's Fury
Nobody Asked Charlotte Huggart and Producer/DJ MIISTMAK3R AVALONIA
Nobody's Perfect Melissa Kellie Melissa Kellie
Not Alone Kate Elizabeth kate boulee
Not Enough SCOSHA Singer and Songwriter - SCOSHA
Not Exceptional Chelley Byrnes N/A
Note To Self Sophie Jane Sophie Jane Music
NOTHING REALLY ENDS BEFORE WE DIE Sara Jane Ceccarelli/Anne Truelsen Geertsen Sara Jane Ceccarelli
Nothing Song Teresa Chi Teresa Chi
Nothing To Hide L. Amicucci/M. Amicucci/RJE Moon POPULATOR
Now2theNow Steve Koc/Sara Wiseman Martyrs of Sound
Nowhere Left To Go Kelly Garland Kelly Garland
Obsessed David Brookings David Brookings
Ok SL8 SL8
Old Steve Kopandy Steve Kopandy
On My Knees Capers Simmons Capers Simmons
On My Own Psy'Aviah (Yves Schelpe, Emélie Nicolaï) Psy'Aviah
on the avenue blues marc tilson marc tilson NEW PROFILE - PLEASE EDIT
Once Bruce Coughlan BRUCE COUGHLAN
One Day She Flew David Higginbotham David Higginbotham
One Hit Wonder Christoph Starr Christoph Starr
One Voice Jacqueline Grace Lopez Jacqueline Grace
One Walk on the Beach Kathy Moore Kathy Moore
One way to love Louis Gentile Louis Gentile
Only Love ( Our Wedding Song ) Scott Petry / Catherine Chayko Songs in Bloom
Open Heart Song Steve McNally & Ernie McNally Steve McNally
Open your Eyes Charli Nolan Charli Nolan
Ordinary Girl Helen Austin Helen Austin
Original Sin Ryan Stotland Ryan Stotland
Ornament (Freshly Painted) Matt Rhoden, Ron Haney, Bart Schoudel Matt Rhoden
other worlds will fournier Will Fournier
Our Little Boy John M Mabey Noff Industries
Our Next Life C. 2008 Casey Desmond Casey Desmond
Our World Anthony Burbidge Anthony Burbidge
Out Ava Bryant Ava Bryant
Over and Out Eric Vanier Eric Vanier
Pain Relief (of the natural kind) John Tomaino John Tomaino
Pale Moon Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins and Denise Baxter-Yoder Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins
Part III: The Words I had Written Jerry Oviedo, Gipsy Juliette Jerry and Gipsy
Party Queen Shruthi Viswanathan Shruthi Viswanathan
Peace Daniel Hall Daniel Hall
Perfect Matt Zarley & Andy Zulla MATT ZARLEY
Perfect June Katie Simko Katie Simko
Pero Yo Maqui Reyes, Tiffany Joy IndiviDúo
Pet Crow Michael Danckert Michael Danckert
Peter Pan Daniel Lerner Daniel Lerner
Phoenix Melissa Kate Miller Melissa Kate "Sultry Cabaret Blues"
Phoenix Rising Jasmine Anderson, Josh Anderson JASMINE CROWE
Picture Yourself Nicki Kris Nicki Kris
Piper Hachi Joseph Yoshida Hachi Joseph Yoshida
Planet Earth Alex Giorgetti The Gypsy West
Play a Winner Andy Jaske Andy Jaske
Please Forgive Me Katherine Penfold and Gerry Atwell Katherine Penfold
Point Of View Curtis Pierce Curtis
Poison Elisa Colbert Elisa
Poplar Street Kristan King & Lance Lewman King Lewman
Popularity Trojan-John Te Rehu-Tuki Trojan-John
Poster Boy Ivon Roberts Ivon Roberts
Pray to the gods Brad Allan Brad Allan
Precipitation (deep) Clou Simon Clou Simon
Pretty Boy Peter Woolley Eary Hands
Pretty Perfect Sarah Shawcross, Chris Redmond, Kathi Harcourt-Brown, Matt Vincent-Brown Sarah Shawcross Music & Songs
Promenade Vista Hill Vista Hill
Promposal Cody Dear and Jada Banks-Mace Cody Dear Music
Pulling Derik Nelson Derik Nelson
Purple Skies Ron Mancini Foggy Nocean
Queen Minus King Jeff Greenleaf Jeff Greenleaf
Racing The Street Lights Justinas Stanislovaitis Alive Way
RAIN Mari Takagi and Moogy Klingman Mari
Rainbow Sara Vickruck Sara Vickruck
Rainbows without rain Ian Lee-Bennett Ian Lee
Raindrops to the sea Peres / Kurzlechner Soulf*l
Reach Out Rolf Schnyder and Michael ‘Max’ McGee Max and Rolf
Reality Is Jameson Lee Jameson Lee
Rebound (Radio Edit) James Hayden Gallagher Arpeggio
Recovery Chazz deMeyer Chazz deMeyer
Red Diary Girl Elise Wiener Elise Wiener
Remember Me Pamela G Pamela G
Remember to Forget Eric Colville Eric Colville
Ride The Butterfly Leah Nobel Leah Nobel
Right Time Brian Ellefson Brian Ellefson
Rise to Divinity Darryl K Williams Jr MuffynMan
Rise Up Erika Kulnys Erika Kulnys
Rock the Night Dan Charness Dan Charness
Rock Your Beautiful Katrina Carlson & Jefferson Denim Katrina Carlson
Romance Blvd. Joey Arminio Joey Arminio
Run or Stay Ty Roberts and Bill Hines Ty Roberts and Bill Hines
Running Teryn Tsang Teryn Tsang
Running Out Of Love Darren Ockert Darren Ockert
Safe Ride Savanna Carlton Rose Of Music
Sail On Mariam Massaro Mariam Massaro
San Francisco Charlie Keller Charlie Keller
Sands Ilona Nevalainen & Mikko Virtanen Naére
Santa's Wish George Whitesell George Whitesell
Say Yes Hubert Jones Jr AichJones
Say You Love Me Now Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery
sbwdsufs saidkelley saidkelley
Scorched Michael D'Agostino Michael D'Agostino
See Me Like This (Over You) Julien Kelland, Bodan Mulholland, Brett Simmonds Julien Kelland
See you in hell Brad Allan Brad Allan
Seen You Laugh Nicolas Gibbs Hob's Row
Selling the End of the World Brendan Bonsack Clockwork Monkey
Settle Down Rich Aveo Rich Aveo
Shatters Michael Raynak Michael Raynak
She's Not Me Tara Newton-Wordsworth Tara Newton-Wordsworth
Shine Jorie Raine Jorie Raine
Shining Star Lovisa Ståhl Lovisa Stahl
Shut Up & Kiss Me Lisa Molina & Jeanne DiBenedetto Lisa Molina
side by side jean mann jean mann
Sigh Hannah May and Matt Boden Hannah May
Sigh Hannah May & Matt Boden Hannah May
Silence Masha Novik Masha Novik
Silly Love Songs Sarah Brown, Terence Burke Sarah Brown
Sin Bling Bling EL TAROT El Tarot
Single Tear (smg) Robyn Rees athamirra music Robyn Rees
Sirena Jennifer Filzen and Tony Tinsay Jennifer Filzen (a.k.a. Sirena)
SKELETON Jasmine Crowe / Josh Anderson Jasmine Crowe
Small House Will Gattis Will Gattis
Smoke & Magic Teryn Tsang Teryn Tsang
Snowflakes Laszlo Papp Doroghy Laszlo Papp Doroghy
Snuggies Brian Huber Brian Huber
So Beautiful Katie Hardyman/Pete Stevenson Katie Hardyman
So Proud Pamela Tessmann PK Tessmann
Sold Out Nataliya Medvedovskaya Natasha Meadow
Someday (Sure As I'm Standing Here) The Root Doctors The Root Doctors
Someday One Day For Us Max Phillips Max Phillips
Somehow Blue Sebastien Parentin Sebastien Parentin
Something More Mai-anh Nguyen mai-anh nguyen
Something's Missing Pennan Brae Pennan Brae
Something's strange Ioannis Kapnistis Ioannis Kapnistis
Sometime Dave Bootle Dave Bootle
Sometimes Luke Carnevale elci Productions
Song Written on an arm Rebecca Naree Londei Naree
Songs of Spring Ari Wenig Ari Wenig
Soulmate Tammy Low (a.k.a. Little Tambourine) Little Tambourine
Sounds of Love Israel Oyelakin POET the passionate
Speed of Life John Tomaino MerciRiva
Spirit Speak To Me Daniel David Johnson, Erin Johnson and Susan Stentz Daniel David Johnson
St. Mary's redemption Bruno Brocchi Bruno Brocchi (Cold Town )
Standing Up For Love Vince Black Vince Black
Star Darryl K Williams Jr MuffynMan
Starting Gun Dakota Lillie Dakota Lillie
Stay Lauren Hubert Lauren Hubert
Stay A Little Longer Kelly Garland Kelly Garland
Stay with me Heewon Heewon
Step Into Your Power Orgena Rose Orgena Rose
Still Here Tim Granbacka Tim Granbacka
Stinson Lőrinc Bubnó - Márton Auer - Márk Bubnó Rorschach
Stop The Time Sarah Fisher, Derek Hoffman, David Fischer Sarah Fisher
Strawberry Icecream Mike Attinger (music) and Annie Stettin (lyrics) Mike Attinger
Strings Alice Hastings Alice Hastings
Submarines Sara Hallie Richardson Sara Hallie Richardson
Suffering and Pain Reece Sullivan Reece Sullivan
Sugar Talkin' Sarah Martensen Sarah Martensen
Sugarcane Kate Stevens Kate Stevens
Summer Love Nicky Will & Brad Cox NickyWill Music
Summer rain Hank Hagedoorn Hank Hawthorne III
Summer Skies Paul le Claire Paul Le Claire
Super Girl Jules Collarile, Robyn Dell'Unto Jules Collarile
Superman Ken Hutchins Tigerbyte
Supernova Jasmine Anderson, Josh Anderson JASMINE CROWE
Sweep Me Curt Yagi Curt Yagi
Sweet Dreams Alexandre Molodkov Alexander Molodkov
Sweet Emily Anthony Charman Anthony Charman
Take Me Away Kristin Errett Kristin Errett
Take Me Away Leo James and Josh Zoli Leo James and Josh Zoli
Talk to Me Bob Hrichak Bob Hrichak
Tangled Up in Dreams Dominic and Sebastian Lavers Lavers
Taxes Harley Toberman Toby Tune
Telekinesis Bryan Wang Bryan Wang
Tell Me Carl Belair/Ted Tomiuk Carl Belair
Tell Me David Penn David Penn
Tell Me Randish Joeglal New Pro
Tell me why Camilla Kunz Illa
Tell You SL8 SL8
test4 test4 test4
That's What I Must Believe Andrea Harper Andrea Harper
The Abyss Helen Smith The DreamSmiths
The Con Man's Easy Chair John McVey john mcvey
The Dangers of Knowledge Jeff Cancade Professor Psyche
The Day America Cried George Wong Sunstone
The Dinosaur Song Ryan Patrick McLaughlin Chinchizzle
The Dream Is Over Jim Donnelly Jim Donnelly
The Edge of Love Rolf Schnyder and Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
The Emperor Z. Mulls/Ron Tintner Z. Mulls & Ron Tintner
The End of the Road Justin Winokur, Ted Quinn Justin Winokur
The End of the World John Tomaino John Tomaino
The Energy's good Jillian Strauss Jilly May Music
The Last Goodbye Chazz deMeyer Chazz deMeyer
The Left Lane Mark Smith Mark Smith
The Lie Rolf Schnyder and Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
The Lost Years Kathryn Rose, Thomas Ryder Payne Kathryn Rose
The Machines of B Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne
THE MAN WHO DREW BODIES IN THE WATER Sara Jane Ceccarelli/Anne Truelsen Geertsen Sara Jane Ceccarelli
The Promise Keisuke Ebuchi CONE
The Pugilist Conan Lindsay & Eamonn Lindsay Conan Lindsay / Conan Lindsay
The Rain From London Darren Ockert Darren Ockert
The Rest Of My Love Michael "Max" McGee and Michael Kachani Michael McGee
The Roma Will Gattis Will Gattis
The Things They'd Say Gabrielle Soley Cogdill Gabrielle Soley Cogdill
The Waking Day Nicole Kirbanu Klein Kirbanu
There Are Angels Cheryl Metrick Cheryl Metrick
There is Nothing Big in Playing Small Sky Nelson, Marianne Williamson Sky Nelson
These days Lawnie Wallace Lawnie Wallace
They told me this is Africa Helen Mottee Helen Mottee
Thin Line De Courval (Marie-Claude Mathieu) De Courval
Things Have Changed Blaithin Kearney Blaithin Kearney
Think Again Lindsay Kunkel LJ Kunkel
This Life Olivia Clayton Olivia Clayton
This Love Antóin Corbett Antóin Corbett
This Modern Life (1984) Darren Ockert Darren Ockert
This Time Around BossardGreaves Bossard/Greaves
Three A.M. On a Misty Morning Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins, Denise Baxter-Yoder Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins
Tight Gianna Gehlhar Gianna
Tight Rope Josh Brainard Josh Brainard
Time Jack Jack
Time Laura Elle Stevenson Elle Stevenson
Time Flies Evi Vine EVI VINE
Time Flies Bryan Wang Bryan Wang
Time For The Truth Danie Syre Danie Syre
Time To Let Go Lyrics by: Deirdre Murphy Composed by: BB Edwards murphy/Edwards
Today Jeff Sweet Jeff Sweet
Together AS One Lyrics and music by Paul Mc Cann and Charity Merin chatandmc
Tonic & Gin Gail Maytom Gail Maytom
Too Damn Happy John Mabey/Leo Joseph Noff Industries
Too Late, You're Gone Melissa Jordan Grey Meljgrey
Too Much To Ask For Joy Lippard Joy Lippard
Toxigen C. Ostor CherieO NakedNoiz
Trance Walk'n Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery
True True Love Ivan Anderson Ivan Anderson
TRUST Tom Nichols Tom Nichols
Trying to Reach the Ground Ante Novaselic & Sam Katacic Ante Novaselic
Tub Dub (Sure Footed) Caroline Woolrich Caroline Ty
Turn It Up Loud Dakota Lillie Dakota Lillie
Ty Frank Stewart (Lyrics) & Chris Billias (Melody) Paco
Unbroken Melissa Jordan Grey Meljgrey
Uncross Your Eyes Jack Ludden Pinewood Derby
Under a Different Sky Julian Tucker Julian Tucker
Under the Moon gary e. ramey Gary Ramey
Unfinished Life Joséphine/Craig Wilson Joséphine
Unholy Heart Rolf Schnyder / Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
Unity Jason Okanlawon Jason Okan
Unity Represewnt Earth Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery
Up Is Down Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
Valentine Alexandra Kelly Alexandra Kelly
Vegas Dave Tough/Tre Houston (rap) Dave Tough
Voyeur Judas XX
Waiting Shawn Scott & Lina Hancock Shawn Scott & Lina Hancock
Waiting Up Matt Gunston MATT GUNSTON
Walking Away Guilherme Schroeter (music) Tomas Ocarthaigh Guilherme Schroeter
Want To Be Loved Casey Porter Casey Porter
Washing Us Away Fogg Crisifus
Wasted Rain Dani, Tony Harrell, Tyler McCulloch Dani
Waves Crash Michael Lee Pinder Michael Lee Pinder
We Are the Ones (We've Been Waiting For) Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
We Are The Stars Anelda Spence / Nancy Deckant Anelda Spence
We Will Find A Way Gil & Sarah Jaysmith Chilli and Sage
We'll Find A Way D2D D2D UnderGround
We're Not Getting Any Younger Brian Hazard Color Theory
What About Me Robin Wiley/Buck Lovett Robin Wiley
What Am I Doing Here Craig C. Robinson Craig Robinson
What Are You Waiting For Randolph Walker Randolph Walker
What Does It Take? Rebecca McGarry Becca Marlee
What Good Am I Without You? David Higginbotham David Higginbotham
What Have I Learned? Jennifer Filzen, Tony Tinsay, and Vince Hudson Jennifer Filzen (a.k.a. Sirena)
What I Always Do Sarah Kervin Sarah Kervin
What is success? Erik Borelius s
What Part Of Yes What Part of Yes Jeff Chaifetz - Songwriter
What Were You Thinking? Ember Swift Ember Swift / LENTIC
What Would I Do Terrance Deck S.A.G.E.
Whatever Will Be Melissa McGinnis Melissa McGinnis
When I Need To Sam Rosolina Sam Rosolina
When It's Time Florencia Iriondo Flo Iriondo
When Love Is Blind Marty McCray Marty McCray
When My Dreams Come True Belote and Joyce gopher gods
When We Were Young Helen Austin Helen Austin
When You Fell Hayden Purcell Hayden Purcell
Whenever You're Around Heidi Burson & Aaron Rhoades Heidi Burson
Where I go is yours to choose Denise / Kurzlechner Soulf*l
Whistle and I'll Come To You Caroline Woolrich Caroline Ty
White Crystals Tanya Godo Vari
White Horse Knight Jorie Raine Jorie Raine
Who Am I Florencia Iriondo Flo Iriondo
Who Are You. Ehrig/Hudl INTERLOOP
Who I Am Now Max Bouratoglou Max Bouratoglou
Why aren't you home tonight Florent Sivell Oparleur
Why Do All The Good Girls Like The Tough Guys Dave Berglund & Frank Bonafede Berglund & Bonafede
Why Do They Call It Falling In Love? K-onna K-onna
Wild Things Hester Fraser GOLDHEIST
Wildfire Michel Goguen Open Strum
Winter Star Timothy Wenzel Timothy Wenzel
Won't You Come Out and Play Bria Skonberg BRIA SKONBERG
wonderwoman Laurina Sue Holland (Lusu) Laurina
Word Man Stefanie Johnson Stefanie Johnson
Words jean pascal monzies Jean Pascal Monzies
Working On Me Tara Benjamin, Shannon Meske Tara Louise
World's End Otto Steiner Silverbird
Would You ( feat. Alaina Nelson, remix by Thierry Coupey) Christoph Emmanuel Langheim, Thierry Coupey, Jean Bosco Safari, Walter Mannaerts, Nina Sampermans Christoph Langheim
Would You? (symphonic version, feat. Alaina Nelson) Christoph Emmanuel Langheim, Jean Bosco Safari, Walter Mannaerts, Nina Sampermans Christoph Langheim
Yo-Yo Jennifer Filzen, Vince Hudson, Tony Tinsay Jennifer Filzen (a.k.a. Sirena)
You Heather Edwards Heather Edwards
You Already Know Madeline Spooner Madeline Spooner Music
You And I Nenna Yvonne Nenna Yvonne
You and Me Stephanie Pauline Stephanie Pauline
You Are My Life Frank Stewart & Chris Billias Paco
you are my love giselle Fahrbach Giselle
You Bring Me 'Round Kiran Singh, Michael St. Clair, Bryant Didier and Mark Bronson kIRAN
You Can Run Mario Percudani, Marco Tansini Mario Percudani
You Dont Even See Me Thomas Reil, Jeppe Reil, Morten Reil Thomas Reil
You Keep the Sun Crystal Craven CRYSTAL CRAVEN
You Make Me Cry Joe Romeo Joe Romeo
You Make Me Say (Wow) James Hayden Gallagher Arpeggio
You Said Forever Joe Ramey, Steven Daniels Brand New Day
You Were There Hester Fraser GOLDHEIST
You're Beautiful Kelly Riley and Rich Sokolow INITIAL_CONTESTANT_PROFILE_NAME
You're Coming Home at Last Karen Sokolof Javitch Karen Sokolof Javitch
You've Got A Hold On Me Nicki Kris & Kevin McNoldy Nicki Kris
you+me Julien Kelland, Bodan Mulholland, Brett Simmonds Julien Kelland
Zoom Lens Angelina Angelina