The song submissions below are from EVERY contest since we started in 2008
...Until the End Dominic Andersen, Eric McCoy Them Fantasies
(London) Stop, Drop, & Roll Corey William Schneider Corey William
100 Miles of Hard Road Matt Reno Matt Reno
13 Colonies Ron Mancini Foggy Nocean
23,999 MPH Chris Fisher/The Shards The Shards
A Brief Time of Bullets Paul Terry (aka Cellarscape) Cellarscape
A child of ancient breed Matt Hutch MATT HUTCH BAND
A little bit more Michael E. Hancock Michael E. Hancock
a little late Dayne Harris Junior Elder
A long time ago Gregorios Agyralides Red Tree Religion
a love somewhere guy grogan guy grogan
A Million Miles Away Brad Cole Brad Cole
A Million Miles Away Mario Percudani Hungryheart
About Time Timothy Walsh Penelope's Thrill
Affected Disaffection Rand M. Hubiak The Random Hubiak
Again Alexandre Molodkov Alexander Molodkov
Agape Boyan Iontchev Boyan Iontchev
Aint My City Thomas J. Pino Thomas J
All Comes Down Derek Torres My Situation
All I Can Do Michael D. Burns Michael Burns
All I have to say Phil Antognini Crane
All They Reign Jeff Lyons RED9
All Those Things Ron Mancini Foggy Nocean
All Too Soon Mike Salvatore & Matt Nowicki LA Gypsy
All Your Features Shane Ó Feagrhail Shane Ó Fearghail (Caruso)
Already After drumfish drumfish
Already Gone Ben Larsen, Phil Surtees, Stephen Bloomfield, Mike Fitzgerald, Nick Edney Dead on TV
Alternative Song Paja Rocky (Pavel Rokyta) Paja Rocky
Always On The Run John Paul John Paul
America Keep The Light Shining John Shakkar Settineri John Shakkar Settineri
American Bar Ian Williams The Television Of Cruelty
Ancient Ages Arlan Andrews, Catherine Asaro Catherine Asaro
And When I'm Dead Laurie Williams/Chris Ising Williams and Williams
Arrived Zach Alwin Pagter Zach Alwin
As I Rise Rick Rivera Same Old Shiver
as it were, it will Lucas Phelan Lucas Phelan
as she waits bryan taylor bryan taylor
Asleep at the wheel Jim Ferrie Jim Ferrie
Astronomy of You Nate Plutzik Nathan
avalanche Michael Eugene Hall TheBurlyWon
Baby, get rid of that dark obsession, please! Youxin Yang Songwriter Youxin Yang
Bad Man Adam Murphy Adam Murphy
Beautiful Day Messenger Messenger
Beautiful Thing JoJo Worthington JoJo Worthington
Been Here Yolanda Villanueva & Jair Pineda Joe & Jagow
Beer Drinking Man's Blues Michael Sudak Michael Sudak
Before It's Too Late Major Moment Major Moment
Believe Daniel Carbajal Daniel Carbajal
Blind P.Riondet Arctic Lunch
Blind All Along Capers Simmons Capers Simmons
Blink Of An Eye Anthony Flask Anthony Flask
Bloody October Kelly Newton-Wordsworth Kelly Newton-Wordsworth
Blue Horizon Anthony Flask Anthony Flask
Blue Rain misterblake and Andy Smyth misterblake
Blueberry Will Sacks Will Sacks
Born Under Fire Drake P. Perry Drake waterfighter Perry
Boston Mary Sean Street Sean Street
Brave New World James Palace James Palace
Breathe William Belote gopher gods
Breathe Chris Lippert, Jon Lewis Chris Lippert
Breathing Underwater Al White GHOSTLIGHT
Broken Trust John Shakkar Settineri John Shakkar Settineri
Bulemic Barbie Doll Frank Fronteddu Frank Vomit
Buried Raimo Strangis Rai
By The Love Of God Satoshi Yamada Satoshi Yamada
California Jon Jump GUNNER JUMP
Call Me Up NJ NJ
Candy Amie Amis, Rick Thompson Amie Amis
Carefully Michael E. Hancock Michael E. Hancock
Carry My Song Dallas Thornton, James Beer The Sun And The Moon
Cemetery Promises Ron Potter Stuck With Green
Chameleon Sean Street Sean Street
Champagne Reign Michael Eugene Hall TheBurlyWon
Charlemagne Joseph Kimbrell SEKS
CHEEK TO CHEEK Darren Lawson Darren Lawson
Chief Seattle Revival penna piper boone
Child of Dreams Ken Walker Ken Walker
Children & their future Teddy Clemente Teddy Clemente
Classified Ad Michael Lindgren Mike Lindgren
CLOSE MY EYES Alessandro Andreetta SCOTCH ALE
Co-Star of My Own Life Joshua Path Joshua Path
Cold Rain TJ Doyle & Lynda Levy TJ Doyle Band
Collide Chann Carroll Chann Carroll
Combination John Paul John Paul
Cometa n°9 Giordano Di Fiore Giordano Di Fiore
Coming Home for You Alexander Wentzell Alex Wentzell and The Positive Attitude Machine
Coming Home to You Ron Potter Stuck With Green
Convicts in the sky andrew pike andrew pike
Cosmic Ambulance Dominic and Sebastian Lavers Lavers
Criminal Hanna Barakat Hanna Barakat
Cry Baby Okiya Ohkoshi, Emi Wazuki, Giuseppe Fiori, Aya Kikuchi Okiya Ohkoshi
Cycle Hanna Barakat Hanna Barakat
D.U.M. (Dull Unconscious Man) Ron Potter Stuck With Green
Daddies Bones Timothy Lee Langford Tim "Too Slim " Langford
Daddy Hillyn hillyn
Dance in the Rain Bella Bogart Bella Bogart
Dance in the Rain Bella Bogart Bella Bogart
Dawn of the Dark Ages P.Riondet Arctic Lunch
Day One Florencia Iriondo Flo Iriondo
Daylie Jason Kalman Jason Kalman
Dead Leaves In My Notebook James Brentar Jim Brentar
Dear Diane Michael Lee Pinder Michael Lee Pinder
Death Rattle Dominic Lavers/Sebastian Lavers LAVERS
Deep Into You Joe Colledge Joe Colledge
Deep Water Son Lewis Son Lewis
Demons Aron Crosser/ Michael Hansen Mistaken for Halos
Desperate Rebel Lauren Shapiro Lauren Shapiro
Devil in my Bed Michael Anzilotti Michael Anzilotti
Devil's Deal Andi Morgan Andi Morgan
Diamond of my Life Philippe Riondet Elmo
Digging for Bones Dorothy Potter and Aaron Gilmartin Gilmartin and Potter
Digging Your Own Grave Michael Danckert Michael Danckert
Diluted Joe Reese Joe Reese
Diversity Dance Diane Lincoln Linq
Do You Remember Dawn Gibson Dawn Gibson
Doctor Dee Mike Welch / Ryan Hill Gates of Light
Doctors Say Phil Braun, Chris Zitani, Tom Plaut NOT FOR PROPHET
Don't Know James Brentar Jim Brentar
Don't Walk Away France & Petty drumfish
Door Okiya Ohkoshi, Emi Wazuki, Giuseppe Fiori, Aya Kikuchi Okiya Ohkoshi
Down aka I Thrive on Vermin Karine Rashkovsky KARINE
Down to my soul Deborah Mckeown Deborah Mckeown
Dream NJ NJ
Dreaming My Life Away Geoffrey Nostrant Silvercord
DUM Whores United Remix Ron Potter Stuck With Green
Earthworms drumfish drumfish
Easy Way Out Kevin Romine Kevin Romine
Eat Your Head Steve Page Kevin Kerr Derek James Mark Halford RIVETHEAD
Echoes Darrell Alman Darrell Alman
El Camino Mike Salvatore LA Gypsy
El Camino Mike Salvatore LA Gypsy
ELEPHANT Jasmine Anderson, Josh Anderson JASMINE CROWE
End Of The Line Lani Ford/Kicking and Screaming Music (ASCAP) STARK
Environmentally Drained Gerald Criece Dust "N" Ashes
Escape Earth! NJ NJ
Every Step I Take Young-Bin Na Young-Bin Na
Every Way To Hide Ash Hansen Ash Hansen
Everybody Knows John Worsley John Worsley
Everyone Stares Dalton Ammerman Dalton Ammerman
Everything Is Possible Jonathan Jackson / Richard Lee Jackson Enation
Existence Alexander Wentzell Alex Wentzell and The Positive Attitude Machine
F*@k the Stars! Hollis Webb Hollis Webb
Fact or Fiction Christine Moad Miss Christine
Falls Apart (My Love Arise) Chann Carroll Chann Carroll
Fame and Fortune Andrew Jacob Olson n
Fanático Jeff Lyons, Paul Frislie, Gio Fuentes RED9
Fear the Sunshine Mik Dempsey The Hyrax
Fear The Worst Matt Welch The Good Minus
Fed Up Christer Nilsson HION MARTELL
Feeling the Alien P.Riondet Arctic Lunch
Fickle Finger of Fate Chet Cline Bone of Contention
Fight Like a Girl Bruce Jones Bruce Jones
FIGURE OUT Kevin Renick Kevin Renick
Fire in the Belly Bruce Wayne McLellan Bruce Wayne McLellan Jan 2014
Flame Daniel Childerley Daniel Childerley
Fly Away Patrice Webb Patrice Webb
FM Radio Ivan Anderson Ivan Anderson
Following Dreams John Shakkar Settineri John Shakkar Settineri
Fool Alexander Joseph Alexander Joseph
For Once James Connor Wike The Sedonas
For the Light Dana Agnellini Dana Agnellini
For you I give Maria Lamburn Madalena
Forests Of Love Jerry Juden Jerry Juden
Forever Rebecca Foxley Foxy and the Slicks
Four Winds Michael Johnson Forbidden Gecko Love
Freshness Of Life Roman Studeny PSYCHO RADIO
Friday Night Dane Drewis Dane Drewis
From the Inside Amey/Creaser Going Rogue
Future Half Alex Silva Alex Silva
G.Y.S.T. Mitchell Ferguson Mitchell Ferguson
Games Marco Correia, Jean-sebastian Correia and Adrian Culhane The Windy City
Gentle Warning Boyan Iontchev Boyan Iontchev
Get Off Of My Lawn Michael McCormick Rebuttals
Ghost Town Shoresh Shoresh
Giddy Up Trevor Hall Trevor Hall
Give Up James Parm James Parm
Go Back Home You're Wasting Time Brandon Scott McLean, Shane David Smith, Graham Duval Cosmic Superheroes
Go When You're Sleeping Kevin Ty The Early Comebacks
Good Intentions Chris McMullen Chris Lee McMullen
Good old days Lehnert-Carnaghi Canni
Government Is The Problem Don Kiter Don Kiter
Greatest Life Andy Bell BLUE REIGN
Grip Hold Crystal Craven CRYSTAL CRAVEN
Half Lights, Half Sound Matt Rhoden, Ron Haney, Bart Schoudel Matt Rhoden
Hard Times Come & Go Andrew Hand Andrew Hand
Harley Davidson Mania Michael LeRock Rhodes Michael LeRock Rhodes
Haven't Got A Clue Michael Mills Michael Mills
Haven't Seen It All Michael Martin Galaxy 4
He Wants to Make Love Michael R. J. Roth Michael R. J. Roth
Head Camille Mai Camille Mai
Heartburn Up In Heaven Sparhawk - Soldi Picus Maximus
Heaven Chris Kreuger Back Pocket
Hello Chris Lippert Chris Lippert
Hello Pleased to Meet You Arron Sturgeon Joe White Magpie
Here I Am Guy Grogan Guy Grogan
Here Is Where I Dwell Tania Anderson TSongsnz
Here Today Gone Tomorrow Phil Braun, chris zitani, Tom Plaut NOT FOR PROPHET
Hey Now J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Highway Wars Danny Vash Danny Vash
Highway Wars danny vash Danny Vash
Hit Or Miss Blake V. Elliott Jr / Andy Smyth misterblake
Hold Brian Ellefson Brian Ellefson
Hold On Margot MacDonald Margot MacDonald
Hold On Charles D Butler Dragon Cross
Hollow Raimo Strangis Rai
Home Sweet Home Serena Ewe Serena Ewe
Hot summer David Trimboli,Matt Miao,suzani Summer Rain Bedford
How Would You Know? Major Moment Major Moment
Howl At Tha Moon Seismic Anamoly SEISMIC ANAMOLY
Human Shield Justin Robert Lamoureux Justin Robert Lamoureux
I Am Alice BrightSky Alice BrightSky
I Am drumfish drumfish
I Can't Let You Go Jason Kalman Jason Kalman
I Hate Birds Dave Tough, DeAnna Moore, Sarah Majors Dave Tough
I just sing the blues Richard Gauthier Rick Gauthier
I Know You Michael Tilbrook Michael Tilbrook
I Love You More James Brentar Jim Brentar
I Remember Peter Woolley Eary Hands
I See Right Through You Giasone Italiano Giasone Italiano
I want to believe Aces High Aces High Music
I Won't Tommy Lloyd, Mark Croft Tommy Lloyd
I Would Really Love To Take You Arron Sturgeon Joe White Magpie
I'm Going To Heaven Steve Kanicki Bad Reputation Steve
Idolize Mark Annesley & Stacie Richardson Sleeping Babys
If You Say Kirill Statsenko, Alexander Shevchenko Oliy
Illuminate Josh Friedman That One Eyed Kid
Imaginary World Luna Rin Luna Rin
in control Lucas Phelan Lucas Phelan
In God We Trust (live version) Jessica Kion, Courtney Swain Bent Knee
Inconvenient Truth Stephen Connella Stephen Connella
Information Kevin Peroni Wiretree
Inner Conflict Michael Batke, Leon Vu The Rebel Exiles
Inside My Head Vernon Penny Vernon
Into the World Open Strum Open Strum
Invisible Man Eric Christensen Eric Christensen
It John Freund John Freund
IT Joseph W Zlotek Joe Z
It Rains Sometimes Dave McGann Dave McGann
It Turns Dave Tough, Adam Crossley, Bill Dilugi Dave Tough
It's a Beautiful Day to Start Over Dobrin 'Donnie' Donkov Donnie Donkov
It's Alright Rob Myers Rob Myers
It's not easy Giuseppe Piol Giuseppe Piol
Jail Paul Baggott SKY RATS
Jeffrey Brent Lampl The Tumbrils
Journey Through Time Rene Saucier Rene Saucier
Jumpstart The Heart Stormy Strong Stormy Strong
Just Another Steve Cheng KeXsteve
Just Relax Frank Palangi Frank Palangi
Killing Jar Adrian James Das Gift
Kinda makes me love you david Trimboli,Matt Miao,suzani Summer Rain Bedford
Kiss Me Like A Frenchie Drake P Perry Drake waterfighter Perry
Labradorite Lawrie Turnbull Lawrie Turnbull
Laetare Ryan Garrett Greenfield Segue
Last Days Rene Saucier Rene Saucier
Lay It All Down Edwin Ray, Terry Ledbetter White Linen
Lay Me Down Ken Darms Ken Darms
Leap of Faith Dana Agnellini Dana Agnellini
Leave Your Light On Hanna Barakat Hanna Barakat
Les Rêves De La Nostalgie Seth Kannof Seth Kannof
Lessons I've Learned Phil Braun, Chris Zitani, Tom Plaut NOT FOR PROPHET
Let It Go (The Jam Song) Dave Tough, DeAnna Moore, Cameron Morgan Dave Tough
Letting Go Victoria Powell Victoria Powell
Liberation Jason Kalman Jason Kalman
Light of Love Ty Roberts nd Bill Hines Ty Roberts and Bill Hines
Lighthouse Katie Wig, Mitch Gerard Katie Wig
Listen James Brentar Jim Brentar
Live Joshua Kim Vicilliar
London Lives Mark Mathews Mark Mathews
Look Out Hollywood Rob Stuart Broken Promise Keeper
Looking The Wrong Way Helmut Uhlmann Helmut Uhlmann
Lost In Paradise Kevin Ty The Early Comebacks
Lost Within Elena Korneeva, Irina Krivosheeva, Nikita Zhelnov ElenaK
Love Blindness Lyrics by Mellina Barnett Musio & Vocals Selftort (Brian Ralston) Rock/Ballad Melsi
Love Divine Sherry Bright Sherry Bright
low tide skeletons guy grogan guy grogan
Magician Daniel Whittington Daniel Whittington
MAMA Rhett May Rhett May
man about town denny hanley dingo jr
Marsy Flame - the one whose name i call Marsy Flame Marsy Flame
Marsy Flame - jenny Marsy Flame Marsy Flame
Mary Faye Tucker Jeff Greeneberg 100 Year Picnic
Masterplan Matthew Beesley Lividus
medication Andria richardson Andria richardson
Mexicali Funk John Beattie, Lloyd Haylock, Mike Williamson Brue Monger
Mexico Madison Williams Nachodaddy
Midnight July fumoto_july
Mind Ride Derek Torres My Situation
Mirror Brian Smith, Seismic Anamoly Seismic Anamoly
Mirror Andrew Zang Andrew
Mirror Mirror Rhett May Rhett May
Mistakes Major Moment Major Moment
Mister Right Houston Bernard Bonfire Bandit
Moment Roosevelt Roosevelt
Motion drumfish drumfish
MOVE ON OUT Matt Michaelis Matt Michaelis
Mr. Unknown Jim Allchin Jim Allchin
My Apology Brian Dalton Brian Dalton
My Baby's Put on Her Shopping Jeans Rolf Schnyder and Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
My Coal Is Burning Again Per Øyvind Mathisen Per Øyvind Mathisen
My dream is you Sergio Bigotta Heavy Kollider
My Piece Jeff Lyons, Paul Frislie, Gio Fuentes RED9
Mythomania Billy Frank Short of the Sun
Nag Nag Nag James Byfield Blind Lemon Pledge
Never Summer Derrick Chad Derrick Chad
No Chance (feat. Layla Amini) Nathan Virica Black Vendetta
No Excuse for Silence Steve Milne Steve Milne
No Middle Ground Lisa R. Noe Pamela J. Green Lisa Noe
No Money Matt Gunston MATT GUNSTON
No No No dave mcgann Dave McGann
No Reason Kevin Ty The Early Comebacks
No Return Philippe Riondet Elmo
Nobody knows sabukaiyarou sabukalyarou
Northbound David James Stewart David James Stewart
Not Angry Anymore Bob Hrichak Bob Hrichak
Nothing new under the sun John E Wright John E
November Hotel Robert Dempster Lost Highways
Nowhere Central Ian Williams The Television Of Cruelty
Objects In Mirror Boyan Iontchev Boyan Iontchev
Odyssey Harry V Harry V
Omega Mik Dempsey The Hyrax
On A Wing And A Prayer James Palace James Palace
On The Horizon TJ Doyle & Lynda Levy TJ Doyle Band
ONE HOPE ONE DAY Ferreri - Ceccarelli - Cagnoni EFFEX
One Kiss at a Time Felipe Ugalde Felipe Ugalde
One Song drumfish drumfish
Only Son Jeff Monkman Jeff Monkman
Only Soul Derek Torres My Situation
Orange Ambition or What's The Color of Tangerine? Aron Lyrd Aron Lyrd
Orient Song Paja Rocky (Pavel Rokyta) Paja Rocky
Osiris Night Luke Alessi Alessi
Out The Window Jamie Cucinelli, Taylor Cucinelli Jamie Cucinelli
Passing Through MP McCulloch MP McCulloch
Pedazos de mi en el tape. Daniel Gomez BOTTA
Pentagram Luke Alessi Alessi
People, People kahish (aka kathleen smith) Kahish Kverda
Perfect Disorder Jerry Val JERRY VAL
Picture Us Together Eric Colville Eric Colville
Piece of String John Freund John Freund
Pillow Talk M. Jordan Waldman & Toby Fatzinger Azur
Pining Billy Frank, Russ Frank, Geoff LaForge, Yousaf Mir, Frank Mauro Short of the Sun
Pirate of the Seven Seas Micael Castor Micael Castor
plastic yellow raincoat sandy mcknight sandy mcknight
Please, Stop the Rush Nathan Parent Nathan Parent
Pop Vulture Brent Lopez Brent Lopez
Possibilities Cody Page Armada
Prescription Chaos Diane Lincoln Linq
Pretty Little Thing J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Prologue Harry V Harry V
Psychic Power Joe Reese Joe Reese
Pure rock star Glen summers Edwin Summers
Pyramids Reece Sullivan and Chris Loggins Reece Sullivan
Quantum Leap Daniel David Johnson Daniel David Johnson
quiet clear pops r. k. odds, big b. odds bodkins
Radio Silence Chuck Mottern Chuck Mottern
Reboot My Heart The Cinnamon Fuzz The Cinnamon Fuzz
Red Giant Billy Frank, Russ Frank, Geoff LaForge, Yousaf Mir, Frank Mauro Short of the Sun
Red, Yellow and Blue Dan Acfield Dan Acfield
Relentless Ryan Rothmeyer Ryan Rothmeyer
Remove Your Hands Anthony Flask Anthony Flask
Renegade Radio-XERF David Thompson David Thompson
Reprieved Tim steinruck Tim Steinruck
Restless * Justin Fry (Vocals, bass) * Jack Kwait-Blank (Guitar, vocals) * William Bowen (Drums, vocals) NoCo
Return to Dust the Halo Project the Halo Project
Reveal S. Sikorski / J.R. Everhart S'ME
Rhythm Jano Bermudes/Neile Bermudes Little manitou
Ride Along Per Øyvind Mathisen Per Øyvind Mathisen
Ride That Train (Ode To Rosie Ruiz) Dave Tough/Dan Jones Dave Tough
Rising Chris Able Chris Able
Rochambeau Brian Troy Brian Troy
Rock the Night written by Manuele La Puca; sung by Denis Tesselli Manuele La Puca
Roller Girl Robin Rues Robin
Rumor Mike Hyden Mike Hyden
Running Head Louisa Le Marchand Louisa le Marchand
Satellites Al White GHOSTLIGHT
Satisfy Me Luke Alessi Alessi
Saturday Sunshine Chris Fisher/The Shards The Shards
Save Me From Myself Lionel de Bernard Lionel de Bernard
Secret Visions Ruthard/Carnaghi Canni
Secrets Brandon Parmely/Jason Murphy Remission
See Past Me Phil Swanson Phil Swanson
Send Me Off Alex Vans Alex vans
Set Me Free Jeff Derksen Two Face Fracture
Seventy Seven M. Brugnoni Mat
Shame France & Petty drumfish
shark inside guy grogan guy grogan
She is Here Adam Yarbro Adam Yarbro
She Knows It J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Shine Troy Payne, Jared Berg, Mark Lawlor, Reaghan Wiltse Aside from Sorrow
Shine On Ladd Bogdonoff Ladd Bogdonoff
Shouting at the World Mik Dempsey The Hyrax
Sideshow Sean Hopkins Sean Hopkins
Sign On The Dotted Line Chris Turner Chris Turner
Silver and Blue Richard C. Potter Richard Potter
Sirens Billy Frank, Russ Frank, Geoff LaForge, Yousaf Mir, Frank Mauro Short of the Sun
Skies of Avalon Mike Salvatore LA Gypsy
Slow Burn J. Lutes Jared Lutes
Snow on the Roof Larry Vilchek Root Deco
Somebody Else Larry Cox Tennessee Larue
Someday Kyoungmin Lee Kyoungmin Lee
Someone Else's Bed Justina Shandler Justina Shandler
Someone Like Me Tom Clawson Tom Clawson
Something I.M.A. alias Amir Rahimzadeh, co. Michael Kerscher I.M.A.
Something Alex Shenton Alex Shenton
Something About Your Way Shane Martin Shane Martin
Song for a liar Gregorios Agyralides Red Tree Religion
Sparkin' night lust Gregorios Agyralides Red Tree Religion
Spinning... Rebecca McGarry Becca Marlee
Spirit Move Audrey Hatcher Woodhams Audrey Hatcher Woodhams
Stalling Matt Gunston MATT GUNSTON
Standing By Baily Stauffer Baily Stauffer
Stare Paul Baggott SKY RATS
Stay Stephanie Pauline Stephanie Pauline
Stinky Car Dan Barracuda Dan Barracuda
Stitch Me Dalton Ammerman Dalton Ammerman
Stoned O'Clock In The Morning James Brentar Jim Brentar
Straight & Narrow Joe Lint Ruinhayes
Stranded the Halo Project the Halo Project
Stronger David Trimboli,Matt Miao,suzani Summer Rain Bedford
Stupid Girl Maxim Senin Maxim Senin
Suffice Mary Anne Hanley Mary Anne Hanley
Sugar Daddy Sam David Schlotterback Cripes!
Sunrise Suite Mike Salvatore & Matt Nowicki LA Gypsy
Sunset Hyoung June Kwon Hyoung June Kwon
Super Hero Michael and Adrienne Breen M & A Breen
Suplex Dream/ Something Derick Evans Der Ans
Suspicion Steve Lerner, Rick Frydman Steve Lerner
Sweet Lioness Ron Mancini Foggy Nocean
Take the Bull by the Horns Rafael Rodas Eduardo Maka
Take This Town Jeff Greeneberg 100 Year Picnic
Telephone Arron Sturgeon Joe White Magpie
That's my song (on the Radio) Madison Williams Nachodaddy
The Ballad Of Black Rose And Spider Jack Ward Parker - Robert Dee Methuselah's Valise
The Best of Us All Lloyd Haylock, John Beattie, Justin Purewal Brue Monger
The Chosen One Philippe Riondet Arctic Lunch
The Circus Is In Town William Elvin Manzano Happy Days Ahead
The City is Alive! GAZ WILLIAMS El Buen Capitan
The Cover Of Vanity Sean Street Sean Street
The Devils Train M.Gould Stolen Gold!
the dirty funk Braden Mutch/Sean Watkins Bad Johnny Law
The Down Low Zac Haley Bazooka Zoo
The Dreamer Alex Vans Alex vans
The Fall Of Man Jason Kalman Jason Kalman
The Flood David Coile David Coile
The grand story Valbon Gurmani Benestone
The Invisible Man Joshua Path Joshua Path
The Moment John Pape / Steven Spalsbury JonniMaxx
The Move Dale Wilson DWROCK
The Otherside Ricardo Rebelo Ricardo Rebelo
The Painful Truth Stephen Michael Gibb The Stephan Michael Band
The Range Mike San (feat. Iamdux) Mike San
The Right DNA Rolf Schnyder and Michael 'Max' McGee Max and Rolf
The Right Notes Abraham Twitchell Honest Abe
The road Bruno Brocchi Bruno Brocchi (Cold Town )
The Road I'm On Nick Myers Nick Myers
The Roma Will Gattis Will Gattis
The Strange Kind Tobias Moldenhauer Tobias Moldenhauer
The Sun is a Dying Star P.Riondet Arctic Lunch
The Truth Rebecca McGarry Becca Marlee
The Truth Brian Dalton Brian Dalton
The Weight Of Gravity Al White GHOSTLIGHT
Think you could Yasushi Otoshiro Yasushi Otoshiro
This is a Dream David Christensen Eric Christensen
Tidal Wave Joshua Path Joshua Path
Tied Up Tied Down Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
Tied Up Tied Down Sky Nelson Sky Nelson
Tiger's Got A Brand New Toy Glen Mofford Glen Mofford
Time is Right Steve Scotton Steve Scotton
Together in You Chris Gleason Sado-Domestics
Transalgia Heather Edwards Heather Edwards
traveling evangelist Andria richardson Andria richardson
Tsunami Loriann Rella LARellaMusic
Twenty Three Ian Sloane KANE
two timing boy daniel morrow THE MORROW
Ugly Garden Gary Bonanni JackPotLuck
Unbreakable The Menders The Menders
Underworld Paul Baggott SKY RATS
Unfaithful Gabrielle Soley Cogdill Gabrielle Soley Cogdill
Unique To Me J. Culture (Justin Cepeda) J. Culture
Us And Them Anthony Burbidge Anthony Burbidge
Vampire Girls Sandy Craig Sandy Craig
Vancouver Z. Mulls & Wolfmusic Z. Mulls & Wolfmusic
Vanish Mike Gilroy Mike Gilroy
Violet Dan Barracuda Dan Barracuda
Violet Ray Robert Dempster Lost Highways
Virgin Ground Melissa Sauers Melissa Sauers
walk away RO outoftune-the band
War Marshall Hong Attack Time
Washed Away in Rain Joe Young and Ben Lorentzen Sonic Cult
We Are Here TJ Doyle & Lynda Levy TJ Doyle Band
We Were Waiting France & Petty drumfish
Wed. Nite daniela brando daniela brando
Wham Dunk Slip Bam Christy Jefferson Christy Jefferson
What I've Got Mitchell Ferguson Mitchell Ferguson
What It's Like Major Moment Major Moment
When I Think of You Curt Yagi Curt Yagi
Who are You Waiting For? Jon Teger Jono Trash
Why Can't we all Just get along The Attention Whores ElectroSensual
Why Do Cows Have To Taste So Good Ron Mancini Foggy Nocean
Wicked Evil Chris Able Chris Able
With Envy Billy Frank, Russ Frank, Geoff LaForge, Yousaf Mir, Frank Mauro Short of the Sun
Within You Gary Pryor Gary Pryor
Without My Light drumfigh drumfish
Without You Nataliya Medvedovskaya Natasha Meadow
Wonder Mark Annesley & Stacie Richardson Sleeping Babys
World of Fear Ty Roberts and Bill Hines Ty Roberts and Bill Hines
Worse Than I Think Christopher Williams Christopher Williams
Would You Be My Bride? Would You Marry Me ? Would You Be My Wife? Douglas Burns INITIAL_CONTESTANT_PROFILE_NAME
You Beg Me to Break Your Heart Matt Lindauer Matt Lindauer
You Could Be The One Derick Evans Derick Evans
You Gonna Be Mike Salvatore LA Gypsy
You Know Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery
You Leaf Through hugo a monster named hugo
You're My #1 Mary Lemanski Mary Lemanski
You're My Perfect Day Mary Segato Mary Segato
Your Bonnie My Clyde Paul Skelton mossmunn/scrapman
Your Eye's William Stenner William Stenner