We would be honored to talk to you about submitting your information for consideration as a judge in our international songwriting contest.

If you would like to be considered, please take a minute to create your profile on our judges registration page. You will then be directed via email to log in and add your photo as well.
We weigh most heavily your accomplishments as a songwriter, or your ability to develop independent songwriters, more than other attributes. Solid experience in song critiquing is preferred but not required.

Here are some of the basic points on what makes our competition different:

Judges complete their responsibilities for their genre assignment COMPLETELY online via your personal account on our website. No CDs to receive in the mail, no forms to send back! It was our desire to make this process as easy and convenient as possible for our judges.

Our judges will be responsible to score each song entry (via easy pull down menus) and additionally, write a short critique for some of the entries in their genre assignment. This is a paid position, and all judges are uniformly & generously compensated on a per-song basis. I will be glad to discuss compensation with you after you have submitted your biographical information.

Judges will be given approximately ONE MONTH to complete their assignment -- completely at their convenience from anywhere with an internet connection.

All judges receive a judge's profile, permanently featured on our site.

Here are some basic requirements you must consider before submitting your information:

Judges will not remain anonymous! Contestants will be given a link to the profile of the judge that scored/critiqued their song. We believe in full disclosure.

Contestants WILL remain anonymous. We trust that if you are a judge for indie international that you can be as objective as humanly possible. If you, by odd chance, recognize a songwriter's work and can't judge them objectively please let us know immediately (this has happened!). A writer's past accomplishments should absolutely give them NO ADVANTAGE in this competition. Also, production value is not considered when judging the quality of a song entry.
To find out more email us at [email protected]

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Luke Rasmus