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Bill Wren, the Rare Texas Songbird, was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. Since his father was a Navy man, Bill lived away from his birth state until he was 16; his formative years were spent in Ypsilanti, Michigan. At the age of 14, he fell in love with The Beatles to such an extent that he was inspired to buy a bass guitar in order to answer a newspaper ad seeking a bass player for a band. Thus began his roundabout path to becoming a professional musician.
By the time Bill turned 30, he and his wife had a family of six children, obviously too many mouths to feed on a musician’s pay, so he left that world and started his own machine shop. Many, many years later retirement loomed and Bill turned his focus back to music. In 2007, he began composing his first award-winning album, One day in A life, which was released in 2009. The recording hit #1 on FM new age radio stations worldwide and he was nominated for Best New Artist Of The Year. Additionally, several songs from the album received airplay on Sirius XM satellite radio, Dish Network and Direct TV. His second album, Journey Around the Sun (also an award winner) was released in 2011. It also went to #1 on the Zone Music Reporter ( radio charts and was also nominated in the categories of Best Album Of The Year, Best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year and Best Cover Art Of The Year.
In 2012, Bill moved from Waco to Port Aransas on the Texas coast where his beloved wife of 43 years wanted to spend her last days. Shortly after her passing, during a visit to an art gallery, Bill met Tamara, who would go on to become his wife. Both of them had lost their spouses. Through the course of a conversation, they discovered mutual interests in art and music. As the saying goes, “sparks flew” and the two people took to each other immediately.
Prior to meeting Bill, Tamara had signed on to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Intrigued, Bill signed on as well and five months after meeting, they embarked on a whirlwind trip to Thailand and Cambodia, the latter where they visited the ancient temples at Ankor Wat. While in Bangkok, (including a spontaneous taxi trip to an international jewelry store), Bill proposed, and Tamara said yes. The wedding ceremony was held on a beach at sunset on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the couple lingered for a month, enjoying each other amid the spectacular scenery. The wedding occurred almost six months after their first meeting. The honeymoon continued with visits to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix, before returning home to Fulton, Texas in 2013.
It was time for Bill to get busy writing music again, this time for his third album, Road to Chiang Mai, which was inspired by his trip to Thailand and the start of a new life with Tamara. At the same time, he also entered Tamara’s world of the theatre, supporting her in her theatrical endeavours, learning stage management and becoming a sound tech for productions she was active in. Tamara’s little farmhouse in Fulton was stuffed to the brim with the couple’s belongings, so the Wrens started looking for a new “nest.” In 2014, the lengthy project of overseeing the building of a home from the ground up began, culminating with the couple moving into their new home in 2016, as well as fulfilling Bill’s lifelong dream of having a house on the water.
Today, the two of them attend art exhibits and the theatre (as well participate in the latter), volunteer at festivals, give tours of a historical home, travel and enjoy life together in their new home.
Bill says about his love of songwriting “Music is the way I express what’s in my heart without words. I strive for beauty and peace in the songs I compose, and hope that they bring the same peace and enjoyment to others. My wife tells me she fell in love with my music before she fell in love with me. I tell her when she fell in love with my music, she fell in love with the essence of who I am.”
Bill Wren is a member of The Grammys, ASCAP, and the Songwriter’s Guild.


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