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Soulpoetry meets country girl – that’s the best way to describe Christine’s style. Growing up in the midst of the Austrian mountains in a loving familiy, she’s the down-to-earth girl from next door, but with the deep experiences of her inner spiritual journey and the many years she spent living in India, Japan and Spain. Her lyrics reflect the search for answers to the universal questions of life; her music is soulfood which soothes the heart of the listener with sweet melodious tunes that carry different styles but still have their very own flavor.
After many years of singing and recording Bhajans (traditional devotional Indian songs) she started developing her own style and expressing her thoughts, experiences and emotions about love, the search for the “ultimate truth” and emotional topics like birth or death in her songs.
Her new CD “Now’s the Time” is very personal but her lyrics speak of hopes and feelings that many people can identify with.

Christine: “I have always loved to sing. It brings me greatest joy, it’s my meditation and freedom. These songs are expressions of my very own spiritual journey, and express my feelings and realizations or hopes about life. They came as friends to me and gave me great comfort when I wrote them down and heard their melody for the first time. They are reminding me of the higher purpose of everything that we experience and they are full of optimism and gratitude to life, even though sometimes they really reach out for answers.”

“And by the way – all this wouldn’t be possible for me if it weren’t for the angel by my side, my husband Gerhard ‘Jayscee’, who gives me inspiration with his love and his enthusiasm about every new song – and who is taking care of everything: the technical equipment, the recording, the mixing and mastering, the production, the vision…”


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