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Clodagh, a musician as unusual as her name, has long been inspired by two main things: the potency of words, and the powerful ability of sound to alter emotion.
A neo-Celtic singer/songwriter, she skilfully captures her experiences through music to make sense of the world; defying and embracing it in song.

Home grown in the country town of Armidale, known for its cultural diversity, Clodagh spent her youth running barefoot through the forest and singing to the wind; only actually picking up a guitar at the age of 13.
Finding an instant affinity between the strings, the countless messy scribbles in her notebooks, and the deeper connection she reached communicating through music, her path grew delightfully twisted.

Thus far it has led her to the Gold Coast, where whilst completing her Bachelor of Popular Music; melodic and haunting, gutsy and passionate, Clodagh enraptures audiences with dark Grecian myths, ethereal fairy tales, and tempestuous love.

Performing regularly, she is currently spending every spare second working on her first EP ‘The Sun’, planned for release at the end of this year. Self produced, it will provide a five angle, two way reflection on human nature experienced by one who throws herself to the sharks just to study the the pattern of water on teeth.

Expanding both audience, circle and repertoire, Clodagh continues to teach herself the violin and harp before her relocation to Sydney early next year; from there unfurling to Melbourne, and with luck in time, total world domination.
A couple of early released tracks are available on her soundcloud (below), and you can follow her on facebook for performance dates and an assured lack of spam.

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